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Best Prompts for Marketing

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Vlad Kovalskiy
14 min
Updated: May 15, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: May 15, 2024
Best Prompts for Marketing

It seems like, in the recent couple of years, AI and its development have become one of the main topics for many people. The number of possibilities it brings is as large as the ways it can be used to help you with work, studies, or even just planning your day.

If you work in a marketing department and think that using ChatGPT or other AI software will not bring any advantages, you are very wrong. More and more people are implementing this technology, and if you don't, you are missing out on many opportunities.

However, just like with other tools, all the advantages can be achieved with the correct usage. This is where ChatGPT prompts (which can be used for other similar tools as well) come in handy.

In this article, we will look into how AI can be used by marketing teams, dive into the basics for beginners, and look into the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing.

What is ChatGPT, and how does it work?

ChatGPT was released at the end of 2022 and became one of the most popular topics immediately. The main purpose of the software was to generate text according to the user's inquiry. 

Over time, the program has developed, and now it can fulfill almost all inquiries from the user based on natural language processing. The text modifications:

  • create a new one from scratch;

  • highlight the main points;

  • divide into tasks;

  • analyze the grammar;

  • rewrite for clarity;

  • generate used

  • and more.

So basically, the usage is limited only by your imagination and area of expertise. The program can be used for free. However, you can acquire a pay subscription for ChatGPT Plus to get more features.

Though ChatGPT is probably the most famous AI tool, it is certainly not the only one. If you are planning to incorporate such software to use for marketing purposes, you might consider looking into ones developed specifically to aid with such needs.

Recently, Bitrix24 introduced its own AI assistant, Copilot. It already comes with the CRM, so implementing it into your workflow can easily be done without investing in additional software. 

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Can you use ChatGPT for marketing?

It might surprise you, but over 70% of all marketing teams are using AI tools to improve their indicators. Yet, out of all these people, only half implement this technology for constant use. Even though it can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

It is always hard to get used to changes, so most, after surely engaging with the AI tools, decide to stick to the known procedures. This can lead to missed opportunities since the software can help with:

  • creating a sales funnel;

  • automatization of the daily tasks;

  • time efficiency;

  • content creating;

  • personalization for target customers;

  • customer segmentation;

  • campaign ideas generation.

We have listed only several usage cases and there are many more. It might be hard to get started with the AI, and this is where ChatGPT prompts come in handy.

Why do you need AI prompts for marketing?

Though ChatGPT is an incredible software, it is still just a tool that you can use. You are still the person in charge, and the results you get are solely based on your skills, experience, and creativity.

So, for you to get everything out of the program, using prompts is a must. There are several reasons why this is true:

  • Asking the right question

This is especially true for beginners. You might not be getting everything out of the software just because of how you are stating your request. And sometimes, it looks like you are not getting the results you were expecting because of the same reason.

Having some prepared prompts at hand will not only save you from asking for the same thing over and over again but also help with understanding the general process of working with the AI.

  • Proving the list of ways how to use the program

Since AI is mostly known for creating and updating texts, most people limit their understanding of the areas where the software can be applied. The right ChatGPT prompts for marketing will show you the whole spectrum of possible usage.

It can also help you with new ideas for engaging the same tools in a completely different way. With prompts, you can be more creative and easily complete tasks that would usually take several hours 2 times faster.

Best Prompts for Marketing

How to use ChatGPT prompts

Just like with any other device you use in your life, there are several established rules of how to get the best results. The same can be applied to the ChatGPT. This is still just a tool and not a magical solution, so here's what to take into consideration when using AI prompts:

1) Set a goal for your task.

If you do not have a clear view of what results you are trying to receive, you are most likely to waste time. Even if you learn the specifics of working with the prompts for ChatGPT without understanding the final goal, it is useless.

For example, if you need to create an email body for a newsletter as a part of your email marketing campaign, you must understand what the complete text should look like. This way, you can either use the presented results as a base or keep working on the inquiry with the AI. 

If you want to receive the final satisfactory results from the tool, you'll have to invest some time in it. However, this way, the AI can learn and provide you with better results next time.

2) Characterize the writer and task purpose.

It is no secret that one of the main reasons this tool is so great is because it can imitate the way a human would write something. For you to receive the desired outcome, specify the position of the writer, the description of what it is writing as well as for whom:

"You work as a (job) and construct a (name of the task) for (your target audience)."

This is a good way to specify what should be done based on the goal that you want to accomplish.

3) Keep it simple yet precise.

Do not waste time on grand adjectives and long poetic descriptions. However, you also need to provide important details and a description. Without this information, you will receive a generic answer that will be of no use to you in practice.

Here's an example for you:

Instead of asking: "Create a blog post," you should also be taking into consideration:

  • your potential and existing customer details;

  • how you can help them based on the specifics of your product;

  • company's focus and goal.

So, the request should look more like this:

"My potential customers are (description), and the customers use the product to help them with (list one or several issues). Our company focuses on(the goal). Provide a list of blog post ideas to write."

