Dolibarr CRM Alternative

Using Bitrix24 as a Free Dolibarr CRM Alternative

Dolibarr is commonly known as an open-source ERP and CRM operating system, deployed both on-premise and in cloud environments. Contrary to many other open-source programs, Dolibarr CRM includes many CRM capabilities, from setting up a customer base to generating invoices.
Although the main bulk of capabilities is free of charge, there are still many additional paid plug-ins in the DoliStore, extending the capabilities of the CRM module. Below is a list of some useful features you can purchase in the DoliStore:
  • Automatically generated recurring invoices – $120.
  • Task management – $120.
  • Calendar management – $120.
  • Kanban view – $72.
  • Product catalog – $30.
Dolibarr CRM is free as long as you use it on-premise. To access Dolibarr CRM from any browser and OS, you will need to purchase one of the monthly plans, starting from €9 per user.
Yet, when compared to what Bitrix24 can offer its clients, Dolibarr CRM appears to be less advantageous, simply because most of its paid extensions are provided by Bitrix24 for free. Although there is no free solution for teams who want to use Bitrix24 on-premise, the free cloud version offers more than enough to keep all your operations running smoothly.

Dolibarr CRM Overview

With all the tools Dolibarr CRM brings to the table, sales professionals can easily organize multiple aspects of their relations with clients.
What makes this operating system so distinctive is that depending on their needs, users can install only those applications that they currently require. To meet their ever-changing and continuously growing demands, users can easily enhance the performance of the CRM module by installing additional extensions that can be purchased from the DoliStore.
Putting aside all the perks of working with Dolibarr CRM, here is the list of features one can utilize with its free version:
  • lead generation and management,
  • preparing and issuing quotes and proposals,
  • generating invoices,
  • management of orders, and more.
Although all these capabilities are offered for free, there is nothing special about the Dolibarr CRM module. And as a free alternative, Bitrix24 has a lot more to offer besides what Dolibarr CRM already has.
Thus, to get the whole picture of what Dolibarr CRM and Bitrix24 are capable of, please refer to the table below.

Dolibarr CRM


Activity dashboard
Attendance management system
Auto backup
Automatic call distributor
Billing and invoicing
Calendar management
Cloud hosting
CTI (Computer-telephone integration)
Employee portal
Goal setting and tracking
HR system
Integration with email
Integration with social networks
Online storage
On-premise deployment
Product catalog
Reporting and statistics
SSL security
Voice logging
Workflow configuration

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Dolibarr CRM Pros

  • The CRM software, including all its core abilities, is entirely free of charge.
  • The program has both on-premise and cloud solutions.
  • The program is very simple to install and navigate.

Dolibarr CRM Cons

  • The functionality of the CRM module is limited.
  • Lots of costly plug-ins, extending the capabilities of this module.
  • The interface is outdated.
  • It doesn't feature computer-telephony integration.

Using Bitrix24 as an alternative to Dolibarr CRM offers you the following advantages

  • The software has both on-premise and cloud solutions.
  • The program includes a free plan equipped with many CRM capabilities.
  • Users easily manage multiple elements in their CRM through Kanban view and Gantt charts.
  • The free plan boasts a full range of project management features.

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