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Bitrix24 compared to Elead CRM

Unlike other service-providers aimed at catering to the demands of individual freelancers or large enterprises operating in unrelated industries, Elead CRM focuses on delivering services to a narrow group of customers.

Putting aside the question of its functionality, let's first determine whether Elead CRM is a budget-friendly solution. Unfortunately, there is no reliable data regarding the project's pricing policy, which is a major shortcoming compared to other more transparent alternatives, including Bitrix24.

Unlike Elead CRM, Bitrix24 does not force potential clients to contact their support team to receive product information, which inevitably leads to submitting personal data. On top of that, even if you are unsure whether Bitrix24 is worth investing in, you could stick with its free plan offering a number of valuable CRM tools before switching to a more advanced paid plan.

Bitrix24 compared to Elead CRM

Founded in 1985, Elead CRM is created specifically for car dealerships of all sizes.

Elead CRM does a good job helping car dealers organize the whole sales life-cycle process from searching leads to closing deals in a smooth way. Core capabilities of Elead CRM that you can benefit from, include the following:
  • The platform allows users to route prospective customers through different channels and reach out to potential clients who are more likely to get interested in accepting the deal.
  • It can transform leads into reliable customers through personalized marketing campaigns.
  • It enables sales reps to send out e-brochures, photos, and quotes via the most frequently used communication channels.
  • Elead CRM focuses on one specific target group of customers. However, when it comes to delivering CRM features, Elead CRM falls short of Bitrix24 in a number of ways, namely the service's functionality and unclear pricing.

    To understand what users should expect from Elead CRM, please refer to the following table.

    * Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

    Elead CRM


    Business Calendar
    Automatic call distribution
    Call tracking
    Instant messaging
    Customizable workflows
    Contact database
    Document storage
    Email integration
    Templates for email marketing
    Employee Portal
    Lead tracking
    Communication with customers via various channels
    Quotation management
    Product catalog
    Recurring billing
    Recurring tasks
    Data analytics and reporting
    SMS management system
    Social media integration
    Workload management

    Elead CRM Pros

    • With a range of templates designed specifically for the automotive industry, users create customizable vehicle brochures and deliver them to customers via email.
    • Users can access their digital workspace through the mobile app.

    Elead CRM Cons

    • Elead CRM does not publicly provide information regarding existing pricing plans and the features customers will get in these plans.
    • The software fails to weed out weak leads. So people or organizations who show a strong interest in the product get mixed on the same list with unqualified leads, which has a negative impact on work efficiency.
    • Elead CRM does not allow users to schedule emails to be sent out at a specific time, based on their working hours or the recipient's time zone.

    Major advantages of Bitrix24

    • Although it is not built specifically for car dealerships, it comes with a rich variety of tools assisting different industries in building long-lasting connections and increasing revenues.
    • Bitrix24 is entirely transparent, sharing with the public all the necessary information regarding pricing plans and the range of features you get in each one of them.
    • If you are having second thoughts about whether you can benefit from Bitrix24 paid plans, you can always start with its free plan and, as your requirements grow, upgrade to the plan that best fits your needs.
    • Users take full advantage of social media integration by publishing and sharing posts throughout all platforms from one place.

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