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Bitrix24 compared to Firepoint CRM

Firepoint CRM is a young real estate platform that enables SMBs to engage with a narrow group of locally targeted customers.

In terms of what exactly Firepoint CRM does, which makes it a better solution than other CRM alternatives, there is no clear answer.

Bitrix24 is packed with a large number of excellent capabilities, instantly boosting work performance and revenue. Users can either get it all for free or switch to a paid solution.

By comparison, Firepoint CRM is unreasonably priced. Thus, an average monthly cost for a team of up to five users is nearly $500. And this plan hardly covers all the needs of a team with growing demands.

Firepoint CRM overview

Founded in 2016, Firepoint CRM is created to meet the needs of teams working in the real estate industry.

Firepoint CRM is far from being a truly all-in-one customer management solution, as it lacks many essential features, such as document storage space or e-signatures that form an important part of the daily activities of a busy realtor.

Although Bitrix24 is not tailored specifically for teams in the real estate industry, it still does a good job providing a range of solid CRM tools that businesses can depend on in the long run. Below is a list of the key features offered by Firepoint CRM and Bitrix24.

Let’s compare Firepoint CRM and Bitrix24 side to side.


Firepoint CRM


Free Plan

Free AI Assistant

IM/Group Chat

External Users



Social Network


Group Tasks


File Sync

Lead Management





Time Management

Email Server


Server Edition

Email Marketing 

Mobile App

Desktop App



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Firepoint Pros

  • User-friendly UI and UX.
  • Clearly organized activity dashboards
  • Plenty of custom design instruments

Firepoint Cons

  • Online document storage space not included
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Fails to synchronize automatically with various email service providers

Bitrix24 Advantages

  • Incredible amount of online storage space
  • Diversity of comprehensive and customizable reporting tools
  • Robust mobile and desktop apps
  • Excellent opportunities for communication among employees, from private chats to HD video calls
  • Feature-rich crm and marketing hub

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