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Bizagi (pronounced Bee-ZAH-Gee) is a well-known business process management and automation vendor. Its offerings consist of products Bizagi Modeller, Bizagi Engine, and Bizagi Studio, each doing exactly what the names imply.
Since its first release, the Bizagi BPM modeler has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and now is the de-facto standard for BPMN (business process model and notation) modeling.
Despite this impressive record, open source BPM software Bizagi does not come without its flaws that prompt some people to search for a Bizagi alternative, which might as well be Bitrix24. Let’s take a closer look at what’s so great and what’s not so great about Bizagi and whether we can come up with an alternative.

Using Bitrix24 as Free Bizagi Alternative

If you are looking for a free Bizagi alternative, Bitrix24 is perfect. Right off the bat, Bitrix24 gives you access to most of its features for free and for an unlimited number of users. Furthermore, if you need full access to all of the Bitrix24 capabilities, you can easily choose the subscription plan that suits you best (most of them are more than affordable).

Bizagi Pros

When you sign up for the Bizagi BPM modeler, this marks the first step of your BPM journey. With this part of the Bizagi BPM software suite, you can document, execute and evolve your processes with complete confidence, and - best of all - it's free to start (but not if you want to use it in its entirety).
The great thing about Bizagi is that it puts simplicity first. Their innovative drag-and-drop interface is designed for business people who are not programmers so that you could enjoy drawing your process maps all based on the BPM and standard notation.
Once your process diagrams are ready, you can publish high-quality documentation in MS Word or PDF and share it with other users in your business.
Additionally, the Bizagi BPM modeler lets you publish your process documentation to web pages, SharePoint, or wiki, which makes it really easy to share process documentation. Bizagi allows you to enjoy working with your team using a collaboration tool while refining your process flows.
You can also chat in real-time to collaborate on any changes to the purchase request diagram. Once you get all the information you need, you can quickly and easily edit the process and notify your collaborators when you are done.
Bizagi BPM modeler allows you to simulate your process models helping you make better decisions just take a process flowchart and add some simple information such as time resources and costs, after which you can evaluate how your great ideas will impact your business in the real world.
Here are some other notable pros of Bizagi we were able to identify:
  • Proven vendor
  • Freeware modeler
  • Lots of integrations
  • Mobile BPM

Bizagi Cons

As great as it is, Bizagi does have its cons. Arguably, the biggest ones are the fact that it is geared mainly towards enterprises rather than small businesses and, of course, the not-so-competitive price that can be as high as 730 euros per user.
Other Bizagi cons that are worth mentioning include:
  • The solution is enterprise-centric for the most part
  • Per-user pricing model
  • Overall high price
  • No easy start for those who are not familiar with the BPMN concept

Using Bitrix24 as Bizagi Alternative Gives You the Following Advantages

Plus, Bitrix24 comes pre-set with standard workflows, like Leave Requests, Business Trips, Purchasing, Expenses, and General Requests (aka Internal Helpdesk). Second, Bitrix24 is available both in the cloud and the on-premise version with open source code access in case you need to modify or integrate Bitrix24 with other tools.
  • Available in both cloud & self-hosted versions
  • The self-hosted version comes with open source code
  • HRMS
  • Features over 35 tools for collaboration and project management
Here’s a table with a side-by-side comparison of the main features of open source BPM software Bizagi and Bitrix24:



Free Yes (Modeler)
Cloud ? Unlimited users on the free plan with certain limitations to functionality or full access for $199 per month for unlimited users
Self-Hosted $1,490 one-time fee
Leave Approvals ?
Business Trips ?
Expense Reports ?
Purchase Requests ?
General Requests ?
Lists/Forms ? $
Document Approval ?
Custom Workflows
Sales Automation ?
HR Automation ?
Call Center/PBX ?
Social BPM ?
Mobile BPM
Repeating Tasks ?
Task Templates ?
Source Code ?

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