SAP CRM Alternative

SAP CRM Alternative

Using Bitrix24 as a Free SAP CRM Alternative

SAP CRM is known as a major element of the SAP Business Suite. This module allows companies to efficiently perform CRM tasks. It supports such client-related spheres as marketing, sales, analytics, and more. The software is mostly suitable for mid-size companies and large enterprises. Before buying the product, you can test it out with a free trial version.

If you are in search of a free-cost alternative to SAP CRM, Bitrix24 might be the right option for you. The company allows you to choose between cloud-based packages and self-hosted editions. Bitrix24 offers a completely free cloud plan for an unlimited number of users. The self-hosted edition comes with a source code access and a one-time fee.

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Free Plan Trial Version Cloud-based/unlimited users
Cloud Version Free or fee-based
Contact Management
Customization Features
Custom Stages
Chronological Records
Product Catalog
Synced Calendars
Recycle Bin ?
Lead Reporting
Email Marketing
Chat inside CRM ?
Mobile Solution
Kanban Board and Gantt
Observers inside Deals ?
Ecommerce Tool
Document Generator ?
Sales Automation Tools

SAP CRM Overview

SAP CRM contains various elements that help synchronize the CRM unit with other units, internet, smartphones, tablets, and an enterprise information portal.

The core of the system is the SAP CRM server, which consists of such elements as enterprise features, middleware, and adapters. The server adapters connect to internet and mobile devices.

Other elements of SAP CRM are used for backend, analytics, and improving the effectiveness of the unit.

The provider offers an extensive range of marketing features including planning, campaign implementation, and productivity measuring.

SAP CRM mobile service components allow companies to get account access on their mobile devices.

The user interface is permission-based, which means the amount of visible content depends on the position of the user in the organization. This makes the work process easier since the workers can access and perform only the tasks that are relevant to them.

According to reviews, SAP CRM is a reliable program that easily integrates with other modules and third-party providers for various purposes. However, it is more complex compared to other CRM software and feels like a heavy tool. The SAP CRM interface looks old-fashioned and could use some improvement.


The advantages of SAP CRM are the following:
  • An extensive range of marketing features
  • Sales automation
  • A mobile solution
  • Good customer support


Here are some of the downsides of SAP CRM software:
  • No free plan
  • A complicated interface
  • Slow performance issues
  • Might be expensive

Bitrix24 Advantages

The advantages of choosing Bitrix24 as an alternative to SAP CRM are the following:
  • A free cloud plan
  • Self-hosted editions with a one-time fee
  • Various external integrations
  • Multiple collaboration tools
  • A mobile solution
  • Work process visualizing with Kanban boards

Using Bitrix24 as an alternative to SAP CRM offers you the following advantages

Choosing Bitrix24 as a SAP CRM alternative provides you with unlimited leads, deals, contacts, and companies in all its plans and editions. With this software, you can get a free set of various features on a cloud-based platform. This will allow you to unite your team, manage projects, share documents, and have control over your client database. If you need more advanced features for your work, you can consider business tool suites.

If you prefer a self-hosted version, the company offers several editions with a one-time fee. It is easy to install and can be hosted on various servers.

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