Free Scheduling Software with Planning Tools

Bitrix24 offers the most powerful free scheduling software. Set it up for your company's specific needs and rest assured that your data is safely stored. Register today and get professional planning and event management software for free. There are CRM system to store client database, Project Management to organise events, and collaboration facilities with extranet access option.

One tool for the whole company

Times have moved on from basic scheduling tools that waste a lot of mental effort that could be better used. With Bitrix24, you get online appointment scheduling software with automations and an easy user interface so you can spend less time scheduling and more time focusing on those important tasks.

And that's not all. Bitrix24 comes with a full arsenal of business tools that are all connected so you don't have to look for untrustworthy third-party integrations. This means your appointments automatically appear on your calendar, but you can also fire off automatic emails, include events in your CRM, and create tasks in your project management tools. Free appointment scheduling software has advantages for every department. Sales teams can set up meetings with clients, HR assistants can organize interviews, and every team can fix meeting times.

Bitrix24's calendars let you see a daily view to get all the details and a monthly view for the big picture. You can customize each calendar with a different color to keep things clear and easy, and view them all at the same time or individually. With flexible access rights, staff collaboration, and an entire suite of extra tools, you’ll wonder how this is an appointment program free download.

Multiple views for appointments

Most free appointment scheduling software is simple and comes with limitations, but not Bitrix24. Once you’ve set up your appointments, you’ll need a way to visualize them, and our calendar views are ideal for an organized agenda.

Set up Gantt charts where you can see an entire day, week, or month’s worth of appointments all lined up and easily identify where your boss or team has availability. This is especially useful if you’re under pressure to quickly find a free slot and set up an appointment. Afterwards, you can even automatically assign yourself a follow-up task, such as a thank you email or a notification to schedule the next appointment.

All your appointments in one CRM

Whatever business you're in, a good CRM is going to be the driving force behind it. With Bitrix24, all the appointments you make are immediately stored inside your CRM. Very soon, you'll have detailed records on all your clients that you can refer to as you make appointments in the future. The all-round Bitrix24 integration means that as an assistant, you can set up early notifications to remind your clients of their next appointments. This can nurture your customers and shows how proactive your service is. As a result, you'll have happy clients who are highly likely to recommend you.

In an ideal world, you could simply book your appointments, sit back, and wait for the time to come round. Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world and changes often need to be made. Take advantage of Bitrix24's communication tools to make life easy for you and your customers. Set up an online form for bookings, and automatically send an email confirmation to your clients. In this email, you can point out how you want to be contacted for changes. Maybe you’d prefer a call, or simply a reply to your confirmation email. With multiple vias of communication, the choice is yours.

Free appointment scheduling for internal processes

Your business tools should never be 100% focused on your external tasks, especially if you're using an open source calendar scheduler. Streamline your internal functions such as room booking, team meetings, and conferences by putting them all on a company-wide calendar. You can simply add all your guests to the event and Bitrix24 will send them an email and update their personal calendar as well as the company one.

If you have a meticulously planned annual meeting, you'll want to minimize the time you put into it as much as possible. Duplicate the event every year and make adjustments to improve it rather than starting again from scratch. We get it, people don't always want to change, so if you're used to your Google or Outlook Calendar, no worries — you can keep it. Bitrix24 seamlessly integrates with the most popular open appointment scheduling software so you can connect with your company but continue with the tools you're used to.

The integration works both ways, so your business calendar will appear on your personal calendar and vice versa. This is a great advantage as you won't double book between personal appointments and business engagements. This is just one of a great list of integrations that can expand your cloud based or open source scheduling software. In the modern working environment, you can’t always be fixed to your desk. Between travelling for work and last minute decisions, having flexibility in your job is essential. At Bitrix24, we’ve taken that into account and made all our tools as versatile as possible, with free iOS and Android apps that give you full capabilities when you’re not at your desk. We’ve also got you covered in the office, with versions for Windows or Mac.

You can get even more flexibility by upgrading to a paid plan and getting source code access. This gives you ultimate freedom in how you set up your system, and is great for scaling your business up.

Improve your appointment scheduling today

Bitrix24 offers powerful scheduling software and so much more, so sign up today — it’s free! If you need a bit of guidance on how to get started with all our tools, check out our YouTube channel or training manuals. Remember that if you go for the open source appointment software, our partners will help you with hosting, deployment, administration and training.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Free unlimited calendars
  • Free unlimited appointments
  • Calendar access rights
  • Free CRM inside
  • Built-in call center
  • Emails
  • Invoicing
  • Cloud or self hosted (open source code access)

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Powerful Scheduling

  • Time zone settings
  • Daily, weekly, monthly views
  • Multiple calendars & schedules
  • Reminders
  • Employee scheduling
  • Client scheduling
  • Calendar access rights
  • Employee absence chart
  • Employee leave approvals
  • Tasks in calendars

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Effective Marketing

  • Email marketing
  • Client history
  • Incoming calls
  • Outbound calls
  • Caller ID
  • CRM access rights
  • Birthday reminders
  • Sales automation

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Communication and Collaboration

  • Instant messenger
  • Meetings & Briefings
  • Intranet
  • Customer portal
  • Tasks and projects
  • Videoconferencing
  • Document management
  • HR tools

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CRM + Unlimited Calendar

  • In-built fully-featured free CRM
  • Unlimited leads, contacts, companies and deals
  • Unlimited invoicing and quoting
  • In-built telephony
  • CRM analytics
  • CRM marketing
  • Client card video call 

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To download the self-hosted edition of Bitrix24 that can be installed on your own server and give you access to open source code, please visit the Bitrix24 Self-Hosted page.
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