Unveiling the Power of CRM and Marketing Automation: A Comprehensive Guide
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Vlad Kovalskiy
May 16, 2023
Last updated: May 16, 2023
Unveiling the Power of CRM and Marketing Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

The marketing automation type statement, as a rule, is an effective judgment for the process promoting various deals in the sales pipeline of sending messages with a clear objective.

CRM (or, in other words, the Customer Relationship Management process) constitutes a definite tool aimed for mastering the consumer data and managing it in a well — planned manner.

With the direct aim to progress the flow of consumers steadily, rapidly convert the sales, while consuming a brief period of time on the working process, marketing automation and CRM is to come in handy without any doubt.

The mission of this article is to submit the comprehensive check — up of CRM and marketing automation, that are based on the top-10 Google search outcomes in the USA.

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Comprehension of CRM and Marketing Automation

The concept determination and the gap amid the Marketing Automation and CRM

CRM software (word for word stands for Customer Relationship Management) is applied to achieve the goal of operating the interactions with customers and relationships in the firm "from A to B".

Marketing Automation is such a function that automatically rules the various number of marketing missions, connected with the process according to this field and the multiple companies.

Frankly speaking, the values of the two are as well their gaps.

Integration of CRM with marketing automation

In general, the entire process of integration with other apps is a pros to any organization, simply optimizing and organizing all of the data about the received outcomes in total. To summarize, it's like some type of strategy.

By integrating the marketing automation in Bitrix24 for the few with marketing automation, the next following so-called "pros" are 100% guaranteed:

  1. More info for the sales department. Due to the integration of such tools (in the outcome — marketing automation CRM) the chance to familiarize with the consumers’ preferences as for service and production;

  2. An auto making the information into the database. For the additional CRM software tool it is terribly quick and elementary. In such a way, the employees are to win more time for the working challenge;

  3. The capability to communicate with the customers through the surveys and consumers’ feedback.

The top 5 of instances of the marketing automation CRM platforms 

  1. Mailchimp was worked up to handle the marketing strategy, various workflow tools, and the contact information. Among the pros it’s capable of admitting the grouping process of consumers according to their top of preferences, access to the web — history of correspondence with customers and calls, progressive marketing automation in the relation to working moments, although not 100% raised. The limited integration process, so called bugs in the data import, manifested in the of duplication of the consumer base, may be added to the cons;

  2. Go Squared is positioned as a nice automation software drafted for the small business audience. Strengths include using customer data to tailor marketing automation strategies. A significant drawback is an overloaded analytics field;

  3. The Intercom platform is aimed at interacting with the individuals in order to raise the service delivery. Intercom has as well progressed the consumer routing and a chat bot that responds to the individuals' request with a targeted message. However, it is worth noting that this tool has a limited synchronization function with the other platforms;

  4. Creatio is designed to operate the CRM marketing. It is considered as a great planner of the numerous interactions with consumers. The segmentation function is provided. By the way, the process of setting up such a platform is gonna take more than one hour, since the interface is too full.

  5. Bitrix24 CRM is for sure one of the best choices for marketing and CRM software, as it is integrated with the numerous services, performs challenges with automation to the "A" mark in a moment, the price is more affordable compared to the other platforms.

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Key attributes of Marketing Automation and CRM

Lead and contact management comprehension for the CRM & Marketing automation

Lead management is a systemized procedure that evaluates and moves the final incoming leads into the business sphere with the help of a specific lead management app that can combine automation CRM functions. The Bitrix24 CRM is still considered as an optimal platform by the consumers.

Contact management, in turn, stands for giving the professionals access to the consumer contact for reviews data by the method of digitizing contact management before the sales process gets started.

The CRM marketing automation targeting & segmentation 

Speaking about segmentation, such a statement is employed for getting the goal in searching potential consumers, grouping them by categories of the comparable needs to learn their characterization henceforth.

As for targeting in the CRM marketing, this definition denotes the selection of consumer segmentation in the way of profitability, scale, capability of the service providing, rivalry rate with the aim to goal the ultimate outcome from the customers.

