22 Must-have Digital Marketing Tools in 2021
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Vlad Kovalskiy
August 18, 2021
Last updated: April 5, 2023
22 Must-have Digital Marketing Tools in 2021

1. Bitrix24

This is one of the most powerful and versatile online marketing tools. It is equally efficient for email marketing, telemarketing, client management, collaboration and many other activities. This app saves exhaustive information on each of your customers in its database and updates it automatically each time you contact this client. To interact with your audience, you can use the in-built virtual call center of Bitrix24. When your managers need to talk to each other, they can exchange text messages or launch a videoconference right in the app.

Shared calendars, Gantt charts, time management tools, quotes and invoices and many other instruments will enable you to boost your team's performance. Thanks to the supervising control tool, you'll be able to check how many tasks are assigned to a particular specialist and how well they cope with their workload.

Pricing: to get started, you can opt for a free plan. Then, you can choose from 3 plans depending on the scale of your business. 

2. Hotjar

This analytics and feedback tool enables marketers to track user behavior on their sites. It analyzes the data behind customers' behavior with the help of screen recordings, feedback polls, surveys and site heatmaps. You can easily measure the effectiveness of your website design and understand which of its aspects you should improve to increase conversion.

Pricing: with the Business plan, you pay €99 per month and you get 500 daily sessions. With the Scale plan, you pay €389 per month and you get 4000 daily sessions.

3. Mixpanel

Compared to many other marketing tools, this one is exceptionally easy to use and set up. It will provide you with deep insights for your business analytics and will give you a holistic view of how your marketing is performing. If you tag campaigns with UTMs, you'll see their performance all the way through to purchase and retention.

Pricing: to get started, you can try the free plan. If you run a big business, you should get in touch with the Mixpanel team and get to know the price of the Enterprise plan. The golden middle is the Growth plan that starts from $25 per month.

Digital Marketing Tools for Conversion, Marketing Automation and Personalization

4. HubSpot Forms

Professionals value this tool for the extensive opportunities that it offers to free users. It enables them to create as many forms as they find necessary and add as many fields as they wish. The app automatically syncs to HubSpot CRM — and you can also integrate it with other CRMs or email marketing tools.

Pricing: free

5. MailChimp

The app will boost your conversions and will enable you to efficiently reach your customer base with email campaigns. It's indispensable for informing your target audience about your new products and developments. Also, it will allow you to create more appealing landing pages.

Pricing: to get started, you can try the free plan. The Essential plan costs $9.99 per month, Standard — $14.99 per month and Premium — $299 per month.

6. Pardot

This marketing automation app will provide you with in-depth reports on all your social media campaigns, PPC, emails and landing pages. With its help, your marketing team will be able to identify your best leads as well as measure which campaigns, content and designs give you the best engagement. This app allows you to compare your efficiency against your rivals' performance. Plus, you can use Pardot to create quick and easy mobile responsive landing pages.

Pricing: the Growth plan costs $1,250 per year, Plus — $2,500 per year, Advanced — $4,000 per year and Premium — $15,000 per year. Besides, you might want to purchase add-ons that cost from $50 to $3,000 per year.

7. PersistIQ

It has become a firm favorite of companies that are searching for online marketing tools for ABM campaigns (this acronym stands for account-based marketing). You can load in a list of prospects to this app and build campaigns to reach out to your clients by email and phone. PersistIQ enables you to optimize your campaigns relying on tracking results and measure their efficiency. It accelerates the process of creating and sending out personalized emails.

Pricing: Teams and Essential plans cost $59 per user/month. Premium costs $99 per user/month. Essential and Premium plans feature 14-day free trials.

8. Proof

The tool got its name after the concept of social proof. If people are lining up for a certain object, it means that most likely, this item is worth your attention. The app displays recent activity notifications of users on your site. It can create a fear of missing out and it encourages people to convert. It comes in especially handy for homepages and landing pages.

Pricing: apart from the free trial, the product features the following plans: Basic — $29 per month, Pro— $79 per month, Business— $129 per month, Premium — $199 per month, Platinum — $299 per month, Enterprise — custom pricing.

9. Zoho SalesIQ

This one stands out from many other marketing tools thanks to the extensive functionality of its free version. It enables you to use pre-programmed responses, check visitor insights and lead scoring as well as carry out real-time tracking. Zoho SalesIQ helps you to engage with your visitors and convert them into customers. Both the back-end and the front-end design of this app are remarkably intuitive.

Pricing: apart from the free trial, the product features the following plans: Basic — $7 per operator/month, Professional — $12.75 per operator/month, Enterprise — $20 per operator/month.

Digital Marketing Tools for Design, Social Media and Video

10. Canva

You would rarely come across this one in a list of top marketing tools because this is a design app. With its help, you can quickly make sleek and professional-looking graphics. To make the most of Canva, you don't need to be a skilled and experienced designer. It enables you to upload your logo, icons and other images and customize all this content. You can make gifs, infographics and pictures for social media posts in this app — and you'll have branded, eye-catching content.

Pricing: the basic functionality is available at no cost. With the Enterprise plan, you'll need to pay €27.00 per user/month and with the Pro plan — €109.99 per year.

11. Hootsuite

This app enables you to monitor all of our social media platforms at once. Plus, it provides post updates and review responses. After you install its plugin, you'll be able to share information through all your social media platforms simultaneously. If you prefer to customize the time when your posts go live to specific peak times of each platform, you can compile a schedule and make Hootsuite follow it. This tool will help you to increase your traffic, customer engagement and conversion.

Pricing: the free trial period lasts 30 days. Then, you'll be able to choose from the following plans: Professional — $19 per month, Team — $99 per month, Business — $599 per month, Enterprise — custom price.

