All-in-one Event Planning Solution

How to run successful online or hybrid events: choose a virtual event platform and use effective event marketing tools. Bitrix24 is am all-in-one solutions for event planning, management and promoting. Track your projects at every step. Use calendars, chats, CRM and other essentials to set a realistic goals and construct efficient timetable.

Stay ahead of the game with Bitrix24’s wide-ranging email marketing software. With a global set of business tools, our event marketing platform can make every step of your process as easy as pie.

With Bitrix24, you get a 360-degree business tool that covers every aspect of your event marketing, from the creation of the event itself, through the email and social media campaigns, and all the way up to the day itself. Whether it’s in-person or online, you can do it all.

To begin your drive towards a great event, you need to begin with a plan. Start off with a meeting with all responsible people in attendance and as you discuss ideas, assign a note-taker to take minutes in a collaborative document. This same document can be used to add ideas that come later and be restricted so only decision-makers can edit the document.

You’ll need to cover desired locations, the kind of guests you want, the objective of the event, and what steps to take to reach that objective. 

Once you have a brief, one of the most important aspects of event planning is finding the right venue, whether in-person or online.

In-person events involve a lot of phone calls, emails, and documents to record your progress, but luckily, Bitrix24 has got you covered. With a full suite of communication features, you can do everything from your desk or even from your phone.

However, you can also save money and appeal to a wider audience with online events. The remote format allows you to reach out to contacts all over the world with invites. Then you can launch an HD video conference and work from your office.

With your location chosen, the next step is to find a suitable date and time. Keep your staff all on the same page by using your event marketing platform to create a calendar entry. You can add a description of the event — much easier than putting your info into an email that can quickly get lost as time goes by.

Creating a calendar entry in good time stops people from double-booking appointments and prepares everybody in advance. Add in a series of reminders to keep your marketing team focused and you’ve done half the battle.

Cut out the stress and make the switch to Bitrix24’s event marketing platform today. You can get started for free with unlimited users and a range of business tools that cover every area of your company.

It’s no surprise that 10,000,000 companies have already started using Bitrix24 for having the best event marketing software and a huge list of excellent other features.

Register now and take the headache out of managing your events.

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Create your event marketing plan

  • Unlimited users free
  • Client management system (CRM)
  • Unlimited quotes and invoices
  • Shared calendars
  • Email marketing
  • Group task management
  • External users access
  • Mobile event management
  • Cloud or self-hosted
  • API & open source code

Mobile Event Management

  • Mobile calendars
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile tasks
  • Instant messaging
  • Group chat
  • Videoconferencing
  • Learn more


Project Calendars

  • Personal calendars
  • Group calendars
  • Company calendars
  • Venue booking
  • Event schedule
  • Online meetings
  • Absence chart
  • Learn more


The project management of events

  • Project and workgroups
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Task sequences
  • Task dependencies
  • Flexible access rights
  • Learn more


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