Articles How to stay motivated at work? Here are 7 Apps to help

How to stay motivated at work? Here are 7 Apps to help

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Vlad Kovalskiy
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
How to stay motivated at work? Here are 7 Apps to help
Motivation is a big thing. One wrong word and someone’s motivation crumbles, their productivity and efficiency go on a nosedive, and pretty soon, everyone else in the team is rundown in no time. It’s important that a business leader is aware of the signs and is always on the lookout for them apart from being able to actively and consistently motivate their teams.

1. RescueTime

How to stay motivated at work involves being able to focus on the job that needs to be done by spending your time wisely. To really be able to spend your time wisely, you need to see how you’re actually spending it. RescueTime acts like your productivity coach by letting you see what’s been occupying most of your time, what you have coming up, and which goals need your attention. It’s an app that you can keep that sits right in the taskbar of your computer for easy access.

RescueTime gives you daily focus work goals based on your work style and usual meeting schedule so you can prioritize more important tasks. It will also alert you of the times you got distracted to help you refocus your attention to the job at hand. Once the day or week is done, you can use RescueTime to give you a comprehensive report of how you spent your time whether it’s on work or distractions.

2. Freedom

Sometimes you’re in the middle of work and you remember something so you surf the web to look it up and find yourself lost in the network 2 hours later, your work left unattended. Whether it’s social media, online shopping, or gaming, as long as it’s not a work-related site, Freedom will block it for you, leaving your hours open solely for work. If being in control of your deliverables and work hours are what motivates you at work, Freedom is what you need.

Get full control of your productivity, focus, and efficiency by shutting out distractions with Freedom. It’s accessible too because Freedom is available whether you’re using Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, and Chrome devices. You can schedule when Freedom kicks off so you can control when non-essential websites are blocked so when the work is done, you can resume surfing the web.

3. Engross

Keep your team and yourself safe from the lack of motivation at work by using a time management tool like Engross. It can be used as a planner and calendar where users can plot their routines and schedules. The app can then detect and plot recurring tasks and events.

Engross can also be used as a timer if you’re a fan of the Pomodoro time management technique. Engross helps users stay engrossed in their jobs by blocking out distractions by giving them the option to block or whitelist apps and sites. Engross also has a minimalist design, making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate whether you’re using it as a planner or a to-do list.

4. Bitrix24

Staying engaged with colleagues is one of the ways for how to stay motivated at work. Bitrix24 is (among other things) an HR management software that specializes in strengthening employee engagement and cultivating a positive culture in the workplace. You can use Bitrix24 to monitor your employees’ workloads, give top performers a shout-out from time to time and even chat with colleagues to build bonds with them. Bitrix24 is also a collaboration platform.

You can use it to communicate with colleagues through video or voice calls. Ssave documents in the cloud and enable online editing by a number of users at the same time and have those changes saved in real-time. Track projects and tasks through the use of Kanban boards or Gantt charts, and create task templates. Being able to see what you’ve accomplished so far also helps bolster your energy, confidence, and motivation because of how far you’ve come in terms of work.

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5. Done

If you or someone in your team has the habit of procrastinating, using Done might help. The worst thing about procrastinating is that you know it’s never a good thing. You can break this habit with Done. Plot your goals in Done, track your progress, and celebrate achievements.

If you happen to be a leader and you’re looking for ways on how to motivate staff or improve staff motivation, recommending Done to your team can take you to greater heights. Run reports using Done and study performance trends and productivity reports to coach your team to keep them motivated and improving.

6. Pep Talk

Sometimes, all you need to get off your rear and get moving is a bit of inspiration and Pep Talk can give you some of that. Pep Talk has a collection of speeches from leaders, public figures, and personalities to help you out of a rut and get you moving again. You can listen to these audio recordings while you’re working, on the bus, working out, or resting to keep staff motivation high.

Motivation is sometimes personal and finding out how to stay motivated at work may take some research but one option that might be helpful in improving staff motivation is a pep talk from the person you look up to. Available on the app store, you can download Pep Talk and pick your favorite speaker.

7. Fabulous

It might be an unpopular notion but part of how to stay motivated at work also is taking care of you. Putting yourself first is not such a bad thing especially when you’re doing it for self-care and the Fabulous app can help with that. The Fabulous app is your daily coach, to help you conquer your to-do list and stay productive.

The Fabulous app also teaches users about self-discipline, inner strength, and valuing oneself by pushing reminders that reinforce positive habits, practices, and actions in one’s daily life. You can add morning, noon, and nighttime routines so you can structure your day properly for increased productivity, efficiency, and staff motivation.

How to stay motivated at work

Motivation needs to be approached carefully and with a lot of respect for whoever needs extra motivation. Thankfully, there are a lot of apps and software available in the market today that you can use for this. The secret to what motivates you at work and what motivates staff at work can possibly be hiding in one of the tools mentioned above.

What are your goals? What are your stumbling blocks? Are you looking for a tool for yourself or your team? Once you’ve figured these things out, you can pick your weapon of choice in this list to see which one ticks all of your boxes. Combat the lack of motivation at work by choosing an app or software that can help you with how to motivate staff and continuously improve on staff motivation today.
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