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The 20 Best Software Tools for Remote Teams

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Vlad Kovalskiy
12 min
Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
The 20 Best Software Tools for Remote Teams

Managing a team should be like running a tight ship where everyone has their station and function within the vessel to keep it in tip-top shape and good running order. It may be easier said than done if you’re managing a remote team given that not everyone is at one place, working at the same time. Keeping the team connected, making sure the job is done and done properly and ensuring that all of them stay motivated are some of the things that you need to do as a leader and it can sometimes be difficult but with some of the most well-thought-out apps and tools, it just might be possible.

With the wealth of available software on the market today, choosing the right one can take up some time and be quite a challenge. Here, we’re going to list down the 10 best software tools for remote teams to narrow the playing field. Then, choosing can be a little easier and you will feel better about your buying decision once you’ve made it.


1. Slack

Being there for one another as a team if someone needs help or is going through some challenges is important in keeping the workgroup solid and harmonious. If even just one person feels out of touch or out of sync, you run the risk of demotivation and underperformance which can affect your team’s output and productivity. One way to combat this is to make sure your team stays in touch and is always connected with one another.

Slack is an outstanding communication tool and remote team collaboration software that can primarily be used as a messaging app. You can either talk to someone one-on-one or send messages but you can also do audio and video calls. With Slack, you have the option to create rooms for group chats such as watercooler chats and calls or you can send a PM to a member of the team for a quick checkup. Conversations are also made fun with emojis and profiles are customizable with color schemes and themes.

2. Zoom

Another video conferencing tool that you and your team can use is Zoom. You can bring everyone together for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and presentations using Zoom as a team remote software. It also allows you to share your screen, send files to everyone in the meeting and even exchange private messages with participants apart from the group chat.

Zoom is easy to use and has a multitude of functions to help you and your teams have collaborative conversations. Should one or more people be unavailable for the scheduled call, you can record the interaction so they can revisit it at a later time and get caught up in the communications.

3. Trello

If you’re looking for the best remote team management software to help you monitor productivity and timeliness in the completion of deliverables, Trello is one of the tools to try. Trello boards function the same as Kanban boards wherein you can see the various stages there are to a project, leading up to its completion along with the people in your team who are responsible for a given stage.

If you want to create a sense of accountability and responsibility within the team, Trello is advisable. It’s easy to use and highly customizable. Trello may look like a glorified to-do list but it’s more than that. It’s a collaborative tool that helps everyone keep an eye on tasks and projects.

4. Friday

Looking for a discussion and productivity tool? Try Friday! It’s one of the most functional tools your team can enjoy using any day of the week. At its core, Friday is a teamwork tool designed to draw even the shyest team member and allows you to get to know the people you work with icebreakers. You can also give credit where it is due with kudos as well as set and exchange goals.

Cut down on meeting times that can otherwise be used on other things with templates such as daily standups where you can establish routines and create checklists based on goals for the day. You can also use planners to create a roadmap to get more work done as well and create bullet journals to maximize your capabilities and achieve more goals. Friday also has a forum option that allows team members to share ideas, announcements, take and view meeting notes, among many others.

5. RemoteHQ

Another one of the software tools for remote teams that you should look into trying is RemoteHQ. It allows you to track and monitor remote work with goal setting, file-sharing, and communicating capabilities. With RemoteHQ, you can also monitor sales; track leads, and convert more proposals to actual deals.

RemoteHQ can also be your hub for more customer-centric functions like communications through email, IM as well as chat. You can also enable the RemoteHQ “talk to us” button on your website to encourage live chat traffic. This way, you can attend to customer queries that are otherwise keeping potential sales from being realized.

6. Google Drive

If you’re looking for a cloud storage platform to be your repository for documents and other files, look no further than Google Drive. It’s a team remote software that allows users to store and share presentations, spreadsheets, and other documentation for more accessible and fuss-free collaboration.

