Salesbox CRM Alternative

Using Bitrix24 as a Free Salesbox CRM Alternative

Salesbox CRM is a mobile-based CRM application that could be of great value for small and medium-sized enterprises, as it offers simple solutions for affordable rates.
Contrary to many other CRM service providers, Salesbox CRM includes only one monthly plan priced at $2,90 per user. Yet, if users want their CRM to align with MS Office and Google Workspace, they will be charged $1,9 monthly per application.
On the whole, the pricing plan offered by Salesbox CRM is reasonable and affordable for teams on a tight budget. Yet, when put against Bitrix24, Salesbox CRM seriously falls behind its competitor in terms of pricing and the range of CRM features delivered in each plan. Thus, speaking of its free plan, Bitrix24 includes many valuable CRM tools, along with integrations with MS Office and some Google services.

Salesbox CRM Overview

Salesbox CRM is quite different from many other CRM software in the sense that it was originally developed specifically for mobile devices. Salesbox CRM is also commonly referred to as the first mobile-native CRM platform.
The principal advantage of a mobile-native CRM application is that it integrates seamlessly with most of the essential mobile applications, including calendars, cameras, messengers, and more.
Another significant advantage of Salesbox CRM in contrast to other platforms is that it includes customizable sales pipelines. Users can also easily visualize the whole customer journey using Kanban boards. Among other things, teams also benefit from the following tools:
  • task management,
  • lead generation and management,
  • contact management,
  • sales forecasting, etc.
Given that all these features are very reasonably priced, choosing Salesbox CRM clearly won't put a huge dent in the team's budget. Alternatively, with Bitrix24, teams get all of this included for no cost, along with a robust mobile application and numerous 3rd party integrations.
To learn more about key features offered by Salesbox CRM and Bitrix24, please refer to the table below.

Salesbox CRM


Activity dashboard
Attendance management system
Auto backup
Automatic call distributor
Billing and invoicing
CTI (Computer-telephone integration)
Employee portal
Goal setting and tracking
HR system
Integration with email service providers
Integration with social network services
Kanban view
Product catalog
Real-time reporting
Voice logging
Workflow configuration

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Salesbox CRM Pros

  • The first mobile-native CRM application is created to meet the needs of B2B and B2C business models.
  • Simple interface.
  • Integration with most mobile-based applications.
  • Affordable rates.

Salesbox CRM Cons

  • A range of paid add-ons.
  • Limited integration capabilities with 3rd party apps.
  • The desktop version is reported to have bugs.

Advantages of Bitrix24

  • The program has robust mobile and desktop solutions.
  • The basic package is entirely free of charge.
  • Sophisticated collaboration tools.
  • A range of essential CRM and project management tools.
  • Numerous integrations with other applications.

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