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What is CRM Analytics?

Vlad Kovalskiy
11 min
Updated: January 17, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: January 17, 2024
What is CRM Analytics?
Modern business companies that sell their products and services and are constantly expanding their customer base are puzzled about how to automate and optimize the process of working with clients. When the volume of sales and the number of people interested in services increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for managers to cope with their responsibilities.

The use of primitive CRM systems does not give such high results, because most of them are simple tables in which the employee enters client data, but it is absolutely not an automated process and in the case of repeated customer requests to the company, the manager will spend a lot of time searching for data. Modern CRM systems do all the work themselves, they search for data automatically and instantly provide the manager with the necessary information. Thanks to this, sales are much faster, because in a short period of time you can serve a lot more customers than was possible before.

This system contains a database of customers of the company, which includes their contacts, so the manager can instantly contact a potential client. Since there is a risk that one of the managers could quit and start working with your competitors, it would be unwise to leave valuable information to an unreliable employee. Modern business is trying to move away from this outdated method, where all data was kept by the manager. Creating a unified and integral database with the help of CRM is not only convenient, but also safe.

So you can be confident that your customer data will not fall into the wrong hands and no one will affect the success of your company. Sales automation does not require additional programming knowledge, this is an attractive CRM system, because the staff can be easily trained and can almost immediately start working with this tool.

CRM is a modern program that allows you to work effectively and efficiently with your company's clients and control all stages of interaction with them. For the head of the company, it is an opportunity to provide total control over the sales and activities of each manager.  To improve the quality of sales, increase the company's productivity and automate many processes, CRM analytics is applied.

It allows us to identify weaknesses and determine the potential of the company to further direct efforts to correct some mistakes. Managers are able, with CRM data analysis, to minimize the human factor in their work and relieve themselves of a huge workload.

The introduction of a CRM system in the work of your company will be the best solution, because it will reduce the amount of routine work of managers, allowing them to work more efficiently and quickly. This automated program will speed up the process of finding information about deals with clients and allow managers to process their orders in the shortest possible time. As a result, the number of sales will grow rapidly, which will lead to an increase in profits and guarantee the company to expand its activities.


CRM Analytics

In order for a business to bring only benefits and not stagnate, but only grow and expand its scope, it is necessary to closely monitor every aspect that affects the overall state of the company and its productivity. First of all, it is necessary to monitor the work of managers and evaluate the effectiveness of each, because the result of sales depends to a large extent on the quality of their work. Income forecasting is no less important, because any business should be aimed at a regular increase of profit. 

It is important to analyze sales data in order to understand which categories of goods are selling faster and in what period. This will help to better understand the needs of the target audience and start making good offers to customers at the right moment so that they can't refuse. What can help you in this question is CRM data analytics, because this is the most reliable tool for filtering and studying the results of the company's activities in all its areas.

Modern analytical CRM tools monitor the dynamics of sales and identify certain shortcomings and errors, so they can be quickly corrected. With the help of such analysis, you can get acquainted with any indicators, from customer requests to the delivery of goods.

This is a unique chance not to lose sight of important data and use the information to its maximum benefit, in order to analyze existing errors and prevent problems with customer service and sales systems. Moreover, this is the most affordable way to assess the state of the sales funnel and better understand the needs of your customers, to become closer to them and maximize the adaptation of the services to the needs and wishes of your target audience.

A very important feature of CRM analytic is its ability to determine the productivity of employees, which is a very quick and reliable way to get rid of those persons who do not bring profit to your company. Compare the results of different managers, the number of their successful deals and sales and draw conclusions about the quality of the staff work. The analysis will give you a broader understanding of the situation and help you adjust your strategy for further action. Determine the vector of further development and move forward to the next stages and improve the company's competitive position.

How CRM Analytics Can Help your Business

Understanding what CRM analytics is promotes an effective approach to its implementation and helps to use customer data and other strategically important information to facilitate the work of employees and provides a solid foundation for making the right business decisions.

Intelligent analysis can facilitate and streamline data processing and open up a complete view of all company results and achievements.

With this tool, you can make a clear division of customers into specific categories according to different characteristics. That is, you can find out which group of clients will want to continue cooperating with the company, and which group of clients have turned to your services only once. 

An important point, CRM analysis also determines the value of customers to the company. There are regular customers who consume your services on a regular basis and bring the highest percentage of profit to the company. Logically, it would be most effective to allocate resources to this part of customer interactions. You manage to balance how much effort you put into pleasing your customers with how much profit you get in return. If it turns out that your investment in service quality isn't paying off, you can change tactics in time.

The analysis will also help you learn a lot of additional information about the client, which is very useful because focusing on such data as the location of the customer, their age, the range of goods or services ordered will allow you to make them favorable offers. For example, choose a faster and more comfortable method of delivery or make a generous discount. 

In general, CRM analytics is a super modern and accurate way to solve many problems of your business and take it to the next level of prosperity. This tool is designed to increase sales and improve the quality of customer service, which in turn also greatly affects profits.

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What to Measure with CRM Analytics

The most relevant way to assess the results of the company is to provide an analytical CRM definition of the staff and customer base. The information obtained is not the only data you can get thanks to analytical CRM tools, because it is a very comprehensive automated assistant that predicts the prospects and predicts the decline or growth of the company.

