Pipedrive alternative

Using Bitrix24 as free Pipedrive alternative

Pipedrive is web-based CRM vendor that is originally from Estonia. Pipedrive has quickly become popular among small business owners thanks to low price ($10/user/mo), simplicity, and great design. Pipedrive reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The downside of simplicity is the fact that you can't always use it for complex sales force automation scenarios. Another one of Pipedrive CRM downsides is the fact that neither free plan nor self-hosted editions that you can deploy on-premise appear to be available. If you are looking for a free Pipedrive alternative, want to host CRM on your own server, require full access to source code, or want a sales force automation solution that is fully integrated with document management, intranet, telephony and HR tools, Bitrix24 makes a good choice.
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