The Best Online Team Calendar: 7 Essential Features for Teamwork Success
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Vlad Kovalskiy
August 11, 2021
Last updated: April 5, 2023
The Best Online Team Calendar: 7 Essential Features for Teamwork Success

Meetings are very important in making sure everyone is on the same page while at the same time, sharing progress reports and status updates. Thankfully, there are a lot of valuable calendar features to explore, share and enjoy with your team to keep everyone in sync and lead your company to success.

So, how do you separate the important features from the rest of the list? In this article, we will be going through the 7 essential features for teamwork success that you should be looking for in an online team calendar:

1. Meet and brief the whole fleet

It’s the most important of all the features the best online team calendar can offer – being able to herd everyone in your workgroup at the same hour for a comprehensive meeting. Very useful if you have not met with the team in some time and would like to touch base with everyone and share important updates, information, and reports with them.

Send out invites for meetings and briefings via email. These invites are then synced to everyone’s calendars so they can receive reminders. Now, you can be sure no one will miss out on anything important.

2. Get everyone together for the main events

Whether you have a big announcement or a celebration due or even a small milestone to toast to, you can make sure no one will have to miss a thing with a shared calendar for teams that will allow you to schedule events and send out invites.

Invite everyone in the company and they can invite family and friends and you won’t need to break a sweat. With an Event Scheduler, you can create a slot for an event you’ve planned out. You can also set repeating events so you can have them recur monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. You can be sure a bulk of the company, if not everyone, will be able to make it.

3. CRM incorporation for maximum cooperation

Do you have an important meeting where you’re looking to win over a lead and convert them to a customer? You need an online team calendar that you can integrate with the company’s CRM so you can be sure no customer follow-up, client meeting, or sales pitch will slip from anyone’s mind.

An intelligent free team calendar app that can schedule appointments and enable reminders for those who need to be there is most essential. You won’t have to worry about an important opportunity to make a sale or a good impression on a customer will be missed.

4. Take the brunt out of absences

Very few things can cripple a team than poor team attendance. A level-headed leader should understand, though, that emergencies happen and some things just cannot be easily avoided. And, as a responsible leader, you have to make allowances for absences so the team’s flow of work is not affected even if one person or more are unavailable for a time. An Absence Chart can make it easier for leaders to coach on attendance issues and come close to making predictions as to the people or days of the week that they need to make concessions for.

It can also help keep track of people who will be on vacation so slots can be occupied one at a time. Keep in mind that although your workgroup is your primary means of getting the job done, the job is still more important so you need to make sure that deliverables such as tasks and projects are continually worked on.

5. Favouritism is allowed

If you need to keep track of more than one schedule of upcoming events, or if you want to be in the loop when it comes to your team members’ goings-on, you need the best team calendar management that will allow you to mark your favourites.

You should be able to subscribe to multiple calendars at the same time so you can coordinate with other people and even departments. Help your team manage their time better by overseeing how they’re packing theirs when you segment your Favourite Calendars. You can share events as well, set reminders, and customize your views.

6. It’s better in groups

Being able to create and manage multiple calendars for various teams in your company as well as other departments aside from your own is vital if you want to be able to supervise.An app for shared calendars for teams must also afford you the right to hand out permission rights so you can decide whom to add to certain group calendars.

Online team calendars that are visible to everyone else ensure that every member of the team is aware of each task and project’s progress so they can pitch in as needed to make sure every deadline is met.

7. Pay no mind, free your mind

The best team calendar management ought to come packed with all these six features along with the most important of all: it’s free! You and everyone else in your workgroup can access it from anywhere at any time, manage schedules and appointments and do them all for free.

 Being able to enjoy all the functionalities of the best online team calendar at no extra cost is ideal especially if you want to try it out first. You can invite your team and everyone else in the company to take the new free team calendar app even before you decide on settling on the one you will be using for the long run.

Stay on track with the best online team calendar

Stop the hunt and try the best online team calendar. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with employing the best team calendar management for your company and never miss a deadline, meeting, or scheduled event ever again.

You can get everyone together better for an assembly and plan your resources ahead of time, among other time-saving, cost-effective functionalities. Ready to give it a try and take the reins over your team’s productivity and efficiency? Start for free by registering today. If you want a clearer and more thorough walkthrough of how everything works and fits together, you can book a demo today.

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