4) Add the related details.

You, as a user, are the one in charge of the results you will receive. AI software is just a tool in your hands to help you be more efficient and productive. You can always adjust the description to obtain the result you had in mind.

The details you might want to describe include:

  • The number of variations you need ("Create 5 options);

  • Adjust the tone of the text;

  • Relatable information about the potential customers;

  • Bullet points requirement;

  • Number of characters;

  • Special occasion or upcoming event if there is one.

Remember that you can always adjust the latest version without losing any of the previous settings. If something should be added to the text, it can easily be done with an additional request.

In case you have a long list of adjustments, there is also an option to send a message asking not to start the process. 

5) Following upon the results.

If the result you received is not something you imagined, one simple"not good, remake it" is not going to help. But do not lose hope after the first couple of tries. This process might take time based on the task, but the result will be worth it.

Be more specific about what parts should be changed. The requests can look like:

  • "Try again, the tone is wrong."

  • "Send another version with fewer characters."

  • "That's not it, change the focus to..."

Another great tip is to mark when the task was completed rigorously. "That's good; this part was done correctly; I like the message," etc. can be used to help the AI learn.

6) Check the facts

This is especially true if the task is related to the statistics, fact comparison or any other data. Unfortunately, even ChatGPT is not perfect, and since the main goal is imitating human speech and language, some mistakes can be included. 

This is why it is important to re-check the text and the data. Having several errors in the reports is not going to do you any good when presenting it to the manager.

Best Prompts for Marketing

Best ChatGPT prompts

Marketing covers a broad spectrum of customer communication. Every direction requires different ways of reaching the client.

These prompts for marketing can also be divided into several categories based on the relevant channels. Each has its own purpose and specifics. So, let's get into the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing.

ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing

Social media platforms have become one of the main ways of contacting the potential customer. People spend several hours online every day, so constant content creation is a crucial part of any marketing campaign. Here's a list of ChatGPT prompts that can generate ideas for your social media:

1) Writing Caption

Building your online presence takes time, as well as constant posts on various social media. Each has its specifics, and creating captions and engaging scripts for each is very time-consuming.

There are no limits for the AI when it comes to the specific social media platform, so you can easily create:

  • LinkedIn posts;

  • Instagram captions and stories;

  • Descriptions for TickTock  Videos

  • X (Twitter) treads.

The prompt examples include:

"Generate a promotional LinkedIn post about the latest product update."

"Create an engaging reel caption (video description)."

2) Hashtag generating

Hashtags are a must when sorting content and helping with search on social media. Doing research on which ones are better to use takes a lot of time and effort when the list can be created by the AI tool:

"Write a list of hashtags for the Instagram campaign with a focus on updating the features."

"Generale a list of relevant hashtags to increase brand awareness."

3) Creating a social media posting calendar

Each platform has its specific activity period, so a social media post must be delivered at a specific time. An AI tool can create a calendar for every platform:

"Create a social media calendar for the TickTock account with 3 posts per week."

4) Creating a response to negative feedback

Handling such situations rapidly as well as professionally is essential when establishing your product online. You can insert a comment in a ChatGPT prompt and have a reply in seconds:

"Create a response to the next negative comment received on the social media account in a professional tone with a focus on learning the exact issue: (the feedback)."

5) Outlining the account's bio

The bio must present all relevant information about your brand with a limited number of characters, at the same time, showing your brand character. Including detailed and describing the request precisely is essential in this case:

"Create a list of 5 options for the company's Instagram bio based on the problem our product solves and the general company mission. The mission focuses on (the idea. The product helps with (description)."

6) Creating specific campaigns

Whether you want to introduce a new product, a major update, or a holiday sale, an AI tool can help create a campaign to encourage customers to go through with a sale.

Your inquiry can include:

"Suggest a social media strategy with a focus on the features of the new product. The features include (the list)."

7) Generating a video script or a list of ideas

Whether you want to keep up with the trans of TickTock  or are just searching for new ideas for new YouTube videos, ChatGPT can help:

"Create an engaging script for a 5-minute video on YouTube for service promotion."

"List 15 ideas for a trendy TickTock video."

Best Prompts for Marketing

ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a crucial part of the customer journey. The goal is to convince customers not only to open the emails but also to keep them engaged with the product.

Providing you with unrelatable and generic content, as well as constant daily messaging, are common reasons customers unsubscribe. Your goal is to avoid creating a cold outbound email response and build high customer engagement.

All the prompts to help you with it include:

1) Outlining email subject lines

"Suggest a list of 15 email subject lines to increase click (opening) rates."

2) Creating email campaigns

"Draft a list of ideas for an email campaign promoting a (product, service, or feature) for a month. Focus on the (topic)."

3) Composing a follow up email

"Create a follow-up email after receiving a blog post comment."

4) Drafting a greeting email

"Write a personalized greeting email for a (audience, industry, or product description)."

