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How to Use Your CRM and Project Management Software

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Vlad Kovalskiy
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
How to Use Your CRM and Project Management Software

CRM is a platform that lets companies organize and access any customer data. With the help of this system, businesses can keep track of all their emails, phone calls, provide quality client support, and increase sales. Some small organizations still use old-fashioned ways to manage customer relationships. At one point, this approach stops working. If you want your business to grow, then a CRM platform is definitely worth considering.

The following upsides of using a CRM system can be outlined:

  1. Well-managed data

  2. Detailed reporting

  3. Lead generation

  4. Increased revenue

  5. Sales performance management

  6. Personalized communication

  7. Increased customer retention

  8. Fast integration of various applications

A CRM provides a unified place to keep all information and simplifies work processes for everyone. Clients receive quality support and personalized attention, which is crucial for running a successful business. The system also tracks the actions of prospective clients through social media networks, websites, and emails. It collects comprehensive information to help you nurture them throughout the buying process.

How Does a Project Management Platform Work?

This platform is created to help structure multiple project aspects. It allows users to view all documents related to a certain project.

The system usually has these features:

  1. The program updates the status of projects and tasks, so any team member can view it at any time.

  2. This function enables you to list activities and milestones within a project. Schedules also show its duration, start and end dates. Efficient scheduling is a vital element of successful management. This toolkit offers calendars, Gantt charts, and other instruments.

  3. File and document sharing. It implies exchanging documents and multimedia files between team members and departments. The system enables authorized users to access documentation from their computers or mobile devices. It provides team members and external parties with up-to-date information and helps reduce problems.

  4. Comprehensive reports. This feature allows team leaders to get a project overview in a simple format. It helps ensure that projects stay on track and will be completed on time.

  5. It is instrumental for efficient decision making. The program provides a range of tools that allow employees and external parties to stay connected.

What is the difference between CRM and Project Management Software?

The key difference is that these systems are created for different purposes. A CRM platform is intended to structure and manage customer data, whereas project management is focused on projects, its start and end dates and budget limits. Since these systems are devoted to different aspects of business, there are mixed views on whether it makes sense to merge them. The upside is that combining them allows you to keep your client and project data in a single place. The best option is a platform that offers both CRM and project management tools.

Advantages of a CRM Project Management System

By uniting these systems, you can get a robust tool for your business. Many companies that use this solution find it significantly improves efficiency.

Using CRM and project management tools on a unified platform has these advantages:

  1. Extended visibility. Introducing the solution to your company helps get a clear overview of your business processes. You can better see the problems and fix them quicker. It also allows you to conduct a more in-depth analysis and predict business outcomes.

  2. Integration of work processes. Using a unified system to perform different tasks can save a lot of time. Team members do not have to constantly switch between various applications. Besides, less time is spent on learning how each separate system works.

  3. When you combine CRM and project management systems, your schedule is visible to each team member. They can see if you are busy working on a project and when you are free to attend a meeting.

  4. Better customer experiences. Opting for this solution will allow you to put a stronger focus on customers. Since all your data is kept in one system and is visible to each department, you can provide better customer service. For instance, your support team receives a complaint about a delay. They can quickly reply as they can see the current project status and when it will be completed.

  5. Email integration. Emails are still one of the most important methods of business communication. The CRM system lets you save all your emails related to a particular project.

Using a CRM project management solution may be beneficial to each department in your company. If you wish to reduce clutter and make information more accessible to those who need it, then opt for a unified platform.

How to Choose the Best Solution?

When choosing a suitable program, you should take into consideration the requirements of your organization. Small to mid-sized companies might not need overly complex tools that contain a variety of advanced features. An efficient platform should integrate all your contacts and activities with your project and allow you to monitor its stages.

It is better to pay attention to the following functions:

  1. It lets you customize the settings according to the requirements of your organization, which provides more control over the user experience.

  2. The system should not be overly complex since it will be hard for everyone to learn how to use it. The interface complexity may distract team members from doing their work well.

  3. Collaboration tools. Being able to easily interact with each other is crucial for any team. An effective solution should provide a range of tools that help stay connected and discuss the stages of project implementation. For instance, this platform may include intranet, calls, chats, video conferencing, and file sharing.

  4. Today, there are plenty of solutions that provide full-featured instruments for managing projects. However, they are not well integrated with the customer relationship system. It means you cannot connect your email with your project stages. If you are looking for a merged system, there is not much point in separate features.

How can Bitrix24 help?

Bitrix24 offers a full-featured platform in cloud and on premise. It provides built-in CRM tools and an extensive range of instruments for organizing your projects. These functions are integrated with each other, which means all your data is kept in one system.

Bitrix24 also provides a variety of tools for effective interactions. They include:

  1. Instant messenger

  2. Voice calls

  3. Built-in telephony

  4. Video conferencing

  5. Group calendars

  6. An activity stream

  7. A mobile solution

  8. Integration with social networks

The system is fully customizable. If you choose the on-premise edition, you will need to deploy it on your server and customize it according to your needs.

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