When using this system, marketing is optimized, because preserving the history of relationships with customers helps to better meet their needs and create the most comfortable and mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation.

Analysis of information is carried out in different sections, such as the sales funnel, as well as the results of marketing activities. You can even analyze product segments and demand in different customer categories. Having a single repository of information about the customer base allows you to quickly calculate the number of successful deals, as well as feedback on promotions. 

With the use of automated centralized data processing, it is possible to efficiently and with minimal involvement of employees to take into account the individual needs of customers, and due to the speed of processing to carry out early identification of risks and potential opportunities.

The standardization of the CRM system is also necessary for work planning and forecasting the growth of sales. From a common database, you can get accurate answers to specific questions. In general, analytics allows you to productively evaluate different aspects of the company in order to further promote and develop the business. It is a powerful tool for improving services and establishing contact with customers. Thanks to full control over the sales process and the work of managers, leaders can make important decisions based on the data obtained.


CRMs With the Best Analytics Features


Bitrix 24 is a modern and super effective CRM system with which you can quickly attract customers and grow your business. It is a peculiar ecosystem built on the basis of a responsible and versatile approach to service delivery. This system brings incredible benefits to any company aimed at active commercial activities, because with its help you can not only simplify and automate the process of working with the client base, but also set up marketing.

The advanced features of Bitrix 24 allow you to store customer data in a single space, providing quick access to contacts and transactions. This enables managers to work more efficiently without wasting time searching for data. The system has all the important tools for reports and dashboards, which creates a special structure and order in the sales process.  This CRM system automates those processes that were previously performed by employees, avoiding gross errors due to human factors. 

Bitrix 24 searches for new customers through different channels. This can be advertising, because most often people pay attention to the products offered to them on the Internet, email newsletters, and so on. The system quickly determines the reliability of the source, its effectiveness and future prospects. Bitrix analytics works on many fronts and provides a complete and qualitative analysis, through which the company will determine which channels are effective for work and attracting customers, and which lead to losses. 

The system has clearly established communication, as it stores the entire history of the relationship with customers, from their first contact to the payment of goods or services and their subsequent delivery. Continuous contact with the customer allows you to inform them in time about new products, promotions, bonuses and other interesting offers. As a consequence, it increases the level of sales and allows expanding the range of products.

Bitrix 24 contains all the tools you need to run your business successfully. First of all, it is an online office, where the head of the company creates a comfortable working environment for employees, where they can discuss important working points, keep records, and so on. This is a single space where the entire team can communicate and plan various meetings and events. There is a function of collective video calls, which allows managers to quickly solve problems and find effective solutions.

CRM system Bitrix 24 does not allow you to miss a single call or message from the client. Everyone will get a quick response to their request and professional advice on the product range. You can also make customized offers to different groups of customers based on their pre-orders. 

Bitrix 24 is the best solution for your business and the most reliable way to keep and increase the customer base and automate multiple processes. Running this program relieves you of the burden of a huge number of responsibilities and gives you the opportunity to focus free resources on improving other aspects of the company.


Zoho CRM system is aimed primarily at medium-sized businesses, it is quite universal and is not tied to any area. The main feature of Zoho is the efficiency and speed of solving business problems. It is suitable for different types of companies and can meet the needs of businesses of different sizes.

The system has amazing flexibility and a high level of adaptability to specific business processes. Automation of daily tasks makes this tool indispensable for employees, as it allows more free time for other important processes. 

With Zoho, the company can count on a long-term relationship with customers, as the level of service becomes very high and of high quality, which causes customers to want to use the company's services again and again. The system has a user-friendly and modern interface, so employees quickly get used to it, it does not cause difficulties and is quite modified.

Structuring all processes gives more efficient results in working with customers and speeds up service. Managers' quick reactions are driven by immediate retrieval of necessary data, including customer relationship histories.

Zoho is an advanced system that will help any business become more productive and profitable. It includes a range of useful customer-facing tools and provides a comprehensive approach to solving complex commercial problems.



NetHunt is a CRM system, which is characterized by its simplicity and ease of use. It effectively optimizes all business processes and establishes the process of communication with customers. You can use it to manage sales and analyze the productivity of your employees from different angles. The system is connected to several popular applications, so it collects the customer base faster while using different sources and adapting to their specifics.

NetHunt has full integration with Google, which is why its design is very simple and user-friendly. The system allows you to control all stages of sales and monitor the productivity of each employee. It contains valuable tools for managers that help them optimize their work, such as reminders for calls or meetings. Working with reports is done in real-time, which is a big plus, because you can track the current situation of the company and its results. Proper distribution of tasks between employees allows you to increase productivity and quickly come to the desired result. 

NetHunt CRM has a very reliable data protection system, which is very important in a highly competitive environment. Even if you fire an employee, all information about sales, customers and transactions will remain in a single database and will not fall into the hands of competitors.

The flexible structure of the system allows it to adjust to the needs of the business and create individual working conditions. The integration of this CRM with a large number of services provides effective interaction with customers from all sides and gives incredible results.

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To summarize, it is important to note that a CRM system is an integral part of any business that has a direct vector of interaction with customers and sales. It is a modern way to keep everything under control and generate the best ideas for success.

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