Leading AI Virtual Assistants to Improve Productivity in 2024

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Vlad Kovalskiy
April 17, 2024
Last updated: April 18, 2024
Leading AI Virtual Assistants to Improve Productivity in 2024

How wonderfully modern space is organized... A few years ago, talk of Artificial Intelligence seemed like dreams and fantasies. But already in 2024, AI technologies are finding their way into all spheres of our lives. This is an undeniable breakthrough in the technological world. And the first area it has affected is the Business of every format.

The biggest advantage of software using intelligent innovations is increased productivity on several levels at once. The sphere of Business has become the main stimulus for the development and emergence in the Internet area of all new AI-assistants, which replace exclusive human labor and in many ways become more efficient and profitable.

How to Understand the Working Principles of AI virtual assistant?

Still strange and unclear smart programs can frighten ordinary users. But in fact, there is no danger in them. AI assistants are your most indispensable digital assistants that can instantly understand your requests, process them based on a programmed knowledge base, and deliver the required answers and results.

Thanks to the fact that virtual assistants are located in digital clouds, they can be accessed from any location, the main condition being an internet connection. They have multi-format versions and are adaptable to PCs, Laptops, and different electronic devices.

How could virtual assistants help Сompanies?

As we have already said, AI assistants and software help to speed up and boost the productivity of companies in different business areas many times over. After all, count the fact that you have the workplace of a unique super-efficient, and incredibly intelligent employee in your personal computer. It is devoid of emotions and predispositions, it does not make mistakes, it analyzes tons of information, and shows the best results.

Of course, even the smartest software can't be relied upon for matters that are more creative or require deep thinking. But just ordinary routine tasks, automation of monotonous processes, and analysis of numerical data can be entrusted to an AI assistant with peace of mind.

We have set ourselves the goal of reviewing the Top Best Virtual Assistants today with AI technologies implemented, which maximize the simplification of business operations and become an invaluable part of production.

Bitrix24 CoPilot - Improve Your Daily Work Efficiency

Bitrix24 CoPilot can transcribe call recordings, create a call summary, and auto complete the fields in the deal form.

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Powerful ai assistants that make it easier to manage your business

In this category, we will note programs with artificial intelligence, which have the most branched structures and can be introduced into almost all structures of companies. Unlike the previous generation, namely long familiar to us internal CRM systems, which help workers to structure tasks and exchange data. This software "thinks" together with employees and managers. Virtual business assistants, along with simple things, are able to take a direct part in analyzing data and building processes.

A Leader Among Competitors: Power Automate from Microsoft

The story of this software started a long time ago when Microsoft introduced its "Flow" product. Over the years, the project has been advanced, modified, and grown into one of the largest ai assistant for businesses of all sizes. Now Power Automate is capable of organizing and automating routine corporate tasks so clearly that both managers and ordinary employees will have plenty of time to do more important things.

Best Features
  • Power Automate integrates with a huge range of other enterprise software (Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Twitter, Dropbox, and so on), combining them into one super-efficient system

  • Full automation of collection and qualitative analysis of company data, based on the results of which this assistant generates different formats of reports and even proposals for improving work

  • Improved corporate communication due to the available possibilities of forming workflows and automatic notification of each team member.


When understanding how the price for using Power Automate is formed, it is worth thinking about the fact that Microsoft of course offers access with different levels and capabilities. So for example the basic version will cost one user 15$ per month. While for additional money it will be possible to purchase some extra options. The maximum package for a company costs about 5000$ per month.

Leading AI Virtual Assistants to Improve Productivity in 2024

A Perfect Employee for any Company: Bitrix24

This well-known software is also being modernized at a rapid pace and is turning into one of the most promising virtual assistants in the sphere of business in different areas. At www.bitrix24.com you will find a really effective working software, supplemented with the latest artificial intelligence technologies. A fully cloud-based platform that helps you manage your business by putting a large number of the best and most convenient tools in the hands of managers.

Best Features
  • Bitrix 24 is the most complex solution for all business tasks that currently exist on the market: all options from task calendar to telephony and full sales analytics are concentrated in one software.

  • Bitrix24's multi-format AI assistant reflects its total accessibility for any employee in any location. Versions for PCs and applications for gadgets and smartphones are integrated and allow you to be in an unbroken connection with the company

  • The reliability of the system is confirmed by more than 12 million successful business companies around the world, which are already Bitrix customers.


