Articles 13 Support Ticketing Tools Your Service Team Will Love You For

13 Support Ticketing Tools Your Service Team Will Love You For

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Vlad Kovalskiy
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
13 Support Ticketing Tools Your Service Team Will Love You For

To handle your customer queries, you might want to introduce a support ticket system to your business. Your staff members will be able to quickly access the tickets, distribute them among themselves and provide clients with any knowledge they might request. From this article, you'll get to know about top support ticketing solutions that businesses from various industries gladly use. Also, you'll learn about the reasons for using this type of software and ways of improving customer experience thanks to it.

Why You Need a Support Ticketing Tool

You might want to install ticketing tools to allow your support managers to prioritize clients' queries and better organize their workloads. If your reps still record phone calls or track down email threads, they might lose or miss precious information. Plus, it might be too tricky for them to track the history of their client interactions.

Thanks to this type of software, you'll boost your client satisfaction and get more loyal customers. Your brand awareness and your revenue will rise. Your staff will be grateful to you because you've made their work more stress-free and efficient.

Best Support Ticketing Tools


This is probably the most famous and powerful support ticketing solution. It's equally good for both external and internal support. Every time a client gets in touch with you (schedules a meeting, calls you or sends you a text message), the information about this interaction will be added to the Bitrix24 CRM. This database serves as the cornerstone for the ticketing system. The software will distribute the queries among your employees, passing the high-priority and the complex ones to the most experienced specialists.

Clients will appreciate the convenient helpdesk forms that you will embed in your site. These forms will contain the following elements:

  • A dropdown menu to indicate the category of the query

  • Fields to insert mandatory details

  • A field to add optional information

Bitrix24 allows you to build a top-end FAQ section for your site. You can publish the most searched information there and place a link to the FAQ page on your helpdesk page.

Your support managers can access the helpdesk from their mobile devices just as effortlessly as from the desktop. They will be able to talk to your clients in the live chat on your website and in any social network where you have an account.


It will create a communal ticketing system for your entire client support team. All your staff will get access to a shared email inbox. As soon as the system detects a new service request, it will forward it to that inbox. Each of your team members will be able to select the case that fits their sphere of responsibility and start to work on it. Everyone else can monitor the progress on that ticket. Besides, staffers can collaborate on tickets and exchange ideas before submitting a response to the client. Front features an excellent shared draft tool that enhances teamwork culture and enables customers to get the best answer possible.


This one is based on ticket automation. When the user creates a ticket, some of its properties will be pre-filled. You'll be able to distribute templates amongst your support managers to promote a unified communication style.


When using this piece of software, your staff will be able to do the following:

  • Access all tickets on one dashboard

  • Track all communication made on a certain ticket

  • Monitor all the stages of the ticket's progress

As soon as you get a new client, a contact card will be created for them in the HubSpot CRM. All the tickets submitted by this person will be linked to their card.

This system also features ticket analytics that you can rely on to boost your team's productivity and make your clients happier. You'll get to know how long it took the rep to process the ticket, see which roadblocks they faced and think of how you can accelerate the process next time.


It turns every new client support engagement into a ticket and submits this ticket either to the shared inbox or to a team member that has time to handle it. This is a very convenient way of streamlining information across all the departments of the organization. Not only support managers but also their colleagues from other spheres of responsibility can share knowledge with customers.


This cloud-based solution simplifies the process of ticket creation and their distribution across the company. Your staff members will receive checklists and pre-written rules that will enable them to work quicker and enhance the customer's experience with your brand. It should be easier for you to onboard new professionals because the workflow will become highly transparent and consistent.

SolarWinds can also double as an internal support ticketing instrument for your company. Professionals from all departments can submit IT queries there. The system can group similar support cases together so that all the parties involved will get a response in the shortest possible time. The specialist in charge will find a comprehensive answer and send it to anyone who needs it.


The primary target audience of Spiceworks is IT companies. Businesses from other spheres often use it as an internal help desk for IT queries. This solution features a mobile interface where you can log in from a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to such an approach, your team members can process clients' queries almost 24/7, regardless of their current location. All the staff will be connected to the support inbox, so the one who sees a query first can promptly respond to the customer.


It's a very simple instrument to set up and use. It will take your team members just a couple of hours to learn how to use it and get accustomed to it.

This one consists of three components:

  • Customer portal

  • Knowledge base

  • Shared inbox

All your support managers will get access to a unified inbox and will be able to distribute the incoming queries among themselves. The number of tickets is unlimited. Plus, SupportBee features customer satisfaction ratings.


If you opt for this one, you'll get a whole set of ticket management tools. All your client communications will be integrated into one platform that automates tasks to save your reps' time and effort. The following types of interactions are automatically converted into tickets:

  • Calls

  • Messages

  • Texts

  • Forum posts whose authors raise serious issues (in case you have a forum on your site)

Your staff members will be able to check the full history of their customer interactions and share tickets across several Zendesk accounts.


It enables you to accumulate tickets from the following sources:

  • Social media

  • Email

  • Live chat

  • Web forms

  • Phone

You'll be able to distribute tickets among your team members either based on preset parameters (in accordance with the specialists' skills and competence) or automatically.

Zoho features an advanced sentiment analysis tool. Even before you open the ticket, you'll gauge its sentiment. To boost client satisfaction, it would be wise to respond to negative messages immediately.

WordPress Support Ticketing System

WordPress features rather decent ticketing tools. If you're using this host, you should appreciate the simplicity of the installation of its native instruments.

Awesome Support is most frequently used as a help desk. It includes a ticketing system, email notifications and media upload software that accelerates and streamlines the workflow.

SupportCandy is optimal for smaller customer support collectives. You'll get such functions as unlimited tickets and agents, custom fields, private form fields, email notifications and an opportunity to attach files. As your business scales, you'll be able to buy reports, satisfaction surveys and other premium add-ons.

Support Ticket System V2 is a premium plugin that supports an unlimited number of users, products and tickets. Thanks to its well-organized ticket search system, it's perfect for larger organizations.

Improve Your Customer Service with a Ticketing System

Ticketing tools are a crucial element of an omnichannel support strategy. Thanks to them, you'll be able to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide better service

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

  • Retain clients and actively attract new ones

  • Raise your brand awareness

  • Maximize your revenue

Plus, a support ticketing solution will enable you to save all your dialogs with clients. This data can serve as future training material for your new reps. You'll be able to analyze it to detect the strongest and weakest points of your communication strategy and improve it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you better understand why you might need to get ticketing tools for your support team. Thanks to this type of software, it should be much easier for you to handle customers' queries and boost your clients' satisfaction. Among all the support ticketing solutions that are available on the market, you might want to choose Bitrix24. It's powerful, versatile and reliable. Over 10 million businesses from all over the world trust it and it will be likely to become your favorite software.
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