Free Inside Sales Management Tools

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Vlad Kovalskiy
January 24, 2022
Last updated: March 11, 2024
Free Inside Sales Management Tools
As one of the best inside sales tools on the market, Bitrix24 gives you everything you need to make the transition to an international, remote office and communicate with your leads through any communications channel you want. With all the customer-facing features you could wish for and mechanisms to refine your internal processes, Bitrix24 is the ultimate solution for modern sales teams.

What is inside sales?

Inside sales is a relatively new concept, but it opens up endless doors that were never available in the past. In short, inside sales involves selling remotely, be it over the phone, via email, or over social media, rather than knocking on doors and selling face to face. One of the industries that has taken the biggest steps in this environment is software as a service, or SaaS. However, with so many companies recognizing the potential of data-driven, technological solutions, inside sales are booming right now across every industry. Inside sales are on the rise in B2C, but even more so in B2B exchanges, so it’s no wonder that free inside sales tools have started to appear to help companies innovate.

Consolidate everything into one CRM

Bitrix24’s CRM is like nothing out there on the market. You get all the inside management tools you could ever need, with everything being stored on your cloud-based customer relationship management platform. This is where you collect all your customer details, from names, email addresses and telephone numbers to a run down of each interaction. With everything saved in one easily accessible area, anyone from your sales team can pick up a lead and get to work as if they’d been with them throughout the entire process.

Separate your leads depending on their interest

You don’t just go from first contact to a sale, so why only have one workflow for your leads? When it comes to inside sales, you can’t just pinpoint emotions and decide whether a contact is interested or not. You have to analyze how your users interact with your content and segment them accordingly. With Bitrix24, you can identify how much your users have engaged with your emails and filter them accordingly. Using separate workflows, you can send separate information according to their level of your sales funnel.

Project management and workflows

If you think our CRM is purely a customer database, you’re happily mistaken. As part of our free inside sales management tools, you can set up workflows that help your sales teams structure their work and hit every point necessary to lead your contacts towards a sale. You can set separate workflows for each category of your database, setting relevant tasks for your team for maximum impact. To go above and beyond, add in some of our automations to save a bunch of time so your team can save on admin and focus on what’s important. Automatically assign contacts to different agents, set new tasks without worrying about manual intervention, and watch your team blossom.

Effective sales management tools for your business 

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Set up your store on the web

For online inside sales, your website is your shop window. A website builder is just one of our inside sales management tools, and it allows you to list all your products and strut your stuff with a blog that explains what you offer to your potential clients. Research your keywords and work on your SEO strategy to attract clients without spending a penny on advertising. You can create custom landing pages with CTAs that convince your potential clients to get in touch. With customizable forms, you can get all the details you need in one place. Once you have their attention and an email address, pop them in your CRM workflows and start nurturing.

Multiple communication channels for maximum coverage

When you can’t talk to leads face to face, what do you do? Contact them via every other means possible of course! Bitrix24 gives you myriad ways of getting in touch with your potential clients, so you can reach them on their preferred platform. Two popular ways are through email marketing or instant messaging widgets on your website for instant communication. But don’t just limit yourself to emails and phone calls. You can link up your social media accounts through Bitrix24, chat with your leads and store all your interactions in your cloud-based CRM.

Embrace remote working with Bitrix24 on your smartphone

Gone are the days when you need everybody in the office 100% of the time. That’s why, at Bitrix24, we’ve taken the time to put our inside sales management tools on an app for iOS and Android that perfectly mirrors the user experience of the desktop platform. You’ll be able to communicate with your sales team, sign off on tasks, edit documents, and everything else in your day-to-day working life right from the palm of your hand. No more stressing when staff aren’t at their desk — we’ve got you covered.

From first contact to invoices, all in the cloud

When you’re working with Bitrix24’s inside sales management tool, you can carry out every stage of your customer relationship in the cloud. What’s more, with customizable quotes and invoices, you can automatically populate every transaction with products from your range, and add your own style and branding to every document. Rather than printing off reams of documents in the office, your team can carry out the entire process online and file all your transactions and expenses with the finance and HR departments.

Use Bitrix24’s free inside sales management tools to take your business to the next level

Way too many so-called free inside sales management tools offer you only the basics, but with Bitrix24, you can get what only some of the top-priced platforms can offer. From the first contact to repeat customers, we’re with you all the way.
So what are you waiting for? Join the 10,000,000 companies that have already joined the inside sales revolution. Sign up to Bitrix24 today and combine all your inside sales productivity tools to streamline your business.
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