Pipedrive alternatives that are better than Pipedrive

Pipedrive alternatives that are better than Pipedrive
Ivan Pavlov
December 16, 2019
Last updated: March 18, 2020

If you are pressed for time, let’s get to the bottom of it. The best free Pipedrive alternative that has more features than Pipedrive itself is Bitrix24 CRM. If you find Pipedrive lacking and have an unlimited budget, Salesforce is an alternative worth exploring. Finally, middle of the road alternative with on-premise hosting option is SugarCRM.

If you do have a few minutes to spare, lets dig into it, because people search for Pipedrive CRM alternatives for many different reasons.

Pipedrive Pricing 

Though Pipedrive promo codes and coupons are easy to find, there is no free Pipedrive version. And frankly, Pipedrive’s pricing policy is brutal. Since the introduction of Pipedrive Enterprise, many ‘goodies’ have been exclusive to that plan only. It’s priced at $99/mo AND comes with a 10-user minimum. That’s $12,000 per year. Ouch! And if you look at the cheapest Pipedrive plan, which is $15/mo per user, you might suspect that it’s specifically designed to be unusable and push you into upgrading to the Advanced or the Professional plans ($29/mo and $59 per month respectively). You’ll quickly discover that the cheapest (Pipedrive Essential) plan does NOT include two-way email sync, email tracking, group emailing, customizable signatures, calling capabilities and a long list of other NOs. Now, compare it to Bitrix24 CRM pricing, which is free for 12 users and doesn’t employ per user pricing, meaning you can have as many users in your CRM as you need.

CRM For Sales 

Pipedrive bills itself as ‘simple CRM for sales’ and that’s exactly what it is. But what if you want your CRM to handle not just sales but customer service as well? What if you need a CRM system for a call center? What if you need marketing capabilities that run marketing campaigns from your CRM? Or online stores and landing pages?

As soon as you step away from ‘sales’ (for instance, you want to manage your clients and projects in one place) Pipedrive stops working for you. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, almost all Pipedrive reviews as a sales management platform are positive, but sometimes sales are more than just sales. It’s great to have a CRM system that can handle sales, marketing, client management, customer support and social media management. This is another common reason why people start looking to replace Pipedrive and compare Pipedrive with HubSpot or Pipedrive with Zoho.

Simple or too simple?

Pipedrive creators have made a bet that simple sells. And they are not wrong. However, looking at how many features Pipedrive is attempting to add recently, one might think that Pipedrive is starting to realize that if you give people a choice between a bicycle and a Tesla, many will pick the Tesla. Arguably, Pipedrive’s weakest point is workflow automation. Yes, it’s there but it’s hard to find raving reviews for this part of Pipedrive. Instead, Pipedrive API and integrations are oftentimes recommended. Not cool.

Customization and hosting

Unlike hybrid CRM solutions that allow you to choose between cloud hosting and on-premise deployment, Pipedrive has been adamant about the cloud only approach. With no open source code access, Pipedrive CRM customization options are limited. Even worse, Pipedrive currently hosts data in only two locations, US and EU, which means that if India or Brazil or South Africa pass a GDPR-like law, requiring local personal data hosting, and your current cloud CRM doesn’t have a data center there, you are screwed. Bitrix24 or SugarCRM, on the other hand, make it easy to migrate from cloud to your own server as you need it.

Ok, so it’s probably clear that if you want a free Pipedrive alternative, trying Bitrix24 CRM makes sense. Now, let’s look at the alternatives that are more expensive than Pipedrive and have features or options worth paying for. 

Pipedrive vs Salesforce

salesforce vs pipedrive

Salesforce is the undisputed king of cloud CRM systems, with billions in sales. Salesforce really is a family for products, which includes advanced reporting, predictive analytics, social media integration and much, much more. 


Salesforce has an easy and effective reporting tool which gives you access to your Salesforce data. Salesforces makes it easy to construct reports with Report Builder. The Report Builder is a drag and drop tool that lets you format and edit your reports. Once you effectively build your report structure filter data based on any criteria. Analyze your sales data in any way you see fit and share the results with your team in an easy to understand format. It’s important to remember, your reports are only as good as you build them, and Salesforce makes this easier than ever.

Social Media Monitoring 

You probably know that social media is key to how your company advertises, to how your company sells and interacts with its clients. With Social Media Monitoring in Salesforce, you can see how people in the real world are interacting with your products and what they have to say. Monitor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all in one place. Be up to date with positive feedback from clients all the way to virial scandals about your brand. In this day and age, you can never be TOO connected so always stay a step ahead with Salesforce Social Media Monitoring tool.


Your CRM has data and lots of it, now it’s time to put that data to work for you. With Salesforces new Einstein AI tool, work smarter not harder. Einstein can prioritize leads that will convert to sales based on your sales history. Also get smart recommendations and suggestions based on what your clients are looking for so you can sell them exactly what they are looking for. Although, AI and machine learning is complicated and technical, Salesforce makes it easy to incorporate and use in your CRM. 

Communication is Key 

Communicating and being on the same page as your team should not be difficult. Salesforce offers Chatter which makes it very simple and easy to connect to your whole team. You can think of Chatter as a social network inside your CRM. No need to track down Chad from sales when you can reach him with a click of a button. Stop wasting precious time trying to connect via email, telephone, or social media with your team. Salesforces organizes and puts everybody in one place to more effectively connect and communicate so your business does not skip a beat.

If money is not an issue, Salesforce is king. Salesforces offers the most complete platform in order for you to build a successful business and does not have any limitations especially when compared to Pipedrive.

Pipedrive vs SugarCRM

Sugar crm

SugarCRM started in 2004 as an open source CRM. Like Bitrix24, it’s a hybrid CRM system that works both in cloud and on-premise. SugarCRM is more advanced than Pipedrive and targets enterprise clients with features that are more complicated and efficient than what Pipedrive offers.

Information Management

SugarCRM will take any of the data that you have, whether it is CRM, Social Media, Account Billing, etc. and intergrade it into your SugarCRM. That data is then analyzed through AI to give you insight and trends on your clients. The automaton of data collection will lead to your team spending less time doing administrative tasks and more time on concentrating on client relationships. Sugar always keeps on learning with the No Touch Information Management feature, which collects and all the data itself via social media and other platform, so you won’t have to.

Cloud Technology

Most CRM technologies that are built on the cloud are almost 20 years old. SugarCRM has cutting edge cloud technology that grows as rapid as your business does. While other CRM platforms try to mask their old cloud technology, Sugar offers the best extensibility, scalability, and availability and will only keep on getting better. Sugar has great cloud infostructure so they can worry more about client-platform pain points rather than aging cloud technology. With Sugar you are not only limited to the cloud. Sugar is also offered on premise and can be installed on your local infostructure. From the latest cloud technology to on premise deployment, Sugar has you covered.

One Stop Shop

SugarCRM incorporates all the vital tools you need in order to build an efficient and successful business. Sugar offers Sugar Sell, Sugar Market, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Discover. Sugar Market can give insight to your Marketing needs and pick up things that you might not have caught or thought about through its marketing automation funnel. Use Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve to make each sales rep a top performer with the best features and functionality to improve customer experiences. Always be one stop ahead of customers wants and needs with simple dashboards and self-service portals for your whole sales team. 

Get the best bang for your buck with SugarCRM. The broad list of features will make any task easier and will improve your efficiency. SugarCRM offers cutting edge technology and features that won’t break the bank.

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