Formidable Forms alternative

Using Bitrix24 as free Formidable Forms alternative

Formidable Forms makers claim that it's the most powerful form plugin for Wordpress. Whether it's more powerful than Gravity, Ninja or other webform Wordpress plugins is a matter of personal preferences, but it sure isn't cheap. Formidable Forms reviews mention that free plugin restrictions are too severe to make it fully usable, so expect to pay up.

Formidable Forms pricing for commercial plans range from $49 to $399 for a yearly license. Naturally, most of the goodies, like integration with CRM, PayPal and email marketing services are available only to those who select top plans. So, if you are roaming the web in search of cool free Formidable Forms alternative, a new free Bitrix24 form builder is a great choice.

Not only Bitrix24 form builder is free, it's integrated with CRM which is also free. And inside the free CRM, you get free email marketing tools, free telemarketing, as well as free quoting and invoicing, free product catalogs and 35+ other cool free tools. Not bad, isn't it?

Free forms in Bitrix24 are pretty powerful as well - templates, custom CSS, embed code, public form links, conditional logic (free rules), required fields, post submit actions (redirects), total calculator, online payments, Terms of Service agreements - these are available free of charge to Bitrix24 users.
* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.
  • Formidable Forms Bitrix24
    Free users ? 12
    Free entries ? Unlimited
    Free fields Unlimited Unlimited
    SSL encryption + +
    Customization + +
    Embed/Public + +
    Reporting + +
    Rules + +
    Redirects + +
    Notifications + +
    Templates + +
    Invoicing - +
    Online payments + +
    CRM - +
    Terms of service ? +
    Email marketing - +
    Telemarketing - +
    Documents + +
    Tasks&Projects - +
    Collaboration - +
    Chat&Video - +
    Source code - +
    Mobile App + +
    API + +
    Marketplace + +

    • Formidable Forms Pros

      • Advanced
      • Easy to use
      • Beautiful
      • Powerful
    • Formidable Forms Cons

      • $$$ plans
      • Goodies in top plans
      • No collaboration
      • Limited sites
    • Using Bitrix24 as Formidable Forms alternative gives you the following advantages

      • 35+ collaboration tools
      • Free unlimited entries
      • CRM
      • Email marketing
      • Telemarketing

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