Airtable CRM Alternative

Bitrix24 as the most reliable CRM alternative compared to Airtable

What looks like another version of MS Excel and Google Sheets, is an advanced spreadsheet software with an impressive array of pleasant features making work even more efficient.

However, Airtable CRM is not crafted in the same sense as other CRM alternatives. It combines the most essential specifications of a database and spreadsheet, failing to deliver many tools one gets with Bitrix24, which isn't only about tables and charts.

It creates a comfortable workspace fostering efficient communication between sales professionals and customers. Compared to Bitrix24, Airtable CRM goes very little beyond mere information representation.

Furthermore, some important features like SMS integration or reporting are only available in pro plans, which makes Airtable CRM an even less reliable solution, especially when Bitrix24 users get all the CRM tools entirely for free.

Airtable overview

Airtable is an online platform for organizing data in visually appealing spreadsheets. Although it isn't originally CRM software, Airtable offers many applications, including CRM.

Yet, unlike many other services, Airtable CRM comes with different business solutions in the form of pre-made templates, such as:
  • Sales CRM template
  • Business development CRM template
  • PR firm CRM template
  • Fundraising CRM template
  • Customer development CRM template, etc.
  • Nevertheless, some features users can find in one Airtable CRM template might be missing in another, which does not mean that teams in question can perform these features well. If they find the chosen template offers an insufficient range of features, they can always create a synced table, copying data from the table in another CRM template. Yet, this is time-consuming and less productive than other solutions like Bitrix24.

    For more information regarding Airtable CRM capabilities, please refer to the table below.

    Airtable CRM


    Activity dashboard
    Progress tracking
    Data backup
    Phone analytics
    Voice logging
    Customer profiling
    Contact database
    Integration with email service providers
    Customizable email templates
    Preparing and sending invoices
    Management of prospective customers
    Product catalog
    Quotation management
    Sales pipelines
    SMS management system

    Airtable CRM pros

    • Airtable CRM represents complex data more effectively with color schemes, which makes finding issues demanding immediate attention as easy as a breeze.
    • With its intuitive UI, the software is quite simple for fast onboarding.
    • The software includes many pre-made customizable templates.

    Airtable CRM cons

    • Few features available in the mobile app, compared to the desktop application.
    • It does not integrate with many third-party applications and the range of tools leaves much to be desired.
    • The service is not built for collaboration or feedback.

    Major advantages of Bitrix24

    • Besides data visualization, Bitrix24 is packed with a bigger choice of CRM tools in the free package than Airtable.
    • It integrates really well with other social media platforms so that employees can stay connected with all their customers, without having to migrate between different accounts.
    • Project and sales management are unified, thus creating a comfortable workspace with everything close at hand.

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