Top-5 free Gantt chart software

Top-5 free Gantt chart software
Ivan Pavlov
December 17, 2019
Last updated: December 24, 2019

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Best free Gantt chart software
How to find a perfect Gantt chart?

Gantt chart, alongside Kanban, is one of the most popular methodologies which are used in agile project management to visualise the project overall. It includes task presentation, timelines and many more features. Even though they are extremely simple, they offer just enough tools to monitor and organize the project successfully.

But what is a Gantt chart initially? It is a comprehensive system of project representation. It includes all of the most important features of a project, such as timelines and deadlines, overlaps, tasks and budgets. Gantt charts were invented several centuries ago and, after existing in a physical variation for a long time, were finally replicated in Gantt chart software. And even though people managed to draw Gantt charts successfully, there is no need to do it now as software for Gantt chart is all over now.

Gantt chart software allows to track dependencies and intersections of your work progress. It is possible to denote various kinds of issues which prevent developers from working efficiently using such system. At the same time, if you already know that some parts of your project have fallen behind, you can easily implement changes and see how they influence the work process.

Best Gantt chart software

Although Kanban charts are used in software more often, there are still several great examples of Gantt charts which are available for project managers.


Gantt Bitrix24

One of the best project management software for Gantt chart is Bitrix24. This is the type of software which is especially popular among project managers because of its comprehensive approach. It offers a variety of tools which can be useful at any stages of project life cycle.

What you get with Bitrix24:

  • CRM system with detailed information about each deal, its status, priority and multiple other features which allow to track sales and profit, as well as communicate with customers;
  • Task manager. This is based off Kanban and Gantt charts, which allows to have various visual perspectives of your project and understand the workflow easily. Such charts also increase transparency as they are clear for all project participants;
  • Communication center. You can communicate with your customers through a system which is initially offered to you by Bitrix24. If this is not suitable, you can also connect all of your social media to the platform and store information in Bitrix24 anyway;
  • Website constructor. If you need a website but don’t know where to start, you can use Bitrix24 website constructor. It is a simple system which only requires basic knowledge but still allows to create a great working platform for your project;
  • Workspace. Bitrix24 presents a comprehensive workspace, where colleagues can communicate, their productivity and stress levels can be tracked, and all of the updates are shown in a common feed. Messengers for inside communication are included as well.

As for Gantt chart software, Bitrix24 allows to plan your project time in a way which will be beneficial for everyone. All dependencies and issues which arise during task completion will already be visualized which makes it easier to cope with.

If you want to use a Gantt chart for planning, you have to start with selecting the main task. This means that if certain timelines connected to this task are violated, some other tasks might not be performed in time as well. You can connect one task to several other tasks, but the dependencies should be logical. But no worries: if you make a mistake, you will get a notification that such connection can’t be created within the existing project and dependencies.

It is also very important to define the influence of all the tasks on each other. Sometimes a deadline for one task defines a start of another one. Sometimes their deadlines or starts happen at the same time. But sometimes the time you finish one task fully depends on the start of the other task.

It is very easy to link dependencies between tasks. You just need to click the corresponding parts of your task timeline and link them together. It is very easy to delete such connections as well.

While you track timelines for tasks, you can also track work efficiency with It allows to see how productively your teammates worked on the task or over a specific time. Don’t worry if they don’t reach 100% productivity as it might be harmful as well and indicate stress load. But if you think that the task could be completed better, you can reassign it further on and use Bitrix24 data to improve the working process in general.

At the same time using this platform you can create reports. You can construct your own report or use suggested templates as a base. At the same time your own report can be used as a template so you won’t have to repeat the same work over and over again. All of the data can be counted automatically and presented in form of charts and diagrams.


Gantt Teamgantt

TeamGantt is simple yet efficient software which also uses Gantt charts as a base. It has a very minimalistic interface which allows to increase productivity because of decreasing distractions.

Even though TeamGantt values the advantages Gantt chart has to offer, you can also present your schedule in several other ways:

  • Gantt. This is the basic mode for this software. It shows task order, start and end dates, dependencies and many more;
  • Calendar. If you want to get an overview of a whole month in a form of a calendar, you can just click the corresponding button. In case a task is completed in a timeline of several days, you will still see it in this mode, as the line stretches over several daily cells;
  • List. This tool arranges all of the tasks into a checklist. But you are still able to see the progress, as a piece of a progress bar is shown and you know exactly where you currently are in the project;
  • Daily. These are the tasks you need to complete in a particular day. It eliminates general project overview but gives the possibility to look through the most important tasks instead.

TeamGantt is often used to increase productivity as well. First tool which helps with this purpose is the one showing real timelines in comparison with the planned ones. It might help to adjust the processes in the future and avoid setting unrealistic deadlines. And in case your planned and actual timelines overlap, you know you are doing everything right.

Workers participating in a project also have the opportunity to work with a Gantt chart here. That means you will have reports on work completion or comments about issues immediately. As it happens right away, you don’t have to schedule extra meetings to discuss current project status, neither you have to wait until the next meeting starts to learn enough to continue your work.

It also doesn’t matter what kind of a device you use to connect to TeamGantt. It is both suitable for Windows and iOS, but you can also download it for your mobile device. Again, you don’t have to obtain a particular operational system as TeamGantt applications are both suitable for iOS and Android. That means you can log into the system anytime and see how the project goes. Even if you want to make updates remotely and you know you won’t have access to a personal computer anytime soon, it is still possible to keep up with the team.


Gantt Agantty

If you are in need of free Gantt chart software, you can achieve it with Agantty. Add as many teams and projects as you need and create a perfect workspace for you. Gantt chart as a base will help you track time and dependencies and improve the workflow.