Google Drive is free to use and each worker has up to 15GB of space to use. This amount of storage can go a long way as long as you know how to manage it. As a user, you also have the ability to grant access and change collaborator rights from Viewer to Commenter and even Editor.

7. Dropbox

Say goodbye to files getting buried under chat messages and emails. Another remote team collaboration software that you can use is Dropbox. Once done with your document, presentation, or spreadsheet, you can upload it to Dropbox where it will be synced to a cloud-based folder. After which, everyone in the team that needs to will be able to access your file anytime.

Not only can remote workers sync, share and collaborate using Dropbox, they can also keep their computers clutter-free by storing work-related files and folders in their individual Dropbox accounts.

8. Hubstaff

One of the more known and best remote team management software available is Hubstaff. Undoubtedly, one of the more challenging aspects of remote work to keep track of is hours worked. Hubstaff has a time tracking app that you can download and install into computers that workers can start and stop as they work. The time tracker monitors activity, takes screenshots of active screens, and tracks productivity. Hubstaff also helps furnish teams with detailed reports, project profitability monitoring, payroll management, and invoicing.

There’s also Hubstaff Tasks that can be used in conjunction with the time tracker. With Hubstaff Tasks, you can create Kanban boards so you can monitor workflows, project timelines, and checklists. You can also “mention” a team member if they need to be notified about anything so they won’t miss a peep. To-do lists and projects also automatically appear in the Hubstaff time tracker so employees can log corresponding time entries.

9. Proofhub

Proofhub is an online project management software, integral as a software tool for remote teams. With Proofhub, you can do everything in one place. Team members can have smooth interactions with each other with Discussions. It also has a task management feature that helps you create and assign tasks, create subtasks, as well as recurring tasks.

When you make Proofhub your remote team management software, you will also be able to create Kanban boards to better monitor and supervise projects. You can also keep tabs on deadlines so your team won’t miss anything, store files in one place, and grant and restrict access to a select view of responsible parties.

10. Flowdock

It’s a communication and collaboration tool all in one. It’s a place for teammates to send messages and stay connected with Threading, where conversations about a certain topic, project, or task are kept in one thread to be followed by a specific group of contributors. One-on-one conversations can still be had and your teams can also enjoy instant video chat and screen sharing functions.

Flowdock is also open to integration with a wealth of other apps and tools to create a reliable and robust remote office for you and your team. If you or someone on your team is working on the go, you can take Flowdock with you. It’s available for use on both iOS and Android devices.


11. Airtable

If you’re looking for a cloud-based software tool for remote team management, look no further than Airtable. You can create Kanban boards, events calendars, and more. Airtable also allows users to automate recurring tasks, integrate with other useful tasks, and sync content from various users on different computers.

Since Airtable is cloud-based, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Users can edit and comment on files and upload them onto the software remotely, ensuring that deliverables are completed on the promised date.

12. Microsoft Teams

Another remote team collaboration software to explore is Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Teams, you can have team meetings with online chat, as well as video and audio conferencing capabilities. Leaders and managers can also host events virtually and interactions are made more fun and productive with screen sharing and custom background options.

Because Microsoft Teams works in conjunction with Microsoft apps, integration possibilities are endless. Shop around the app store for tools that you can use to aid in project and tasks management to create an all-in-one remote team management software kit.


If you've ever stumbled upon their ad online and wonder if it's worth it, this might be the time to try It's designed to help you rein in the chaos as a software tool for remote team management. gives users the various functions of an actual office virtually. Manage projects and tasks better with Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and automated workflows. You can also view and generate reports to help you take better charge of the business.

Aside from project and task management, also aids users with Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, CRM, and IT, virtually everything that a business in operation needs to stay profitable and productive.

14. Tettra

Make sure your team can get from point A to point B with Tettra. It's a knowledge base software that allows users to post comprehensive and highly useful answers to their teammates' questions. With Tettra, you can organize all of your company guides, Q&A sheets, and policies into one system that's easily accessible.

