Workflow Automation Software

Bitrix24’s workflow management software combines automation with clear roadmaps for your projects and gives you a huge leap towards a more efficient business, from sales and marketing to HR and finance.

Companies from every sector need workflows to structure their approach and achieve their goals. Without a clear workflow in place, deadlines get missed, tasks get forgotten, and sales drop off.

Similarly, automations have streamlined all kinds of processes, saving teams time and avoiding human error. Cutting out boring, repetitive tasks speeds up your work and keeps your team motivated by a more creative focus.

Want to find out more about Bitrix24’s workflow management software? Let’s look into the details.

Structure all your tasks on the cloud

By implementing workflow automation software on the cloud, everybody in your company can access it from wherever they are. You can use your company Drive to write up guides on how workflows work, and use them as part of your onboarding process. Make these efficient techniques part of your company culture and update them frequently following best practices.

With all your apps fully connected on one powerful platform, every department can benefit from their own customized workflows. You can tighten up every area, from the internal HR procedures to your sales funnels, and cut out all the menial tasks that demotivate your staff.

Automation for your finance procedures

Plug the gaps in a leaky finance department with Bitrix24’s business workflow automation software. By putting together a workflow and sharing it with your teams, you can oversee every step of the process and immediately identify outstanding payments.

Financial tasks are among the easiest to lose track of. Repetitive spreadsheets with continuous numbers can cause mistakes through fatigue which are more than problematic for a business.

By automating processes such as expenses and staff payment, you can make sure you’re always up to date on your tasks while avoiding human error. This frees up your finance department to focus on innovative techniques and solving issues.

Set up efficient sales processes

Install the best workflow automation software for your team and improve your CRM with Bitrix24.

All sales teams need a clear work process to take leads from the first contact to a deal. With multiple customers on the go at the same time, you don’t have time for off-the-cuff tasks, so focus your efforts in the most productive way.

Save even more time by automating as much of your workflow as you can. This can include automatic email chains, instant distribution of new leads among your sales agents, and calendar reminders for those important phone calls.

Project management for dynamic teams

Project managers who use workflow automation software have the luxury of being able to focus on the bigger picture rather than playing catch up on minor tasks. Combine your workflow with a nice, clear visualization like a Kanban board and share it with your team so everyone can see the progress of your projects.

Forget about sifting through your tasks one by one to check on your deadlines and instead receive automated notifications as hand-in times approach. You can also set up recurring tasks on a weekly or monthly basis to be automatically assigned — like having an algorithmic personal assistant.

Save even more time with dependencies

You now know you can transform your projects with workflow automation software, but what if we said you could take it even further?

Bitrix24’s dependencies feature connects the tasks of your workflow together in a variety of ways. For example, once one a sales agent completes a deal, the finance department automatically receives a task to write up an invoice. If you need to intervene, for example by reviewing work, you can customize your dependencies to include a delay before assigning the subsequent job.

In all cases, everybody involved is notified, giving your whole team a global view of your progress.

A streamlined HR department your team will love

Make communication with the HR department a pleasure with one of the top workflow automation software platforms on the market.

Allow your team to request holiday time, maternity leave, business trips, and more with automatic approval in Bitrix24’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS). As soon as requests are granted, your calendar will update so anybody looking for you on the organizational chart can see your availability.

Rather than long, drawn-out operations that see emails go slowly back and forth, these simple workflows cut down the entire process — a much better situation for everybody involved.

Customer service that keeps your users coming back

Used correctly, an automated customer service department can funnel your users to the right people, so you can cut out confusing go-betweens and streamline your whole department. With an organized workflow connected by automations,

Customizable feedback forms are the starting point for your users. Add fields that identify the nature of the issue and automatically direct it to those with the answers. They can then analyze the details behind the scenes before reaching out to provide a precision solution.

You can also make the most of Bitrix24’s multiple channels of communication, such as emails, social media, and phone calls to meet your users where it suits them best.

Automate your workflows on any device

As a project manager, you need to keep an eye on all your workflows so things run smoothly. This means cutting out all the blockers between you and your software and focusing on what is important.

With Bitrix24 on iOS and Android, you can create, observe, and adapt all of your workflows from the palm of your hand. Set up notifications on your phone to see when tasks are approaching their deadline or for simple reminders to set your pipelines into motion.

Whether it’s absence calendars, project management, or customer emails, you’re fully connected whether you’re on your way to work, at home, or on a business trip.

Boost your team with workflow automation software today!

Bitrix24 costs nothing to get started, so what have you got to lose? Sign up today and start implementing workflows across all your departments.

Cut out those inefficient working processes and replace them with structures and automations. With fantastic analytics built in, you can continue to adapt and improve how your company works.

Like the 10 000 000 businesses that are already on board, Bitrix24’s automated workflows will quickly free up huge chunks of time that you can put to better use, so start automating today!

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Unlimited users free
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Minimal setup
  • Company structure
  • Templates
  • Default and custom BP
  • Cloud and self hosted
  • iOS and Android apps
  • API and open-source code available

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Workflow Automation

  • Business processes in the HR system
  • Leave requests
  • Business trips
  • Expenses, purchase and other forms
  • General helpdesk
  • Absence charts
  • Clocking
  • Task management tools
  • CRM tools
  • Online shop automation

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Task Automation

  • Task creating triggers from BP
  • Recurring tasks
  • Templates
  • Interval or event recurring tasks
  • Task secuences 
  • Task dependencies
  • Learn more

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Contact Center

  • Autodialer
  • Canned responses
  • Voicemail
  • Website widget
  • Integration with bots
  • Automated replies
  • Call routing and transfer
  • Learn more

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Collaboration and Communication

  • Knowledge management
  • Company structure
  • HR tools
  • Project and workgroups
  • Document sharing and processing
  • Configurable access permissions (creation, editing, viewing, publishing)
  • Clocking in/out, time management
  • Unlimited free task management
  • Workload management
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Learn more

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