Email CRM marketing and campaigns

The sense of the concept of consumer relationship management (abbreviation: CRM) has been known for a long period of time, as it was accounted for more than once in numerous other articles with similar topics.

We submit just to deal with such an interesting question "Why do you need mail for marketing automation?"

With the help of mail, fairly secure marketing-type contact is ensured thanks to the use of CRM software tools.

CRM marketing, in total, is worked out for a specific company or individual.

Marketing automation reporting and analytics 

Such a definition as Marketing analytics for the customer relationship management constitutes the function of learning and managing the process of data with the purpose of figuring out the information connected with investment profitability for the whole trial and finding out different chances to progress it.

You are able to utilize such function just to figure out the so called progress due to the next options:

  1. The user experience in online service website;

  2. Various blog posts;

  3. Channel capacity;

  4. Motivation methods;

  5. Mind control etc. 

The pretty much identical case takes place with reporting, as such a role is used to summarize all data from the channel with the aim to demonstrate the generalized ultimate outcome.

Meaning of integrations and social media management for Marketing automation and CRM

The key challenge of social media in the case of CRM marketing is to get the attention of consumers and draw as many individuals as possible from all of the areas of our planet, that is named the Earth. The targets can be obtained, for instance, by progressing various survey forms in order to study the wants of the customer. As well with the help of starting the advertisements on the social networks, which can impact the improvement of integration with other various services, thereby progressing the ices.

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Merits of Marketing Automation and CRM

Improved Consumer Experience with CRM or Automation

If briefly, the process of improving customer experience is, as a rule, treated as the personal brand. The experience of your consumers is usually determined when utilizing the CRM tools that your corporation serves, and you should as well be attentive to the following clauses:

  • Tariff plan for CRM software;

  • Access to a block set of tools;

  • Facility of apply of the program;

  • Customer technical support, etc.

Enhanced revenue and sales with the Marketing automation

With the advent of today, the process of selling production of various goals has become significantly more complicated than in the period of early years and generations, although in some cases these mistakes can become an advantage. 

This is all because the newly created artificial intelligence proposes numerous options for making purchases instead of the specific one, and the order you can sometimes wait for a long time. That is why profits and product sales may get down. In order to avoid unpleasantness, you should follow the recommendations that are additional to understanding the principle of automation software:

  • Comprehension of consumer needs. It is very important to maintain communication with customers, because only in this method it is capable to assess the possibility and necessity of innovations among the products that should pay off;

  • Evaluation of all the sales areas;

  • Assessment of the customer’s profitability;

  • Capacity to manage the sales cash. With the aim of competently addressing the issue related to this item, it is significant to have an appropriate knowledge base, and as well it is better to cooperate with the professionals in this field.

Enhanced efficiency and team collaboration with automation software 

Cooperation is the key to a productive work process in a team, because by working together on a task, employees exchange their new ideas, experience, etc., thereby making a significant contribution to the expansion of the Service. On this occasion, marketing automation is a true aide. With such a tool, your slaves will progress the work process, keeping in touch with each other in a pretty short period.

CRM automation personalization and consumer retention

Since technologies are rapidly evolving and there is a capability to operate with various outputs of the customer data, personalized marketing automation will contribute to the effective progress of the customer base and its enhanced retention in the near future. If you intend to perform such a type of manipulation, Bitrix24 is a great CRM software for this process.

Data-driven decision making process from the marketing automation

Data-driven decision making process constitutes as the way to collect consumer data with the help of company’s KPIs and conversion such data into the true information.

Individuals will be able to aggregate the information with the aim to spot the trends and to make foresees with the free CRM software, such as Bitrix24.

As well, with this foresees is capable to answer the questions as:

  1. How to optimize the process?

  2. How to progress the team's productivity?

  3. Methods to debug nice management behavior.

  4. How to magnify sales and profit? 

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Take Advantage Of Modern CRM & Marketing Automation Software

Bitrix24 is an easy to use and intuitive sales & marketing automation tool. Connect with your customers online and drive more sales.