Tettra integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams where team members can ask their questions. Leaders, managers, and fellow team members can post a link to the guide or policy to give them the answer they need. If you find having to answer repetitive questions during the day a little disruptive to your work rhythm, you'll find that Tettra can be handy when used as part of your team's remote software.

15. Gitlab

Coordinate the work that's done among teams and team members and track the progress of projects and tasks over time with Gitlab. It's a pretty straightforward repository for your files apart from comprehensive project management software. Gitlab also allows users to build better software in the process and collaborate a little better.

Create more value for your customers by finishing projects and tasks sooner, leaving more time for implementation and application.

16. Time Doctor

If you ever need a time tracking app to add to your arsenal of software tools for remote team management, it might be worth it to look into Time Doctor. Not only can you track work time, but you can also get screenshots of the work that's being done and access to reports to better monitor work hours, productivity, and schedule compliance.

Take work time management to the next level with Time Doctor and its web and app usage monitor which shows administrators which websites and apps employees are accessing during the work hours. Track attendance, track time based on clients and projects, and integrate with other powerful project management tools. This solution is also available for use on iOS, Android, Linux, and Google devices with their downloadable app.

17. Miro

If you miss the fun and functionality of whiteboards in team brainstorming, building, and meeting sessions, Miro is the software to use. Make meetings, presentations, and webinars more engaging with Miro's pre-made templates. It will feel like the whole team is actually in the room with Miro's mouseover collaboration function which shows you everyone else's cursor as they make updates and changes to boards.

You can also use Miro to make your presentations more collaborative by sharing your screen easily and embedding video, chatting with teammates, and commenting together on the content that's being presented. You can also create Kanban boards, flowcharts, and blueprints to aid in team and project management.

18. Pizzatime

The best way to a remote worker's heart is through their stomach. Or something like that, at least. To put it plainly, one of the easiest and most fun ways to motivate your team and show them your appreciation is throwing them a pizza party. How about remote teams, you ask? Well, that's what Pizzatime is for. You can schedule your virtual pizza party ahead of time through the software and Pizzatime will do the rest. Just make sure you rally the troops so they're all together on the actual event.

Pizzatime is not only good for pizzas nowadays. You can up the ante by booking a stand-up comedian, music DJ, or a hosted live trivia party. Pizzatime can also be used to order coffees for your teams as well as other drinks.

19. Doodle

Having a bit of an issue managing staffing and schedules for your team? You don't need a dedicated workforce team for this. You might only need Doodle. It may sound like it's all fun and games but Doodle is actually all business. It's very useful when you need to meet with someone or if someone needs to meet with you. You can book a time that's blocked off so you won't miss out on important things. Coach one-on-one or meet with your team (or teams) depending on your needs.

Doodle can also be used for recruiting and staffing because you can schedule meetings and interviews. You can also automate onboarding workflows apart from operational workflows, cutting headhunting time and filling staffing needs much faster. Get in touch with clients and establish more meaningful interactions with them. Doodle can also connect you with consultants and freelancers to maximize your business' reach and improve the overall customer experience.

20. Bitrix24

If you have a list of needs and wants in project management software for remote teams, you can be sure you’ll be able to tick them all off with Bitrix24. It’s your one-stop hub for all things remote and team-related. With Bitrix24, you can better supervise projects and tasks, share documents, and meet with everyone using ultra-HD video conferencing and crystal clear audio calling features. You can also create your own and share calendars with the team.

With Bitrix24, you also have access to your own CRM so you can keep better track of leads, interact with customers and provide after-sales care. Bitrix24 also has a website and landing page builder that, although everything is completed using the drag-and-drop method, makes everything look professionally done and well-made.


Software tools for remote teams: at the end of the day

Managing remote teams is no easy feat but it can be done. Asking your team what they need and listening to their input is the first step. From there, you can create a shopping list of sorts that will help you in your selection of the best software tools for remote teams. Use that list that you come up with along with this list to winnow your choices down before making a buying decision.

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