What Is a Sales Quotation and How To Use It?

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Vlad Kovalskiy
November 12, 2021
Last updated: January 17, 2024
What Is a Sales Quotation and How To Use It?

Life would be easy if you could just ping a message to someone and secure a deal. However, whatever line of business you’re in, you’ll know that your customers need to know how much they’ll be spending before they agree to a sale.

We all know that after all your seductive marketing, you’re going to have to send quotes before you score deals. But the sales quotation process doesn’t need to be difficult. When you sign up to Bitrix24, you get access to a range of tools that make clinching the deal that much easier.

In this article, we’ll start off with the basics, before moving on to how you can use your quotations to boost your sales and solidify your marketing process.

What is a sales quotation?

Simply put, a sales quotation shows a rundown of the costs involved in any given transaction. They exist in all industries, from construction, where you calculate the materials and labor; to e-commerce, where you could add up a series of products plus sales tax.

Whatever area your business falls into, your customers will always want to know what they’re paying for before slapping down that cold hard cash.

With Bitrix24, you get a full sales quotation system that allows you to create a quote or invoice and send it to your clients as well as your finance department.

What is the purpose of a sales quotation?

Aside from the obvious, if you’re wondering “what is a sales quotation used for apart from sending quotes and invoices?”, you’re in for a treat.

By incorporating customizable online forms on your site, you can engage your customers in an interactive experience, rather than simply laying out prices that provide quite a cold experience for clients.

This has wide-reaching benefits. For example, a big, but often ignored part of sales engine optimization is time on page. It is a relatively self-explanatory measurement: if someone spends a lot of time on your website, you’ve probably got an interesting site. When the search engines take note of this, you’ll appear higher on searches and drive more traffic.

Collect information for potential customers

Not everyone who visits your website is going to commit to a purchase immediately. However, you can use them in ways that go beyond just a deal.

You can still engage with all of those people who are in a consideration stage but aren’t ready to buy. When creating your forms, you can add a condition that by leaving an email address, you’ll send a quote straight to their inbox. This way, you’ve got a channel of contact to turn your unconvinced lead into a secure deal.


Take it one step further with automated email marketing

If you want to be someone who is always one step ahead, don’t just ask yourself what is a sales quotation and how you can use them to attract new leads. Think about how you’re going to deal with all those contacts.

You can store them all in Bitrix24’s CRM and enter them into a sales funnel. Organize your content into a series of emails that trickle out on a predefined time scale and you can warm up those colder leads. You can even automate your emails and save your team time as you guide your contacts closer to the point of sale.

Automate your quotes

Bitrix24’s automations don’t just stop at emails though. There are all kinds of tricks you can apply to make the whole sales quotation process that much easier.

First off, quickly select the items you want on your quotes from a predefined list to save a bit of time. Don’t worry, you can always add things manually for special circumstances. Throw in discounts and flexible taxes for offers and international sales, all while abiding by local regulations.

You can automate all those little extra tasks too. When it comes to invoices, you can set a reminder on your team calendar so you never forget. If you’re more of a manager, create recurring tasks for your team in your task management software.

Sales quotations as advertising tools

So you’ve now got to grips with how free sales quotation software can help you at the moment of sale as well as for your ongoing marketing campaigns. But honestly, what is a sales quotation without your branding?

Incorporate your own logo and fonts on all your quotes and you’ve got a seriously professional approach. By customizing your quotations, you make them instantly recognizable — almost like a bit of free subliminal marketing.

By including your own stamp of approval on your invoices and quotes, you can pretty much get your clients to advertise you for free. Whether they print them off or keep them as digital files, getting your brand art out and about is always a good idea. It creates a sense of trust and recognition that takes hold through the quantity of impressions, not just an ad to a cold lead.

Work on your quotations from wherever you are

Bitrix24 is jam-packed full of features, and the great thing is you can use them whether you’re in the office, sitting having a coffee, or stretching your legs out on the sofa.

With the iOS and Android versions of Bitrix24, you can set up a bunch of quotes and send them all from your phone. So get moving and send all of your sales quotations or invoices directly from your smartphone, with all the details logged into the cloud.

This feature is ideal for traveling sales teams who can’t sit down at a desk and write up quotes. And with all that technology at the palm of your hand, why would you?

Make your sales quotation process more dynamic with Bitrix24

So now you’ve answered the question “what is a sales quotation?” and you’ve got a range of tactics to help you boost your sales numbers. What better way to turn your knowledge into results by signing up to Bitrix24 today!

Not only will you have all the tools and automations to make your quotes and invoices as easy as pie, but you’ll also get a full suite of business tools that are perfectly integrated with each other.

Over 10,000,000 companies have already taken their processes to the next level, so what’s stopping you?


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