ClinchPad alternative

Using Bitrix24 as free ClinchPad alternative

ClinchPad is a small business centric CRM launched in 2012. It is moderately priced ($9/mo for a single user or $99/mo for 33 users) and comes with core CRM and lead management features. ClinchPad reviews are few and far between. Bitrix24 offers a number of advantages as free ClinchPad alternative. First, it's 100% free for up to 12 users with unlimited users and 5 GB for document storage. Second email marketing in Bitrix24 is free and does not require integrations with third party providers (you can both send and receive emails from/inside Bitrix24 CRM). Another great advantage free mobile CRM and call center that Bitrix24 comes with. Finally, Bitrix24 is available both in cloud or as self hosted software that comes with open source code and can be installed on your own server.

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