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Top 7 Alternatives to ChatGPT and OpenAI

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Vlad Kovalskiy
10 min
Updated: February 22, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: February 22, 2024
Top 7 Alternatives to ChatGPT and OpenAI

It has been impossible to ignore the impact of OpenAI’s large language model chatbot, ChatGPT, but how familiar are you with ChatGPT alternatives?

While OpenAI has been rapidly breaking new ground, incorporating a whole host of plugins and new capabilities to ChatGPT, it has been stealing the headlines from often free OpenAI alternatives that are more specialized in their specific field. After ChatGPT, a vast range of tools has appeared, focusing on writing, coding, designing, and simplifying workflows.

Clearly, embracing artificial intelligence has already become an essential strategy for improving your business. It’s not good enough to download ChatGPT and pat yourself on the back — you need to know how to leverage AI so it benefits your business without risking a lack of productivity and potential mistakes.

So instead of writing increasingly complex prompts that keep bringing up unreliable results, experiment with our top 7 alternatives to ChatGPT and OpenAI and start leveling up your work today.

1. Writesonic — The content creator’s powerhouse

Best for:

  • Modern content creators

Key features:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Idea generation

  • Full-scale article writing

Writesonic is an excellent ChatGPT alternative for writing and a perfect tool for marketers, bloggers, and businesses who want to scale their content production without compromising on quality.

Its tailor-made algorithms can accommodate various writing styles and tones of voice, so everything it produces is in line with your brand. Articles sound human and include in-depth, varied, and engaging content, with Google integration to provide up-to-date information.

However, perhaps Writesonic’s biggest strength is its ability to aid your marketing efforts with excellent search engine optimization (SEO). It understands the nuances of algorithms, producing reader-friendly content that ranks well on search engines. With the quality of its optimization, Writesonic beats ChatGPT, which currently looks at SEO through a very basic, unimaginative lens. Essentially, it allows companies to create comprehensive, authoritative blogs in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Writesonic can also take care of shorter texts, such as digital ad copy. This allows you to seriously reduce the time taken on idea generation and branding, getting to the brainstorming stage far quicker. In summary, Writesonic produces high-quality, AI-powered content that can accelerate your content and advertising strategies.

2. Jasper — The multipurpose AI tool

Best for:

  • Marketing teams who need a boost

Key features:

  • Search engine optimization

  • Diverse extensions and integrations

  • A plagiarism checker to avoid being penalized


Previously known as Jarvis, Jasper is a ChatGPT alternative for writing that also specializes as a marketing assistant. Covering pretty much every aspect of your written marketing efforts, you can create content, launch campaigns, and even repurpose existing content.

Take their social media tool as an example. Once you’ve created a piece of long-form content (which you can, of course, produce with their blog writing tool), Jasper will be able to convert it into social posts or video scripts so you can quickly get it out to the world. Sure, this is possible through ChatGPT, but as a more generalist tool, ChatGPT frequently misunderstands requests or produces captions in wildly different formats or voices.

Jasper is a paid ChatGPT alternative, but it does come with a free trial, so you can see if their promises live up to scrutiny. However, to get the best out of Jasper, you need to use it long-term. That way, the algorithms can get used to your tone of voice, understand your position in the market, and offer more complex insights from analytical data gathered over time.

3. Midjourney — Leading the way in visual AI

Best for:

  • Designers looking for inspiration

Key features:

  • Image Upscaler for better quality

  • More precise image editing

  • A vast range of image styles

Midjourney is an image-generation app that works via Discord and despite once offering 25 images for free, now only offers paid options. However, with that payment, you get what is arguably the best ChatGPT alternative for creating images.

While ChatGPT has image-based plugins, such as DALL·E, Midjourney is a more specialist image-generation tool that allows you to make slight variations or to make larger versions of your pictures. It isn’t the easiest tool to use, but with a bit of practice, you can enter text prompts and receive fantastic images immediately. Midjourney also allows you to upload your own photos if you want to switch up the aesthetics and create a new style.

These styles are essentially the look and feel of the image you create. For example, if you want a picture of a dog and its owner, you can decide to create that in a cartoon or 1990s computer animation style, or even make it look like it was drawn by a child.

One of the limits of Midjourney is that you can’t guarantee that you’ll replicate the same image and style multiple times in a row, so creating a full suite of marketing collaterals using the tool is almost impossible. This isn’t a problem for blog writers, however. Now, they can quickly generate images to support their articles without having to trawl through image databases or worry about licensing.

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4. Humanloop — Creating human-in-the-loop (HITL) AI models

Best for:

  • Fast-moving development teams

Key features:

  • Human-in-the-loop (HITL) AI

  • Fast production of AI features

  • A playground to iterate prompts safely

Humanloop aims to solve the problem of unpredictability in AI by offering a ChatGPT alternative that builds apps on top of large language models. Essentially, you run tests and give feedback until your models do the right job every time. Then, you save the prompts you’re happy with, giving you the confidence to use AI as a key part of your workflows.

Companies frequently use Humanloop to speed up iterative project management processes. Perhaps only a software engineer would traditionally have the skills to make adjustments to a mobile app that is in production. Humanloop acts as a ChatGPT alternative for coding that allows anybody on the team to use standard language to update the algorithm, without needing specialist skills.