5) Writing a thank you email

"Outline a personalized thank you email to be sent after the online purchase of (product specifics)."

6) Creating an email template

"Suggest five ideas of email templates for a seasonal promotion. The (specify the industry, target audience, and product features)."

7) Drafting a feedback survey template

"Create a marketing copy for a feedback survey email template."

8) Writing a reaching out email for inactive users

"Write an email for the previous inactive users. Focus on re-engaging with the product."

9) Generating headlines for marketing campaign testing

"Compose email headlines for an A/B testing. The targeted audience..."

Best Prompts for Marketing

ChatGPT prompts for content marketing

Content marketing includes a vast number of marketing channels that include creating website blogs, various podcasts, tutorials as well as product use integration.

The goal of these is to lead potential customers to your website and, essentially, to buy the product. Rightfully created and presented content can boost your recognition and sales. For that, you need not only engaging as well as highly-ranked texts. Here is the list of ChatGPT prompts to ease this job for you:

1) Creating a blog and Google ad headlines

You may not get the perfect headline for the first try. The trick is to generate a list of 10-20 headlines to choose one or create it as a combination of a few:

"Generate an engaging blog post headline about (general topic)."

2) Listing tutorial ideas

Aside from a blog post, you can also publish relevant tutorials and how-to compilations. Ask ChatGpt to outline some concepts for you:

"Write a list of ideas for a tutorial about (relevant topic)."

3) Writing meta descriptions for blogs

"Create a meta description for (blog, product page, or any other topic) with a focus on boosting landing page visits."

4) Incorporating blogs with other formats

"Provide ideas to re-format the blog (the keyword or subject lines, insert url) into videos, reels, and social media posts."

5) Listing engaging keywords

This is a great way to ensure your blog or a post will have high engagement rates. However, you need to insert details about the existing customers, product, social media platform etc, to get the correct results:

"Generate 20 keywords for a landing page search engine optimization. The product is..."

6) Summarizing key messages of a campaign for presentation

"Summarize the results of the digital marketing campaign with a focus on the improved SEO indicators."

7) Creating a list of blog ideas

Complete a list of 17 blog ideas for a (industry, keyword, product details)."

8) Generating talking projects for a podcast

"List five ideas to discuss on a podcast about (topic, product, event)."

9) Adding statistics to the blog post

Adding credibly to our blog builds trust in the written material as well as proves the presented data. It might take a lot of time and deep market research to locate the needed statistics and publications. Such ChatGPT marketing prompts can make it in a couple of minutes:

"Provide a list of websites that have posted reports about (theme, industry."

"Generate statistics from published reports about (the metrics, industry)."

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts With AI

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ChatGPT prompts for event marketing 

Even if for customers it does not seem this way, an event or a holiday requires long hours of preparation. All marketing strategies are used to generate leads since it is a time of higher search intent and intense shopping. 

1) Outlining the promotion checklist

"Suggest a bullet list for a marketing campaign to include every channel of customer interaction." 

2) Landing page update

"Create a list of ideas for an event-based landing page to build customer anticipation." 

3) Creating a video script

"Generate a video script about the (product) with the focus on (event)."

4) Generating an updated hashtag list

"Create a list of hashtags relevant to upcoming (event) for promotion (product)." 

5) Listing possible holiday activities for a social media campaign

"Generate an activities-based social media campaign. The purpose is to heighten customer activity and interaction." 

6) Even-related email campaigns

" Draft an email with a focus on (upcoming event). The goal is to boost pre-order numbers." 

7) Special press release

"Outline a special press release concentrating on (special guest, podcast theme)." 

ChatGPT prompts for ad marketing

Ads are one of the main parts of the company's proportion, starting from the ones on TV or radio - and finishing with Facebook ads. When done correctly, this can be one of the great tools to generate leads.

Here's how you can use a ChatGPT prompt when creating your ad campaign:

1) Updating ad description based on its performance

"Provide improved ad description based on the latest campaign results and data (include the data)." 

2) Creating ad subject lines

"Create a list of 20 headlines for a Google ad campaign." 

3) Choosing ad channels

"Generate a list of 5 advertising channels for a (product) based on the target audience description (include the audience metrics)." 

4) Drafting an influencer marketing campaign

"Brainstorm ideas for an Instagram campaign based on working with the influencer." 

5) Composing a compelling script

"Generate a compelling script for a 2-minute (YouTube or TickTock  video, reel) for a (product)." 


AI tools have become a revolutionary technology because of its many aspects. It is undeniable that with its help, you cannot only solve some generic work issues but boost productivity as well. 

Marketing is one of the areas where ChatGPT can ease the process almost every step of the way. The key to uncovering all its potential is using the right prompts and never limiting your imagination.

Although ChatGPT is probably the most famous one, there are plenty of others that can suit your marketing needs even better. These include Copilot - an AI assistant implemented into the Bitrix24 CRM system. Any ChatGPT prompt can be used for a similar software as well.

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