It is very simple to organize the space here. You can create a project just by adding it and its info as well as inviting team members into it. You have to define a timeframe for the project, so that a Gantt chart could be created as well, but later on it can be edited easily if needed, just like the Gantt chart itself.

Then everything is left to do is creating tasks. Start with bigger tasks and then break them down into more manageable pieces. You can also organize tasks into groups which will later on be helpful if you will be in need of finding a certain task faster. After you added all of the team members, you can start assigning tasks. Remember to divide them evenly as well as wet the rights and responsibilities for each team member. For example, you can notify the positions of every person on your team.

Once you are done, you can see how your project plan looks in a Gantt chart. This is when you can create dependencies between certain project steps. This also gives a great representation of deadlines, which means no more reminders should be set as your co-workers will see the important milestones themselves.

If you find a Gantt chart unnecessary to be present all the time, you can change the approach and present information in the form of a task list. This is also the place where you can structure tasks according to upcoming deadlines or any other settings you choose in particular, but you can also use task list to filter the tasks by a vendor. This is how you can find out how busy your co-workers are.

Even though Agantty is a free Gantt chart tool, it also has paid extensions. If you want to track the time and compare actual and planned deadlines, you will have to buy this feature. Paid features also include templates, daily reviews and some others. Otherwise, creators of Agantty claim that it is still a full potential project management software even without paid features.

Except for a desktop version, it is also possible to download a mobile app which makes tracking the progress and communication with co-workers even easier, since this way there is no need in being at specific place or having specific tools if you want to collaborate.


Gantt Instagantt

Instagantt presents Gantt chart software in the simplest way possible. Everything connected with project planning and scheduling is possible here. As it is visually presented, you can easily incorporate all of your team members into work and have no worries they won’t be able to understand your scheme.

Basic tools Instagantt offers include:

  • Milestones. Each task can be presented as a milestone with a Gantt chart. It means your project is divided into understandable chunks, which might or might not depend on one another, but are still easier to take into work;
  • Subtasks. It is possible to divide a task into subtasks and this way notify that its completion depends on the closure of the subtasks as well. You can also assign several people to each piece of a task and therefore make sure it is completed sooner as your workers collaborate with each other;
  • Progress. You can set a progress bar for each task and subtask and see how fast it is being completed. The progress is shown in percents;
  • Colours. You can choose different colours for different tasks on the board. Those can notify the status of a given assignment as well as its priority.

But this is only the base for Instagantt, as there actually are many more features which help to make the work process more efficient. Some of them are:

  • Tracking time. You can set estimated time your team might need to complete the task and use a time tracker to learn about the actual time. Then compare the timelines and take this into consideration while scheduling the project further;
  • Tracking spendings. Again, you can start by estimating your costs per task or project. Compare it with the real costs you have at the end of the tasks and see how you can improve your costs by navigating the workflow;
  • Priorities. If you know some tasks have more priority than the others, you can mark them and have regular updates on those.

Another important feature Instagantt has to offer is workload management. This is where the number of tasks each of your vendors has is represented. If some of them have more tasks and the others barely have any, it is high time you pay attention to it and re-distribute the tasks. Your main goal is to achieve even workload and not overwhelm some workers while forgetting about the others. This not only increases their productivity and eliminates multitasking which is harmful for the potential outcome but also allows to combat the tasks faster.


Gantt RedBooth

RedBooth is a task planner and a tool for project management which both includes Gantt chart software and Kanban boards. Both of these tools allow to present the project visually which is extremely valuable in agile methodology managed projects.

So what does RedBooth offer? Here are just some of the main features, which are achieved with the use of various views:

  • Kanban board. A simple visual combination of columns and arranged tasks gives a brief overview of what is currently happening in the project. You can organize a basic Kanban board or include a more complex system if you want to have more control over the stages of the project. The control of the board uses simple drag-and-drop system;
  • Dashboards. You can have a view of a particular task with a dashboard. It will give you insight into its details as well as deadlines and task performers;
  • Gantt chart. This is where you can track deadlines and timelines and improve team work. Noticing that certain tasks take longer to be completed means developers face certain issues while working on those which needs to be addressed. But you might also set unrealistic expectations and Gantt chart software provided with RedBooth will also help you clarify this and improve while creating schedules in the future.

Except for planning and scheduling projects, RedBooth offers other opportunities as well. First of all, it can be used as communication space for all team members. From basic messengers to HD video chats, you can choose just what you need currently. And in case some of your workers are connected to the team remotely, such opportunities are perfect as well.

To remind your co-workers of their assignments, you can also use notifications. Those will appear each time you assign a person to a certain task and draw attention to it.

For even more convenience, a mobile version of RedBooth was created. Sometimes it is extremely inconvenient to look for a personal computer or a laptop in order to update your task status or just generally keep in touch with your team. With RedBooth it is no longer an issue, as you can just download an application and install it on your mobile device. The application is both available for Android and iOS and has the same features as full desktop version. All of the tools are adapted and can be used as conveniently from any device you have on hand.

Conclusion: How to find a perfect Gantt chart software

Even though there are not as many Gantt chart software options as there are with Kanban, there is still enough choice to make a beginner confused. We want you to try and incorporate this tool into your work process, so we also have some advice on how to choose the best option for you personally:

  • Check all of the information available. View different collections and lists of best Gantt chart software, visit the websites of certain developers in particular. This will give you much better insights into the product;
  • Read reviews. If you are still in doubt about a particular type of software, reviews from other project managers might be helpful. Those who have already tested the product in practice can tell you much more than just the description on the website;
  • Start with a free version. Don’t hurry up and invest into the full project, start with what is offered for free. This is how you can find out if the software actually suits your desires. And in case you really like the free version chances are the full one will impress you even more. You will also be sure about where your money is going and what you are investing into as well.
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