Bitrix24 pricing range varies depending on the number of software users. The first level of packages starts from 49$ per month for a team of 5 users and reaches the most complete access for 250 users for 399$ per month.

The Best of Virtual Selling Tools - Salesforce Einstein

Definitely one of today's most advanced virtual tools for increasing company sales. Sales Einstein is a combination of advanced ai technologies with proven scientific methods of analysis and prediction. It is a unique solution from the developers of innovative tools, organically implemented in the marketing systems of the company, and increases their level by several steps. This necessary assistant will become an excellent mediator between clients and managers, effectively upgrading their cooperation.

Best Features
  • The customer base analytics function helps businesses to quickly collect, structure and qualitatively analyze data about each of their clients and give a prognosis for successful future activities

  • Maximize the productivity of sales teams by automating daily processes and helping each employee with their work steps

  • Marketing and Sales instruments, thanks to which more successful sales funnels or product bases are realized


Like many others, Salesforce Einstein developers have also divided the subscription plans for client companies according to the completeness of the services provided. So for a minimum of 75€ per user per month, you get only the basic version of the assistant. While for a maximum of 220€ per month, each manager will get full access to all the possibilities of this software.

Maximize Productivity Instantly with ClickUp

This AI assistant offers one of the easiest fastest and most customizable versions of productivity software for businesses. What makes it stand out from the others on our list is specifically its accessibility and uncluttered toolkit. Such software can machine learning will be useful for small businesses, where the structure of departments is not so complex and there is no need for a lot of additional options. We can say that Clickup AI is the simplest version of a business assistant, which does not need large expenses, is very user-friendly in configuration, and quickly begins to benefit companies.

Best Features
  • Easy-to-use system for automating daily tasks that repeat from day to day

  • Consolidation of all important communication flows of workers and customers into one clearly organized structure

  • Introduction of new and more new options by fast improvement of software for users.


Since Clickup was created mainly for small offices, the price of this AI assistant is not as high as its bigger competitors. The basic program is available for buy for just $7, while the most filled-out version is offered for $19. That said, this is one of the few AI applications that you can try as a Free Test Period.

Leading AI Virtual Assistants to Improve Productivity in 2024

Let's trust ai virtual assistants to Automate Working Processes

A few years ago, the highest level of achievement in the IT industry was CRM systems, which allowed to unite communication channels and some important processes of enterprises in one spot. But now technology has gone much further. Software in which Artificial Intelligence software tools are installed performs all the functions of automating many work processes and often does it faster and more efficiently than many real-life hired helpers.

Creating the best virtual assistants with IBM Watson

This is the case when a very awesome product development is not yet known to the large masses. IBM Watson Assistant is one of the best AI tools for creating voice assistants with natural language understanding. Especially since versions are offered in more than 12 major world languages. So corporations around the world finally have a good and understandable, more financially rewarding, conversational software to better serve their customers.

Best Features
  • Build and control virtual advisor bots that communicate with clients in any convenient format (voice, chats, emails), quickly and efficiently resolving issues that arise with little or no involvement of company employees.

  • Full integration with many other basic and most common enterprise software programs

  • Adaptation of personal scripts and scenarios for each user, taking into account the analytics of pre-collected data, flexible solutions, and, as a result, higher efficiency of the team efficiency


A free version of IBM Watson Assistant is freely available in a mobile app format but in a stripped-down "light" version. If a business organization wants full benefits, it will have to pay $140 per month. But this plan includes only up to 1000 users. If a larger corporation is interested in the software, they will have to contact the developers to request an individual price calculation.

Bitrix24 CoPilot - Improve Your Daily Work Efficiency

Bitrix24 CoPilot can transcribe call recordings, create a call summary, and auto complete the fields in the deal form.

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Exclusive SAP Conversational AI Assistant Program

Communication is called the main advantage of this AI assistant for business. Like the previous one, this software is created with the main goal of creating effective intelligent digital robots capable of embodying realistic dialogs and voice commands.

But unlike its competitors, SAP Conversational AI is favorable in that it introduces AI bots into all company processes. So the assistants will not only communicate in a company-to-customer format but also help departments and employees find common ground.

Best Features
  • Easy and clear processes of creating and adapting chatbots for different channels of communication with the company's clients

  • Internal voice and text assistants to help schedule tasks, time, and additional employee activities

  • Support for 75 different language interfaces, which is most beneficial for international enterprises.


