Free sales agent software

Free sales agent software

Bitrix24 is free sales agent software that you and your sales reps will love. It’s not just the price (12 agents free, unlimited agents only $99/mo). First, Bitrix24 is fully featured CRM and full sales cycle management software. Second, it comes with a very powerful sales agent management tools - from sales training to business trip requests and absence chart. Finally, Bitrix24 is jam-packed with sales instruments like quotes/proposals, invoicing, email and telemarketing. And, since most sales agents are frequently on the road and away from their PCs, Bitrix24 comes with free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Register now or check out videos and manual if you have any questions.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

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Basic features

  • 12 sales agents free
  • Unlimited sales agents only $99/mo
  • 5GB free online storage
  • Sales management
  • Sales reporting
  • Sales tools
  • Cloud and self hosted
  • Marketplace
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • API and open source code available
Free sales software

Full Sale Cycle Management

Bitrix24 is a full-featured CRM and sales cycle management solution (lead – contact – company – deal). We understand that each sales process is unique, so sale stages are 100% customizable, as are CRM forms that you can alter as you need. Custom fields are free and unlimited. Reminders, birthdays, appointment scheduling, shared calendars, tasks, documents, notes (comments), CRM activity stream, mobile CRM, duplicate entry prevention, product catalog, search filters – these are just of few of the tools that your sales agents will have at their disposal. Learn more

Sales agent software free

Sales Agent Assignment

Bitrix24 comes with very flexible access rights. You can set it up so that each agent sees only his or her clients. You can create ‘free for all’ lead pool. You can automatically assign leads to sales agents based on arbitrary criteria (such as location, deal amount or product of interest). Bitrix24 has absence chart and business trip requests too. Agent calendars show schedule for each sales rep.

free sales agent assignment software

Sales Agent Reporting

What gets measured gets improved. Who’s your rainmaker and who’s struggling to meet their quotas? With Bitrix24 you get a variety of standard reports – activity by agent, sales by agent, leads by stages (sales pipeline and sales funnel), you can analyze which marketing channels works best and so on. You can create report templates for common reports. Most importantly, you can create reports for data entered in the custom fields of you CRM – many other sales agent reporting solutions don’t let you do that.

Free open source sales agent reporting software

Quotes and Invoices

Quotations (proposals) and invoicing are sales agents best friends. In Bitrix24 they are easy to customize, you can enter your company logo, activate invoice numbering system, use any currency, include discounts and local taxes (VAT, sales tax, etc). Do take a look at our marketplace apps like DocDesigner if you need more customization options. Integration with accounting services, such as Xero, are currently being tested.

Free sales agent quoting software

Email Marketing

You can manage all your email correspondence with your prospects and customers inside Bitrix24. This means sending emails from CRM, receiving emails inside CRM, where each email will be attached to an appropriate lead or contact. Email templates are available. For full blown email campaign analytics you can use MailChimp app. Email marketing inside Bitrix24 is free and unlimited.

Free sales agent software with email marketing

Virtual Call Center

You can also make and receive phone calls to/from the CRM. This doesn’t require any integration and our calling rates are dirt cheap. Most importantly, when someone phones you, the call will be automatically directed to a sales agent assigned to that prospect or lead. If the agent is not available, the call can be forwarded to a mobile phone, voicemail or another sales agent. Phone calls can be recorded, if necessary. You can use your current phone number, rent a toll free number, rent local number in any of the 50 US states or rent international numbers in over 40 countries. Learn more

Free sales software for telemarketing

Bitrix24 sales tracking and sales management manual is here. If you require sales management solution that can deployed on premise or and require open source code assess for easy customization and integrations, please download self hosted Bitrix24 trial version here.

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