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Maximizer CRM is a second-tier CRM vendor that would probably have been a lot more successful, had it not been so Canada-centric. Overall, Maximizer is a great CRM with very simple pricing - there's only one cloud plan at a price of $49 per user per month and it is billed annually. Maximizer also offers a self-hosted option, which is becoming rarer and rarer nowadays among CRM solutions. However, Maximizer CRM is not without its flaws and that’s why it is not dominating the market like some other, bigger CRMs. So, if you are looking for a free Maximizer CRM alternative that offers the same features, and is available both in cloud and on-premise, we suggest considering Bitrix24. Why? This whole article is dedicated to this topic. Let’s take a closer look at both products and see what makes them different.

Using Bitrix24 as Free Maximizer CRM Alternative

Right off the bat, Bitrix24 is different - mainly because it is actually more than just a CRM. In fact, when you sign up for Bitrix24, you get access to over 35 tools for sales, marketing, project management, and customer service. Bitrix24 is marketed as an online collaboration suite for businesses and organizations. In addition to CRM, it features tasks, chats, video calls, project management tools, telephony, website builder, and more. The beauty of Bitrix24 is that all of these tools are packaged conveniently in a single online service available to you from any device, mobile, or desktop. Whether you need them all is another question but it’s always good to know that you have things like chat, videoconferencing, and an e-commerce module with a free website builder instantly available in your CRM. Speaking of Bitrix24 CRM, it is everything that you would expect from a top-class customer relationship management system plus a few interesting capabilities. For example, Bitrix24 CRM features a Sales Intelligence module that gives you a comprehensive breakdown of all your marketing efforts and concrete data indicating how efficient your ads are. You can connect all your ad traffic sources to this Sales Intelligence and start collecting marketing data!

MaximizerCRM Pros

Maximizer CRM is a tool that primarily focuses on business results by allowing you to build leads, grow your customer base, and retain clients. With rather powerful custom tools that are the right size to align departments and provide consistent trusted information, you can analyze data to provide immediate feedback to your company’s executives or study it yourself if you happen to be a business owner. Much like other CRMs on the market, Maximizer CRM provides immediate access from any device with real-time mobile solutions. A cross-platform, open-API integration provides contextual information with other popular business software.
As a proven and effective tool with a satisfaction rating of over 90 percent, Maximizer is easy to deploy and will probably fit into your organization's customer processes without causing chaos. Here are some of the most noteworthy advantages of Maximizer CRM:
  • Advanced CRM
  • Territory management
  • Sales plans
  • Opportunity alerts

MaximizerCRM Cons

Unfortunately, Maximizer CRM does not come without certain flaws. Essentially, the high price and the fact that you have to pay for email marketing and $5 per GB for extra online storage are probably the biggest disadvantages of the system. Several reviewers online have also pointed out the fact that the system sometimes will freeze, requiring you, the user, to log out and sign back in to make it work again. Again, no software is without glitches but there have been quite a few reports like this regarding Maximizer CRM.
Here are some other notable Maximizer CRM disadvantages we have been able to identify:
  • Overall high price
  • Annual payment required
  • Paid email marketing
  • No access to the source code

Using Bitrix24 as Maximizer CRM Alternative Gives You the Following Advantages

Bitrix24 is an all-around great CRM solution that allows you to capture and qualify leads quickly, work through your sales pipeline, build a 360-degree picture of customer activity, monitor your team efficiency, and even forecast sales. One of the tools that are unique to Bitrix24 is CRM Store. It is essentially a part of Bitrix24 CRM that allows you to sell products online directly to the contacts from your CRM - no other equipment or software required. The whole thing is 100% online and there is no physical interaction between you and the client (which is surprisingly convenient in this day and age).
Here are some other key Bitrix24 CRM features that you might want to look into:
  • Free to start for an unlimited number of users
  • Available in both cloud and on-premise versions
  • Access to the source code on the on-premise version
  • Workflow automation
  • Integrated telephony
Here is a table with a side-by-side comparison of Maximizer CRM and Bitrix24 to give you the full picture and help to make the right choice.

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