Humanloop therefore democratizes the editing of algorithms, saving heaps of engineer hours every week. It was developed to be smart about what it implements too, cutting out the noise that comes with big data sets and identifying the critical bits of data it needs to do the job. To avoid making changes that your team isn’t aware of, it will always ask humans for verification if it isn’t entirely sure about the changes it should be making. This makes it a “human-in-the-loop” tool, hence the name Humanloop.

5. Tabnine — An assistant to speed up your code

Best for:

  • Freelance coders

Key features:

  • AI code completions

  • Licensed code recommendations

  • Compliance with your guidelines

Coding used to be one of the jobs of the future, but Tabnine is seriously devaluing it by acting as a constant mentor, keeping you right. We’re not quite at the stage where literally anybody can code a mobile app with no prior experience, but if you’re already a coder, it is a secret weapon for time management.

In an impressive amount of cases, Tabnine removes time wasted scouring your entire file for one small mistake and instead points out the mistake immediately. This makes it excellent for self-employed programmers who are less likely to be able to call on a boss to help them out.

Freelancers who are paid by the project also benefit from AI code completions. Tabnine predicts what your next move is going to be, and simply by clicking the tab button, the code will appear — as if by magic.

Tabnine integrates with all kinds of terminals so you can continue working with the tools you’re used to. This makes it an incredible ChatGPT alternative for coding that will almost certainly accelerate the learning curve of people who want to transition into coding.

Top 7 Alternatives to ChatGPT and OpenAI

6. CodeWhisperer —Finding and eliminating bugs in your code

Best for:

  • Freelance coders

Key features:

  • AI code completions

  • Licensed code recommendations

  • Compliance with your guidelines

By Amazon, CodeWhisperer is a sleek ChatGPT alternative that focuses primarily on spotting and getting rid of errors in your code. Like Tabnine, it works as an add-on, so you can continue using your regular tools without needing to learn anything particularly new.

To help you get started, you can explain your code to CodeWhisperer with natural dialogue. This works through Amazon Q, the conversation assistant that sits in your integrated development environment (IDE). You can ping questions to the chatbot, asking it to streamline your code, upgrade language versions, identify package dependencies and frameworks, and more.

When you’re underway, CodeWhisperer will generate suggestions based on what you’ve already written. Depending on what it thinks you’re aiming for, it will throw up a snippet or an entire function to cut down the time it takes you to write.

7. Bard AI — Google’s rising ChatGPT alternative

Best for:

  • All kinds of workers

Key features:

  • Excellent web searches

  • Great coding for Google Sheets

  • Native integration with Google products

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning the most famous ChatGPT alternative and its closest competitor — Bard AI. Although it came out later and hasn’t made as much of a splash as its OpenAI counterpart, Google’s conversational AI tool is not far behind, and many users claim to prefer it.

Simply by being a Google product, Bard AI brings an impressive advantage. Google users can integrate it with their accounts and bring information from all the different apps into one place. For example, you can plan business trips by incorporating Google Maps and typing in conversational prompts. This way, you can get ultra-specific about the kind of restaurant you want, instead of relying on pre-assigned categories.

It is true that Bard AI takes longer to “think” about its responses than ChatGPT does — around five seconds. However, one area where Google smashes OpenAI is in its browsing. At the time of writing, users still need to double-check ChatGPT’s work when it accesses the internet. Bard AI, on the other hand, continuously updates its model and is fast and accurate with web searches, putting it clearly among the best free OpenAI alternatives on the market.

Bitrix24: Combining ChatGPT alternatives with your daily workflows

This exploration of ChatGPT alternatives showcases the vast power and potential of AI solutions, and at Bitrix24, we know a lot about that.

We leverage artificial intelligence across our full suite of business tools, from automated chatbots to deal with customer service interactions to AI scoring in our customer relationship management system, which predicts the likelihood of winning a deal.

What’s more, Bitrix24 has recently introduced our own ChatGPT alternatives so you can:

  • Generate unique content for your sites with TextAssistantAI

  • Create instant prompt-based images with ImageAssistantAI

So whether it’s producing ideas for a new advertising slogan or creating images to draw your audience in, you can do it all within Bitrix24.

Of course, this is in addition to our solid list of features that allow you to:

  • Host a full arsenal of communications tools

  • Store client data safely and securely

  • Manage your projects with agile visualizations

  • Keep your website up-to-date

  • Run all your HR operations

For that, you need an all-in-one business platform that embraces AI. To see what that’s like, sign up for Bitrix24 today.


What are ChatGPT alternatives and why are they important?

ChatGPT alternatives are AI-driven tools that offer functionalities similar to or beyond what ChatGPT provides. They are important because they cater to specific needs like content creation, coding, or visual design, offering more specialized solutions for different professional and creative requirements.

How can ChatGPT alternatives improve business processes?

ChatGPT alternatives can improve business processes in a variety of ways:

  • Accelerating daily tasks such as writing

  • Enabling employees to take on more varied tasks

  • Offering assistance and feedback on content

  • Creating engaging customer interactions

  • Automating a range of steps in workflows

How do ChatGPT alternatives for coding improve software development?
ChatGPT alternatives for coding provide real-time code completions and suggestions, increasing coding efficiency and accuracy. They identify what the user is aiming to do and offer publicly available code to speed up the process, while also identifying and flagging errors to solve problems early.

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