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The 10 Best Opportunity Management Software Tools

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Vlad Kovalskiy
8 min
Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
The 10 Best Opportunity Management Software Tools
Sometimes, you wish you could stick your hand out of the window and feel the pulse of the masses so you can figure out your target market’s needs and demands. That sounds a lot like a pipe dream and there’s a better, more logical way to go about things. That’s through the use of opportunity management software.

What is opportunity management software?

An opportunity management software or OMS is a kind of system that gives vital information to sales and marketing teams on leads and other facts and tidbits. An OMS usually has a visual interface to better present their collected data like customer and prospect identifiers, the status of various transactions – past, present and future – and other information that you may find pertinent. The sales process is tied to the OMS since your sales and marketing teams will be using data gathered from your opportunity management software.

Although you might think these features are sometimes already present in most CRMs, getting your own opportunity management software gives you the footing to run solid sales funnels, marketing drives and convert at a higher rate.

What is opportunity management in CRM?

You might be asking yourself, “Why would I need an opportunity management software when I have a CRM?”. It’s true that most CRMs can help you with leads and demands generation but they’re mainly and mostly designed to host customer data including leads and demands. However, if you really want to streamline your sales, marketing and support efforts, it’s best to get an opportunity management software. Opportunity management in CRM can help you do the following:
● Capture information concerning opportunities from more than one channel
● Monitor how effective each sales pipeline step really is
● Prioritize opportunities to better focus on converting more efficiently
● Manage the sales cycle history
● Automate your workflow processes
● Create and send quotes and/or proposals through email
● Generate graph reports with metrics in great detail to better manage efforts and opportunities

If you’re looking into acquiring opportunity management software for your business, here are the 10 best opportunity management software tools that we recommend you consider:

1. Sellution

Designed primarily for sales teams, Sellution is built to help your teams convert faster and sell better. Sellution helps your team improve on and increase their productivity by saving them time on multiple logins, unnecessary integrations, and unreliable forecast reports. You can use Sellution as your all-in-one sales and customer service machine.

With the time you’re able to save by using this lead and opportunity management software, you can use them to get to know your prospects a little better along with their needs and pain points. You can also minimize the disconnect between facts and plain numbers thanks to Sellution’s reliable data collection and reporting tools.

2. Shape

If you’re looking for an all-in-one software where you can find all of the necessary opportunity management tools, look into Shape Software CRM. Using Shape, you can create, access, and update your CRM data on a regular basis to make sure every piece of information stored in there is accurate. Shape can help you with lead and opportunity management while also giving you a place where you can contact customers, market and sell and convert more effectively.

This solution gives you tools for lead prioritization and distribution so you can put the better leads on top of the list and distribute them amongst your team members. In this way, none of your leads are left waiting, missed, or lost completely. With all of this, you have the chance to form relationships with prospects and leads that you can nurture until they are customers and beyond.

3. Salesflare

In case you’re looking for an opportunity management software that’s easy to use but can be relied upon to give you accurate reports and data, give Salesflare a try. Apart from the fact that it’s user-friendly, their user interface is very easy to understand and navigate and can be customized so you can look at the information that matters to you before anything else.

Salesflare makes you more efficient and productive by cutting down the time required for managing data by automating all of your leads’ and customers’ contact and company information. You can also automate meetings and calls into your calendar, computer and phone. This way, you don’t end up missing a conversion.

4. HelloLeads

Looking for a software that specializes in identifying sales opportunities and helps you manage sales opportunities, HelloLeads just might be what you’re looking for. With HelloLeads, you also have a lot of room for growth in case you’re starting out as a small start-up with plans of expanding in the near future.

HelloLeads allows you to qualify leads with better and more organized categories, add leads to your database without fuss wherever you may be, and connect you with leads quickly whether it’s through WhatsApp, SMS, or audio calling. With HelloLeads, you can also keep track of your conversations so you have a complete timeline of events presented in messages and email threads.

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5. Method:CRM

Rated the #1 CRM by QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks online, Method:CRM has a patented real-time sync function with QuickBooks that can do wonders for lead and opportunity management as well as pursuing potential clients.