SAP Conversational AI developers impress users by personalizing the cost of their technology for each account. We can say with certainty that you will not find free and demo versions of this product anywhere. However, by contacting the vendor company, the enterprise will receive a unique commercial offer for cooperation.

Multifunctional WorkFusion is a Solution for the most productive organizations

One of the most multitasking AI assistants for businesses. It's not just a platform for automating routine things within a company for boring data and document processing. With WorkFusion, you'll be introduced to a new format of virtual assistants that are hard enough to call "bots". After all, in addition to realistic speech recognition and issuing valid responses, the digital workers from this software are tireless and work non-stop all year round. They do all the necessary tasks absolutely correctly and realistically, because the managers of the company have the right to customize and adjust the characteristics of the assistants, assigning them to perform important tasks.

Best Features
  • Instant processing of any client requests with automatic solutions to their problems and requirements.

  • The productivity of employees is increased by being able to delegate many simple day-to-day processes

  • Unsupervised monitoring of financial transactions and accruals, as well as fines and penalty payments.


As with previous AI software, WorkFusion's vendor is committed to working directly with partner companies. That is why the exact price for access to the system can only be obtained by contacting the developer's office directly. But it is for sure that there is no place where you can experiment with the work of this AI assistant. But judging by the rave feedback from some clients, this software is worth its money.

Leading AI Virtual Assistants to Improve Productivity in 2024

Personalized ai virtual assistant apps for workers

In addition to the many global processes that AI assistant systems help regulate and manage, users also have access to software designed to assist each employee in their work. Such personal assistants make the tasks of hired employees many times more qualitative, raising the overall results of work to a new level. We have selected three programs that include artificial intelligence technologies, which are among the best currently used.

The legendary Language Assistant - Grammarly

Everyone who deals with writing texts, letters, reports, and correspondence with partners and clients. Everything that concerns natural language processing can be safely delegated to Grammarly. Today the application is used by almost 50 million workers all over the world. This incredibly smart AI assistant instantly checks any text and makes it not only grammatically perfect but can also rewrite messages in different styles and tones.

Best Features
  • A variety of tools to structure, improve modify, and generate user content across multiple parameters as easily and quickly as possible

  • Integration with virtually all file and website formats, desktop and mobile apps that fit into a common desktop format and allow the virtual assistant to be used anytime and in any context

  • Maximum flexibility and customizability of the virtual assistant, which adapts to the user's specific needs and becomes a personal proofreader and literary editor.


Grammarly presents three versions for all users. The absolutely "Free", which has access only to the basic functions for English. The next level is Premium for 12€ per month per user. The Business license for 15€ per month gives you access to the full range of software tools. For large corporations, the developers offer customized plans based on the extra specifics of each business.

Assistant for Planning and Project Management: Motion

If you ask us how each employee can contribute to the overall productivity of any company, we would say that first of all, it is important to arrange a clear time management system. It is the well-organized schedule, taking into account the nuances of all the tasks and the responsibility area of the user, that will be the main job of the AI assistant Motion. It is the best of the voice assistants that help you save your colleagues' time.

Best Features
  • Job analytics and instant creation of a daily schedule of tasks for each employee

  • Full integration with Google/Outlook/Apple calendars

  • Time tracking and notification system


Unlike many competitors, Motion has a 7-day trial period during which you can try out all the basic software features and see if it's the right virtual assistant for your business. Subscription plans for businesses cost $12 per month per employee.

Making next-generation Presentations with Slidesgo from Freepik

No modern company can do without reports and presentation materials for colleagues, partners, and clients. The Slidesgo AI assistant was created for this exact function. It is an improved and smart version of the presentation constructor, which itself can creatively and structurally generate content for each worker. By selecting only the topic and the desired style, the assistant will provide the user with all possible presentation options in seconds.

Best Features
  • Qualitative improvement of internal communication processes in enterprises by creating adaptive showcases and reports

  • Integration with classic tools such as PowerPoint and Google Slides

  • Possibilities of full personalization and individual settings of the program to meet user requirements

  • Active inclusion of interactive elements in presentations, such as charts and graphs, more effectively demonstrates the essence of the material.


This virtual assistant is very accessible to many people. Free use of the AI software is available for any user on the Slidesgo website but with some restrictions. Paid subscriptions are separated into an Educational one for 12€ per year. And a full Premium version for 20€ per year. Users can be added to the latter, but for each of them, the price of the package will go up.

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