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How to Use Bitrix24 as Social CRM

How to Use Bitrix24 as Social CRM
Bitrix24 Team
March 20, 2014
Last updated: April 7, 2021

By being present in social media and networks, your company can benefit from general recognition and attention as well as from the use of these channels for announcements, publications, promotions, and interaction with current and potential customers.

If the above is of interest to your company, and if you use Bitrix24 social media CRM or are considering doing it, and if you are ready to cut the path to integration of your business and social networks, this article is for you.

What Is Social CRM?

Social media CRM is no different from any other CRM except for the fact that it features integrations with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and is designed to use these platforms to engage with customers.

Needless to say, in the world of digital media, this kind of CRM with social media integration is a must for any business that is serious about customer relationships and strong sales.

Social CRM for Sales Teams

When you get the Bitrix24 social CRM, you know it is social and you know it is for sales teams. There is no need to do any additional setup - leads from social media and networks are automatically added to your Bitrix24 social CRM. This way, your sales reps can work with potential clients who have shown interest in your company or products via social networks from inside the Bitrix24 social CRM.

Using Bitrix24 social CRM, you can also contact a client directly from their CRM card via Zoom, phone, email, or social media profile.

Social CRM for Marketing Campaigns


Using Bitrix24’s CRM Marketing module, you can reach out to your potential and existing clients via the most effective channel - whether it's Facebook, email, phone calls, SMS, push notifications, or messengers.

The Bitrix24 social CRM will track your marketing costs and calculate ROI automatically. This way, you will know exactly which marketing channels, campaigns, or even keywords are delivering the best return on investment.

Social CRM for Support


Bitrix24 features a special module called Contact Center that you can use to connect different social media platforms and messengers like Facebook, Instagram Business, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, and others.

There, you can receive incoming messages from your clients and respond to them in real time. It is really convenient to keep all your customer interactions and communications in one place. No additional setup is needed, just click Connect, log in to your social media account, and it’s done!

Social Media Integration

Let’s take our Twitter integration, for example. Events such as direct messages, retweets, replies, and adding your tweet to Favorites will cause a new lead to be created in the Bitrix24 social CRM. Subsequent events from a Twitter user are added to the lead as activities. Similar integrations with other services can be set up.

Brief description of integration:

  1. The settings of corporate accounts in social media platforms allow subscriptions to various events and allow an email address to be entered where notifications will be sent.
  2. The email address from the previous example is entered in the Bitrix24 CRM’s settings.
  3. The Bitrix24 CRM processes these emails and creates new leads or appends events to existing leads as activities.

How to configure collection of leads from Twitter:

  1. Using your corporate account on Twitter, configure notifications for the events that you wish to follow.
  2. Then, configure the Bitrix24 social media CRM (CRM>Settings>Email Integration) to receive emails from a POP3 mailbox. We enter the mailbox and parameters. By marking the Create lead for the unknown sender option, the CRM will create the leads we want to see and assign them to the users listed in the Responsible field. Detailed information about email integration is available in the online training course.
  3. That’s it. When the first email from Twitter is received, a lead will be created, and thereafter emails concerning that Twitter user will be added as activities.

In the activities list, you can read the emails that have come in from Twitter, then create new Leads or Contacts from the data contained there, and continue to work with them in the CRM.

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