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Implementing Marketing Automation and CRM in Business

Estimating business purposes and needs with the CRM automation

An estimate of the provided service plays the assessment quantity or value of the product. This statement is about the tally of awaited profits, revenues or charges in all the expressions in relation to the future project.

The estimate guide:

  1. Work performance schedule.

  2. Approximate cost of services and material.

  3. Info about the company or even customer reviews.

Choosing the right marketing automation and CRM platform

As was already mentioned earlier, automation software with numerous attractive and beneficial tools in its arsenal is intended to contribute to the following transparent and effective comprehensive progress of the business initiated by you. When choosing a relevant app in your opinion, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Transparent price list;

  • Enormity and size of the company;

  • Integration with other СRM softwares;

  • Customer support;

  • Field of functions;

  • Trainings;

  • Consumer support and feedback.

P.S. All mentioned challenges are easy — peasy for Bitrix24 platform.

Integrating marketing automation and CRM with the extanting tech stack

The concept of effective CRM integration with marketing automation aligns with the emergence of capability for professionals to modify the tactics of communication and interaction with customers for the better, ensuring full transparency of personal data and maximizing the power of each tool. In addition, bear in mind the fact of preventing individuals’ overlap and ensuring the function of sharp estimating of parties in the database for speed data manipulation.

Training the colleagues and promoting adoption guide

  1. "Practice is the top of professionalism." Mastering the nuances of the new CRM automation apps asks for not a little period of time. Find out the principle of operation, tell about the various features related to the use of the app, provide interactive challenges with comfy conditions for practice;

  2. Making decisions.The possibility of changing the program was preceded by various issues that needed to be resolved. Training is make employees comprehensive the benefits of the program in process, and as well progress the experience;

  3. Support of staff. The manager’s support is essential for employees, as it gives them confidence in their capabilities and motivates them to get new attainments.

Monitoring and adjusting the strategy for continuous progress

With applying the CRM automation softwares the continuous progress strategy, that implies the use of various special tricks, tactics and platforms, aptitude growth etc are totally guaranteed.


Success Stories and Case Studies

Instance 1. CRM and marketing automation to raise numerous conversions and customer base for a small business.

The application of CRM software with automated functions for small enterprises is enormous, because they contribute to the best targeted progressive growth and retention of consumers or conversions, with 100% guaranteed high income. In addition, a number of first rate functions are available.

Instance 2. Optimization of the sales process due to the use of CRM and marketing automation by large companies.

Employees are given the authority to push various sales, process progression, and consumer interactions in order to provide the greatest capable service and assistance for parties.

Instance 3. CRM and marketing automation for retention and attraction of new donors by non-profit institutions.

CRM for the non-profit companies is so called an ally for speed and successful management of numerous projects, tracking of the monetary contributions, activation of parties, writing of effective and sharp reports.


To sum up the facts, the following statement is written below.

The significance of the CRM software as well as the marketing automation lies in the aid to optimize the selling and consumer relationship management process, through the specific emails with, for instance, advertisements, deals etc.

IMC is constituted as a robust strategy that allows the businesses tto coordinate their marketing activities into a single overall brand statement. Such information is intended to aid in the advancement of brand name and production, the discovery and retention of nature consumers, and so on. 

Such a tool system can instantly ease the working process in a company, consequently promoting the personnel to get the necessary 100% result in sales and client management. 


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a type of software that automates repetitive marketing tasks, such as email campaigns, social media posts, and lead generation.

What are the benefits of integrating CRM with marketing automation?

Integrating CRM with marketing automation can provide a more complete picture of customer interactions and behavior, which can help to personalize marketing efforts and improve lead generation and conversion.

What are some popular marketing automation and CRM platforms?

Some popular marketing automation and CRM platforms include Bitrix24, Mailchimp, HubSpot, Salesforce and Zoho.

How can marketing automation improve efficiency and collaboration within a team?

By automating repetitive tasks, providing a centralized database of customer information, and facilitating communication between team members.

How can data-driven decision-making be facilitated by CRM and marketing automation?

CRM and marketing automation can provide valuable data on customer behavior and interactions, which can be used to inform data-driven decision making for marketing strategies and overall business operations.

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