Top Free Mobile CRM Apps for Android and iOS

Top Free Mobile CRM Apps for Android and iOS
Ivan Pavlov
April 17, 2020
Last updated: April 20, 2020

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Why You Need to Go Mobile With Your CRM

  1. Keep Things Real-Time

  2. Increase Your Efficiency

  3. Improve the Accuracy of Your Data

  4. Improve Customer Service

  5. Solidify Your Team

  6. Keep Track of Social Media When You Need

The Best CRM Mobile Applications for Android and iOS

On average, we spend a little more than three hours a day on our mobile devices. That’s spread across all demographics. If you boiled it down to those who predominantly use smartphone and tablet technology (GenZ through GenX), you’d see a marked increase.

Most of these people aren’t going to be constantly connected to their desktop machines. The business world is becoming more mobile all the time. You hear about people like Mark Zuckerberg who don’t even use a dedicated office. They’re constantly moving from one place to another because they don’t have time to sit still for hours on end.

If your team is young, then they’ll be similar. Younger generations grew up with an ideal. That’s the idea that work should move with you wherever you are and that this gives you a sort of freedom traditional jobs don’t.

This is why the remote workforce exploded over the past few years. Remote workers don’t want to just sit in an office. They want to have the freedom to work from anywhere.

Your team won’t be any different. And they’ll be looking for ways to interact with customers and data on the go. Here are a few reasons you should listen to them and a few of our top mobile CRM solutions.

Why You Need to Go Mobile With Your CRM

Not all CRM is mobile. Not all of them include an app of some sort. Here’s why you need to go mobile with your CRM.

1. Keep Things Real-Time

No matter where your team is whether in the office or on the go, mobile tech will help your team manage sales faster. Your sales team can zero-in on new opportunities in the moment even if they’re in a meeting. Manage sales pipelines and reach targets non-stop.

If your team is driven to make those sales, they’re going to want a mobile solution. They want to be prepared for meetings, respond to customer needs while on the subway and in the office.

This will lead to better customer retention. And you’ll see your sales cycles shorten.

2. Increase Your Efficiency

Imagine this, you’re on a business trip and you forgot to print off that 30-page contract. Twenty years ago, you would be lost. You would have to admit to the client your mistake, call your company, and have them fax over a copy of the contract.

With mobile technology, you won’t even need a fax machine. You can print a new contract from the hotel with your mobile device.

This is only one example of how mobile tech could save you time and keep you looking professional all at the same time.

Can you keep up with the team, track real-time data, and monitor your marketing funnels all from the comfort of your airplane seat? If not, you need to change your CRM software to something with a mobile CRM app.

Mobile CRM means data agility. It means improving your team’s ability to collaborate. And it gives you and your team 24/7 access to information.

3. Improve the Accuracy of Your Data

Lack of connection to your CRM and loss of control are two reasons why data corruption happens. Data gaps skew your perspective and might cost you in leads and profits.

If you can monitor your marketing funnels and your email marketing in real-time, then you can fill in those data gaps. Your team isn’t going to always be by their desktop or laptop when data arrives or opportunities arise. They need a way to easily and promptly record data or set appointments or create tasks.

4. Improve Customer Service

With the advent of the internet and mobile technology, clients and customers began expecting instant responses. There is no longer the excuse that your whole team has gone home. Someone in China might be expecting an answer by midnight.

Your clients will get anxious when you don’t communicate. But if you’re able to take your CRM on the road, you’ll be able to send an answer as soon as you have it. No more waiting until you arrive at the office at 9 A.M.

Prompt customer service and prompt client care will keep your retention rates up. You will be more likely to gain that precious retainer contract from your clients or it will be more likely that customers will buy your product again.

5. Solidify Your Team

While it’s unreasonable to expect your team to be “always-on,” some might want that opportunity. Why wouldn’t you give them the opportunity?

When your team has the opportunity to be on when they’re not at the office or chained to their desktop, they can leverage the team any time. Imagine if John is working on a project and he runs into a problem. Joan might be working on another aspect of the project at the same time and be able to answer his question. Without a mobile app, John would have needed to put his work on pause and wait until the next morning to ask his question.

Not only will this make your team more efficient, it will give them the opportunity to collaborate further and solidify their relationships. When your team feels more tight-knit, then they’ll trust each other more. They’ll be more willing to reach out and ask for help from one another and will then decrease their reliance on you.

This will, in turn, free up your time and give your team a sense of responsibility. Every facet of your team’s productivity will improve.

6. Keep Track of Social Media When You Need

Not all social media can be automated. And some platforms will ding your rankings if you try to automate. This is why it’s important to have eyes on your social accounts at all times.

With CRM that’s mobile, your social media accounts and their campaigns will all be in one location. And when you and your team can bring that tool with them wherever it’s easy to keep someone vigilant at all hours of the day.