12. Iconosquare

This social management tool will help you to identify which type of content you should share to boost your social media presence and increase the engagement of your followers. Also, it will recommend the time when you should post this content. To build a more informed social media strategy, you can monitor your competitors through Iconosquare and analyze the performance of their social media accounts.

Pricing: the free trial period lasts 14 days. Then, you'll be able to choose from the following plans: Pro — $49 per month, Advanced — $79 per month, and Enterprise — $139 per month.

13. Tube Buddy

This tool is indispensable for YouTube channel management. Compared to YouTube reports, it provides more detailed and comprehensive statistics. It enables you to assess how your videos perform and compare them with your competitors' content.

Pricing: you can get started for free and then update to one of the following plans — Pro at $7.20 per month, Star at $15.20 per month and Legend at $39.20 per month.

14. Upfluence

This is one of the most efficient marketing tools for working with influencers. It will take you just a few minutes to identify proper influencers for a certain campaign and assess the relevant metrics.

Pricing: the basic functionality is available for free. Then, you should request the price.

Digital Marketing Tools for Keyword Research, SEO and SEM

15. Ahrefs

Among all the marketing tools from our list, this one is particularly efficient for reporting broken backlinks. It will notify you if one of your backlinks points to an "error 404" page — and you can contact the webmaster of that site and ask them to update the link.

Ahrefs allows you to detect which content earns more links on average. It enables you to identify which keywords to incorporate in content to make it rank better. Plus, you can analyze the top-performing content of your competitors and single out their keywords.

Pricing: there is no free trial but you can try out the program for $7. Then, you'll be required to upgrade to one of the following plans: Lite at $99 per month, Standard at $179 per month, Advanced at $399 per month or Agency at $999 per month.

16. Mangools

Try this one if you're looking for digital marketing tools that can carry out cloud-based SEO research and double as tracking apps. Mangools is an excellent instrument for keyword research. To make sure your content reaches your target audience, you might want to use keywords that aren't heavily saturated. With this app, you can build an efficient inbound marketing strategy to ensure your customers can find you online.

This product can help you to analyze the factors that influence the ranking of your and your competitors' pages. To scan relevant channels for ideas, you can rely on its link analysis utility. Its website auditing tool will enable you to track your domain authority and inbound backlinks from other websites.

Professionals who are taking their first steps in digital marketing value Mangools for its intuitive interface. Even if your experience in this sphere is not too vast yet, this app will help you to considerably increase your organic traffic and conversion in just a couple of months.

Pricing: the free trial lasts 10 days. Then, you'll need to choose from the following plans: Basic — $29.90 per month, Premium — $39.90 per month, and Agency — $79.90 per month.

17. SEMRush

This is one of the best digital marketing tools that enable professionals to audit sites and analyze their traffic, competitors and competitors' ads. It will allow you to generate keywords with buying intent and high-performing topics for content marketing. You'll be able to use handy templates for content generation.

Pricing: to get started, you can use the free demo version. Then, you'll be able to choose from the following plans: Pro — $119.95 per month, Guru — $229.95 per month, and Business — $449.95 per month.

18. Unbounce

This product was designed specifically for PPC & generating leads — and this is what differentiates it from many other digital marketing tools. It saves you from needing to write code to create a landing page for your PPC campaign. Instead, you can rely on pre-built templates and simply drag and drop items. Unbounce enables you to add dynamic elements to your pages and create lead flows. This app will automatically compress photos for you. It is exceptionally SEO-friendly and it is compatible with diverse third-party apps.

Pricing: the product offers four plans. Launch costs $80 per month, Optimize — $120 per month, Accelerate — $200 per month and Scale — $300 per month.

Digital Marketing Tools for Productivity

19. Ontraport

This one differentiates itself from many other marketing platforms thanks to its versatility. It can take care of both of your core inbound marketing and many other business functions. It enables you to easily follow up with prospects, organize media campaigns, send automated follow-ups and take notes on your records. Ontraport provides you with valuable context that you can rely on when you reach out to your customer via phone or email.

Pricing: you can get started with a free 14-day trial. Then, you'll need to pay $79 per month for the Basic plan, $149 for the Plus plan, $297 for the Pro plan and $497 for the Enterprise plan.

20. Slack

It's one of the best marketing platforms for businesses that handle all their departments individually. It enables you to distribute the overall scope of work into different channels. For instance, when your sales rep looks for particular information in the system, they won't come across the tasks and comments for your designers.

Pricing: to get started, you can use the free plan. To get to know the price of the Enterprise plan, get in touch with the Slack team. The Pro plan costs $6.67 per month and the Business plan — $12.50 per month.

21. Trello

Trello is one of the most famous marketing tools that help professionals to juggle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. It creates comprehensive visual representations for everything that you're currently busy with. Your team members will never miss a single deadline and you'll be able to easily track the progress of each project.

Pricing: to get started, you can use the free plan. To get to know the price of the Enterprise plan, get in touch with the Trello team. The golden middle is the Business Class plan that costs $10 per user/month.

22. Yesware

It is one of those digital marketing tools that work wonders when integrated with third-party apps. For instance, its BCC email feature can generate a unique email address for each of your employees in your Zoho CRM. With this address, you can automatically pull in all the emails sent to your leads through the various email accounts of an affiliated team member. Yesware will provide you with additional insights of your recipients. It will enable you to communicate faster and smoother — which, eventually, should lead to better conversion.

Pricing: the product is free for the first 14 days. Then, you can select from three plans: Pro ($15 per user/month), Premium ($35 per user/month) or Enterprise ($65 per user/month).

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you know which digital marketing tools you should pay attention to. Thousands of professionals from different spheres trust the products that were mentioned in this review. Before buying any product or applying for a free trial, you should glance through its full description on its official website. This review was focused on the primary competitive edges of different apps to help you understand their respective unique features.

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