You can customize workflows relating to lead management and invoices using Method:CRM along with other built-in solutions that you can take advantage of. Method:CRM is available for integration with other apps so you can create a system that works best for your particular use and needs. Automate your lead capture process and keep tracking leads simple and easy and make more sales. With Method: CRM, it’s all about the interaction of apps and software to give you one toolkit that works for every area of your CRM opportunity management needs.

6. Funnel CRM

It’s all about that lead generation form that sets the wheel in motion in terms of capturing data, connecting your team with potential customers, and finalizing a sale. If you want a simple and easy form builder to use for these purposes, give Funnel CRM a go.

Funnel CRM has a user-friendly form builder that’s fully customizable depending on the set of data that you want to collect. From there, things can only get easier. Once a contact form is completed, run it into the sales funnel and off you go. You can also use Funnel CRM to create snazzy and impressive proposals. This clean and fresh approach to lead and contact form building, saves you time and energy so you have more of them to spend on building connections and relationships with customers – prospective and bonafide, alike.

7. PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals enables you to better manage your sales and marketing campaigns along with your customer database, leads, and sales forecasting. With the help of PipelineDeals, you can create more impactful email campaigns and enjoy sales forecasts that you can rely on. Track the progress of each campaign effortlessly and keep everything safe with unlimited file storage.

Setting up your PipelineDeals is very simple, you can be done in no time at all so you have more hours to train your team, perfect your sales approaches and get in touch with prospects and customers. You can count on PipelineDeals to give you the tools you enhance the ways in which you manage sales opportunities.

8. Zoho CRM

Always looking out for the best CRM opportunity management software? One of them is Zoho CRM, probably one of the more recognizable names on this list and for good reason, too. Zoho CRM’s focus is helping companies improve their customer relationship processes to make them more productive, efficient, and profitable. They offer Canvas, which is a fully-customizable CRM interface so you can make it work for your needs and requirements.

Using Zoho CRM, you can also connect with leads, prospects, and customers anytime and anywhere so no opportunity is missed. Save more time by automating workflows and processes while getting rid of redundant and unnecessary tasks. Then, of course, there are also reports and insights that you can generate through Zoho CRM. That way, you can convert at a higher rate.

9. Zendesk Sell

Designed to increase productivity, lead generation, and sales conversion, Zendesk Sell is specially designed with your sales team in mind. The information is fed through Zendesk Sell by Zendesk so each lead is guaranteed and the chances of successfully closing are then made higher.

What Zendesk Sell does is enable Customer Service to pass opportunities along to the Sales team through the use of a Notify Sales button. From there, the sales rep can then access the database to look into the lead information and the former agent’s notes. In case the customer information is not captured, an agent can still create a lead with just one click.

10. Bitrix24

If you want a hub for all of your business tools apart from your lead and opportunity management kits, Bitrix24 is for you. It’s a collaboration software that you can use to keep track of tasks and projects. It’s also a communications software that allows you to keep in touch with your team anytime and from anywhere.

Most of all, Bitrix24 is a free opportunity management software that allows you to create your own lead capture forms and automate your sales funnel for better results. What makes Bitrix24 all the more impressive? It’s absolutely free for unlimited users! Capture leads using email, website visits, or phone, qualify and distribute them among the people in your team and close that sale! All these and more, you can do with Bitrix24.

The final opportunity

Opportunity management software can make capturing leads more fun, albeit a little easier. It all comes down to streamlining the processes and systems you currently have so your approach can have a bit more finesse. With the help of lead and opportunity management software, you can apply methods to the chaotic world of sales and marketing.

With more organization comes more freedom in terms of the amount of time you can spend nurturing a relationship with a prospect, lead, or customer. In turn, you’re creating a steady stream of new customers and loyal ones as well. From more sales comes more revenue that can be funnelled back into the company to motivate top performers and inspire emerging ones so they can be more productive and efficient. Then, you go back to the very beginning and start the whole process all over again from the most vital part – opportunity management.
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