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Looking for a Calendly alternative? Take a look at Bitrix24. Users can create unlimited online meetings and invite unlimited users.

Using Bitrix24 as a Free Calendly Alternative

When it comes to organizing meetings and appointments, Calendly is probably the most reliable solution on the market, allowing users to set availability preferences and send invitation links to others in order to agree on a time most suitable for holding a specific event.

Calendly offers an assortment of top-notch features, most of which are, unfortunately, not accessible in the free version. Since paid solutions start at $8 per month, this might not be the most optimal alternative, especially when there are plenty of advanced programs that do not require you to drop any cash on their services.

If this is what you are looking for, Bitrix24 is here to assist you. The platform offers a dizzying array of functions, including various scheduling processes and powerful collaboration tools, to meet the needs of teams of all sizes at no charge whatsoever.

Calendly Overview

At present, many people have pretty tight schedules with just a few gaps into which they can fit meetings and upcoming events. Trying to find a suitable time is usually a serious hassle that gets in the way of work. That's when online scheduling tools come in handy, with the Calendly alternative as the most noticeable solution among similar service providers.

Calendly has been designed to make the process of finding a suitable time to meet easy and stress-free. What makes the Calendly alternative so distinctive is that you don't have to let others know what you are busy with at a specific time. Instead, you find available time slots in your calendar, share this piece of information with others via a link, and let them choose the time that works perfectly with all of them. Depending on which time slot your invitees choose, all the details will be automatically added to all your existing calendars.

In this way, the Calendly alternative eliminates the old-school way of using email and other means of communication for scheduling appointments, meetings, calls, and other events. That, seriously speaking, takes up so much time for all the invitees to decide on the time most suitable for everyone.

Another great feature that is particularly useful for people who don't want to visit platforms they are not familiar with is the ability to embed your availability on the website you use to connect with clients. This way, visitors can book a meeting with you right from your website by simply choosing the time suitable both for you and them.

Finally, to keep everyone updated about upcoming events and any changes in the schedule, Calendly sends automatic notifications and reminders to meeting hosts and other participants.

As far as its cost is concerned, Calendly offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to try out most of its Pro features. At the end of the free trial, users are automatically downgraded to the free tier. Speaking of which, it is mainly designed for individuals just getting started with Calendly. Therefore, there isn't much to be expected in terms of functionality.

To gain a better insight into what you are going to get with the free tier offered by Bitrix24 and the Calendly alternative, here is the list of their features.




Data Dashboard

Agenda Management

Attendance Management


Automatic Backup

Billing and Invoicing



Custom Workflows


Document Management

Employee Portal

Goal setting and Tracking

Email Integration

Social media Integration  

Gantt Charts

Kanban View

Meeting Management

Online Storage

5 GB


Project management


Quote Management

Automated Reminders

Product Catalog

Recurring Tasks

Reporting and Statistics

Task Planning

Task scheduling

Task Progress Tracking

Video Conferencing

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Calendly Pros

  • Easy for users to offer the "right" time options, without having to reveal any details about other events they are about to participate in.
  • Sync with other online calendar applications.
  • A grid-like structure helps users stay organized and focused.

Calendly Cons

  • Limited integrations with third-party apps.
  • No customizable email and SMS notifications in the free tier.
  • No automated communications for upcoming events in the free tier.
  • Invitees cannot suggest meeting dates.

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • An event planner helps users find the best time slot suitable for everyone when multiple users are invited to take part in an upcoming meeting.
  • Unlike the Calendly alternative, Bitrix24 allows users to record and display video announcements.
  • Users can create public and private chats.
  • Users can create online meetings and invite unlimited users.

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