The 10 Best Free Marketing Tools in 2021
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Vlad Kovalskiy
September 23, 2021
Last updated: April 5, 2023
The 10 Best Free Marketing Tools in 2021

The year 2020 hit a lot of companies hard and if that sounds familiar to you, we’re here to help!

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are unlikely to have too much budget at the moment, which is why we’ve put together our 10 best free marketing tools for 2021.

So whether you need newsletters, landing pages, analytics, or tools for your internal work processes, read on and explore what’s out there.

1. WordPress — simple, effective landing pages

WordPress is probably the most overlooked platform to create your landing pages. Too many marketers reject the best free marketing tools and go for the paid options which promise the world but don’t deliver too much that this old faithful can’t.

You can simply set up a page in WordPress, select the same theme as the rest of your site, and fill in your content. With all kinds of free plugins — including Google Site Kit — you can track the performance of your landing pages pretty easily without spending a penny on them.

2. Google Analytics — understand what works (and what doesn’t!)

Our list of the best free marketing tools wouldn’t be complete without Google Analytics. It gives you an inside look at how your customers are behaving, how your metrics are performing and highlights the strengths and weaknesses you can’t get from a simple feedback form.

It gives you the tools to set up goals for conversions, sign-ups, and more; and you can even track where your traffic is coming from.

Yes, it is very complicated to fully understand for beginners, but with a bit of dedication, it can give you those crucial insights that take your business forward.

3. Google Search Console — Google’s SEO assistant

Maybe it’s not cool to include two Google products in one list, but what can we say?

Search Console is one of the most powerful tools you can use for SEO because it gives you the info you need right from the horse’s mouth.

You’ll find out how Google crawls and ranks your site and get tips on how to boost your site’s performance. Instead of going to the Planner inside Ads, Google Search Console can also give you reliable keyword data, as well as handy site maps and all kinds of other features.

4. Due — improve your marketing productivity

It’s easy to just focus on content creation, customer interaction, and analytics, but when you’re looking for the best free marketing tools, you shouldn’t ignore your internal processes.

Due lets you whip your team into shape with a time-tracking tool so you can budget your time effectively and increase productivity. You can also use your timings to bill your clients for your work, and all of that can take place in Due’s invoicing and payments platform.

5. HubSpot — a fully integrated CRM

HubSpot’s free tools for marketing help you generate leads from your website through forms. They might not be the prettiest designs out there, but they’re easy to throw together and automatically integrate with your CRM.

You can choose how to implement them, with simple embedding, pop-ups, and more to turn your site visitors into leads. You’ll automatically be able to track your users across your site to follow where they are coming from, and get key insights into why some pages are converting at higher rates than others.

6. Sender — groovy newsletters that convert

Sender is one of the best free marketing tools for mass emails. Without any investment, you can keep up to 2500 subscribers and send up to 15,000 emails, which is a pretty generous starter pack.

On the creative side, it comes packed with templates that you can edit with a simple drag-and-drop and you can personalize your content with your contacts’ details.

The biggest advantage, however, is its analytics, which is impressive for a free version. You can track email opens, link clicks, timings, and more. Great for beginners and companies with a relatively small database to handle.

7. Canva — your one-stop shop for design

Canva is one of the best free marketing tools for graphic design. You can easily make your social media posts, letterheads, featured images for your website and much, much more.

The vast amount of templates give you a headstart on your creations and you can start using videos, cool graphics, and color schemes with no design experience at all.

You can upload your own images to keep in line with your branding, but the free version does not extend to the Brand Kit feature, where you can save fonts, colors, and logos.

8. Bitrix24 — all your free marketing tools in one

Unlike the other free online marketing tools listed here, Bitrix24 is no one-trick pony. It gives you the tools you need for your entire business, from communication and HR to project management, and a Drive for all your documents. However, for marketers, it stands out for its CRM.

The Bitrix24 Customer Relationship Manager gives you detailed analytics of your customer behavior, integrates with your social media channels, and lets you set up forms, landing pages, and even a contact center.

The amount of features available on Bitrix24’s free version is staggering, so it is perfect for entrepreneurs and startups, but also well-established companies who need to save a bit of marketing budget.

9. Hootsuite — the only social media scheduler you’ll need

Hootsuite is one of the best free social media tools out there and is still the go-to choice for social media managers on a budget. You can manage up to three of your profiles, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all in one place.

The calendar feature is essential for scheduling your posts to the minute and getting an overview of your content. What’s more, you can keep an eye on your streams, comments, likes, and shares all from one clean dashboard.

One drawback is that you can’t manage your direct messages from your free Hootsuite dashboard, although there have been rumors that this is now under beta testing.

10. Wistia — control your video content

When it comes to the best free marketing tools, it’s hard to look past YouTube. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find Wistia, a video creation and hosting app that gives you far more control than its more famous rival.

With Wistia, you can avoid your users seeing unrelated ads and video suggestions when they’re done watching your content. Instead, you can keep them on your page, or point them in the direction you want them to go. This digital marketing software also comes with analytics so you can see heatmaps, the time your users stop watching, and more.


Starts taking your marketing department up a gear

When it comes to free marketing tools, there is a lot out there that ain’t too great, but by sticking to this list, we’re sure you’ll be happy.

However, one piece of advice we’d always recommend is thinking long-term. If you’re desperate for a project management tool, don’t just plug the gap. Think further into the future and choose a solution like Bitrix24 that comes way more integrated features that are already integrated.

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