PipelineDeals CRM Alternative

Using Bitrix24 as a Free PipelineDeals CRM Alternative

When it comes to selecting which CRM software is most optimal for your situation, there is a vast array of factors to consider. However, if you are searching for something particularly "lightweight", which is just enough to let you accomplish a couple of simple operations, then PipelineDeals CRM could be a reasonable alternative.
Yet, when Bitrix24 comes into play, PipelineDeals CRM visibly lags behind its competitor. Bitrix24 can equip players with every imaginable tool, transforming the way business is done. From simple task management functions to a highly advanced collaboration ecosystem allowing team players to get involved in multiple business processes – all is seamlessly integrated into one platform.
And the great news is that a considerable amount of CRM features can be accessed entirely for free.

PipelineDeals CRM Overview

Founded in 2016, PipelineDeals CRM has become the go-to solution for nearly 20,000 users in over 100 countries. Its straightforward interface along with essential CRM capabilities make it an ideal option for small companies without high expectations.
In the same way, like many other CRM service providers, PipelineDeals CRM comes in with several paid tiers.
  • Start - With the monthly plan costing every user nearly $25, businesses get just a few tools capable of managing a single sales pipeline, retaining data, and giving an outline on the performance of promotional campaigns.
  • Develop - With the monthly package priced at $33 per user, teams get a couple of additional tools besides what they can use in the most basic plan. Now users can handle multiple deals, manage milestones, deadlines, and projects.
  • Grow - Priced at $49, the most advanced package adds email and task automation tools along with the capability to manage sales pipelines.
Yet, when comparing Bitrix24 and PipelineDeals CRM, the former comes out on top for several reasons.
First, PipelineDeals CRM does not have a sufficient range of tools. Thus, to get the job done well, users will have to switch between different platforms, do lots of manual operations, or eventually find another CRM solution elsewhere. Alternatively, Bitrix24 boasts a variety of capabilities that can open up new horizons for whatever enterprise you are engaged in.
Second, paid plans offered by Bitrix24 might be more expensive than those provided by PipelineDeals CRM. However, users can always begin exploring all the perks of utilizing the software by signing up for its free plan available to all the teams regardless of the number of participants.
Third, the range of tools at the core of the free plan is impressive and far exceeds what PipelineDeals CRM is capable of.
That said, below is a table that highlights essential CRM features you can find in Bitrix24 compared to PipelineDeals CRM.

PipelineDeals CRM


Activity dashboard
Attendance management system
Auto backup
Automatic call distributor
Billing and invoicing
Employee portal
Gantt charts
Goal setting and tracking
Integration with email services
Integration with social networking websites
Online storage
Product catalog
Real-time reporting
Voice logging
Workflow configuration

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

PipelineDeals CRM Pros

  • Helpful for micro-businesses searching for simpler platforms not overloaded with a bunch of functions.
  • Available both in mobile and desktop versions.
  • Takes little time to understand how the system works due to its user-friendly UI.

PipelineDeals CRM Cons

  • Bigger enterprises will find the program less attractive, due to the insufficiency of CRM tools.
  • Few integrations with products provided by other vendors.
  • Paid tiers are overpriced.

Advantages of Bitrix24

  • Users can experience the benefits of using Bitrix24 at no cost.
  • Aside from a comprehensive range of client relationship management capabilities, the system is heavily equipped with tools that do a great job managing all sorts of projects and activities.
  • An employee portal builds a comfortable work environment, allowing team players to stay informed on the latest news and collaborate across the whole CRM ecosystem.

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