Mobile apps make it possible to break up the work among your team members. This way you can keep up with responses to your social media campaigns. Your company will seem more authentic when leads hear from your team as soon as they post a comment.

If current events impact your business, you can notify your customers and clients immediately no matter where you’re at. Sometimes a crisis might dictate that you stay home and stay healthy. Your team won’t lose all the access they had at the office in those stressful moments.

The Best CRM Mobile Applications for Android and iOS

Are you ready to increase your team’s efficiency and upgrade your CRM game? Here is our list of the top CRM applications available on Android and iOS.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 mobile crm apps

Imagine being Inspector Gadget. You’re on a case and you find yourself in a pinch. You can’t get back to your HQ to grab your toolkit. Luckily, you have all the tools you need in your trench coat.

Bitrix24’s mobile solution turns you into the Inspector Gadget of the CRM world. You won’t ever get caught off guard in a sticky situation away from the office because you have your CRM in your pocket.

Within Bitrix24’s deep treasure chest, you’ll find project planning management, communication and collaboration software, client management, and all the common CRM tools. Do you need time tracking? It’s there. Need Gantt charts, project reports, and task counters. All there too.

Remember that collaboration is key in keeping your team on track and giving your clients and customers a top-rate product. This is why Bitrix24 offers collaboration features that facilitate easy and quick communication.

The activity stream feature will help you keep your team up to date. They can like, comment, and even unfollow records. Unlike chat-oriented collaboration software, all your team needs to do in order to prove their involvement is “like” a record. This allows teams to interact without breaking their workflow.

This doesn’t mean chat is useless and therefore not included. For the times when your team needs to converse deeply, Bitrix24 includes a chat, voice, and video conferencing tool. The free tier gives you video conferencing for up to four people.

How Much is Bitrix24?

If you want a free software solution, there’s nothing better than Bitrix24. It supports up to twelve users and includes almost all of the core features of the paid version.

If you have a larger team, you’ll need to sign up for the Standard version. It’s $99 a month and includes access for unlimited users. This means that as you scale your business, your software scales too. You’ll never have to upgrade if you don’t want to.

This standard version includes 100 GB of storage and use of your own logo.

The Professional Plan is $199 a month and includes more project management tools, unlimited storage, and use of your own domain name.

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive mobile crm

If you’re looking for a full-suite CRM solution, you don’t want Pipedrive. Pipedrive is a sales pipeline manager with a few barebones productivity tools. If you already have the collaboration and communication tools you need but want to improve your sales management, then you’ve found the right software.

It’s incredibly user-friendly. It integrates with Mailchimp for email marketing. And when it comes to sales, this software will help you blow your competition out of the water. You can keep track of the sales activities you have for the day and where your leads are landing in your funnel.

It’s similar to Trello in that it uses a Kanban board. This is perfect for people who need visual representation of their projects and data.

How Much is Pipedrive?

There are three tiers. Pipedrive’s Essential tier will give you most of the features for only $12.50 per user per month. It includes 2 GB of storage.

The Advanced tier is $24.90 per user per month and gives you 5GB of storage per user. Then there is the Enterprise tier at $49.90 per user per month and that gives you 100 GB of storage per user and gives you dedicated hosting.

3. SugarCRM

SugarCRM mobile

SugarCRM is an open-source CRM solution. open-source software allows you to fully customize and change the software in any way you wish. This means you get the original API and the mobile SDK so that you can retool SugarCRM to fit your team’s needs.

It includes a large array of reporting and data analysis tools. You can run reports, create forecasts, and create several dashboards to display your data visually.

Even though it’s open-source, it still includes online support. Most open-source software solutions leave you high and dry. They assume you’re going to break their software and they don’t want to deal with it. But SugarCRM is willing to help you workshop your problems.

How Much is SugarCRM?

You can take advantage of SugarCRM’s seven-day trial if you want. While it’s a short free trial, remember that once you pay, you can customize the software however you like.

Sugar Professional is their base tier at $40 per user per month. This includes all of their main features and 15 GB of storage.

The Enterprise plan is $65 per user per month. You get advanced workflow and forecasting options and 60 GB of storage.

The Ultimate plan is $150 per user per month and gives you everything including 250 GB of storage.

Bitrix24 is Your Mobile CRM Solution

Today teams expect to be constantly connected to their work. They want to access the team and the work they’re doing from anywhere and everywhere. Going mobile with your CRM is the best way to do this. 

Bitrix24’s mobile CRM app is available for both Android and iOS. Its sleek design will help your team perform better and reach their goals. Your clients and customers will notice a difference and your team will feel powerful. Upgrade your CRM today.

Free. Unlimited. Online.
Bitrix24 is a place where everyone can communicate, collaborate on tasks and projects, manage clients and do much more.
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