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Bitrix24 as the most reliable alternative compared to Redtail CRM

Redtail CRM is geared towards financial professionals looking for a comprehensible and straightforward CRM alternative.

Although the platform claims to pack all the features one would need for efficient work, there are still a few significant drawbacks we cannot ignore.

In Redtail CRM, you will hardly find an adequate number of document management tools or collaboration opportunities. To expand this range of functionalities, users will have to either purchase other Redtail products or find another CRM solution elsewhere.

Redtail CRM costs $99 per month, without any additional add-ons. Given that the total cost of all the Redtail products is over $200 a month, Redtail is far from being a cost-effective option, especially for teams operating with limited resources.

Just for the record, besides an entirely free plan with a bigger choice of CRM tools than in Redtail CRM, Bitrix24 also happens to offer a plan that costs $99 a month. The main benefits you get to enjoy with Bitrix24 Standard Business Plan, compared to Redtail CRM are the following:

  • The plan comes with all the capabilities you would need for keeping a business running smoothly.
  • Unlike Redtail CRM, priced per database of 15 users, Standard Business Plan meets the needs of teams of up to 50 employees.

  • This makes us assume that in terms of price-performance ratio, even the paid solution users get with Bitrix24 is more appropriate than Redtail CRM, let alone the free plan with an impressive choice of CRM features.

    Redtail CRM overview

    About the product

    Founded in 2003, Redtail is a CRM service designed to meet the growing demands of sales professionals and small enterprises. Aside from Redtail CRM, Redtail Technology has developed three separate products aimed at enhancing collaboration opportunities and overall efficiency within its CRM.

    Core features

    To understand what Redtail CRM is all about, here are the core abilities users can benefit from:

  • Redtail CRM allows you to manage and stay updated on all the workflow processes from the beginning to the end.
  • Redtail CRM is equipped with is a rich choice of customizable reports giving comprehensive insights into your work performance.
  • Customizable and manageable contact lists and profiles create a solid base for client nurturing.

  • However, if what you get with Redtail CRM cannot meet all your business needs, you can purchase additional products, including:

  • Redtail Imaging
  • Redtail Email
  • Redtail Speak

  • They have been created to integrate seamlessly with Redtail CRM, which significantly increases the service's flexibility.

    In a nutshell, these products give users the following advantages:

  • With Redtail Imaging, users keep and manage documents in an organized and efficient manner.
  • With Redtail Email, users integrate email platforms they frequently use to stay connected with clients without having to migrate constantly from one app to another.
  • With Redtail Speak, users create a comfortable workspace for collaborating with clients and teammates in real-time through text messaging.
  • Pricing

    Redtail CRM is priced at $99 per month. But unlike other CRM alternatives, teams pay not per every individual user, but per database. Up to 15 users of one Redtail CRM database enjoy all the benefits of the service for as long as they need it at a fixed price.

    However, if you consider increasing your work performance with additional Redtail CRM products, you need to pay a hefty price for what you can get considerably cheaper with other service providers, including Bitrix24.

    To learn more regarding the range of Redtail CRM features compared to Bitrix24, please refer to the following table.

    * Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

    Redtail CRM


    Activity dashboard
    Data backup
    Notifications and reminders
    Preparing and sending invoices
    Phone analytics
    Voice logging
    Customer profiling
    Contact database
    Document storage 5GB – 1,024GB
    Integration with email service providers
    Custom email templates
    Progress tracking
    Management of prospective customers
    Communication with customers via various channels
    Quotation management
    Sales pipelines
    SMS management system

    Redtail CRM pros

    • An incredible diversity of customizable templates.
    • Smart color-coding makes it more convenient to concentrate on issues demanding immediate attention.
    • With a user-friendly interface, Redtail CRM doesn't have many learning curves.

    Redtail CRM cons

    • Entrepreneurs with limited resources won't find a budget-friendly alternative in Redtail CRM.
    • An insufficient range of tools available in Redtail CRM.
    • To get more robust features, teams have to buy pricey add-ons.

    Major advantages of using Bitrix24 as a Redtail alternative

    • Depending on what exactly you expect from your CRM ecosystem, you can choose a plan with CRM-oriented or project-oriented functions. There are also plans that combine the best capabilities of both these packages.
    • Bitrix24 is known for its outstanding collaboration features that support and centralize various types of communication within one system, including public and private chats, high-quality video-conferencing, voice calls, and so on.
    • There is all you need in order to close deals, issue invoices, and accept online payments as effortlessly as possible. To make the process even faster, users can set-up recurring invoices.
    • There is a large amount of online storage space available in each plan.

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