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Pipedrive alternatives that are better than Pipedrive

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Vlad Kovalskiy
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
Pipedrive alternatives that are better than Pipedrive

The name of the Pipedrive CRM rings a bell with nearly everyone who has worked in a customer-oriented company. If you are a business owner, you might have purchased this solution simply because it is one of the best-known brands in its segment. According to the official statistics, companies from approximately 180 countries use Pipedrive. Over 90,000 organizations resort to this product to build their customer relations. It is powerful and functional, and its interface is remarkably user-friendly. Pipedrive is considered to be a smart choice for companies of nearly any size and sphere of activity. It indeed contributes to increasing one's sales and revenue. Yet Pipedrive is not the monopolist in its segment. Below, you will discover six decent alternatives that are entirely worth your attention.

What Is Wrong with Pipedrive

At first glance, the Pipedrive CRM pricing might seem affordable. Its official site mentions four plans within the price range from $9.90 to $79 per individual per month. But when you dig deeper, you will see that the system requires its clients to pay dozens of dollars for each add-on. Without these add-ons, Pipedrive loses a significant part of its business appeal.

Plus, set-up support and further unlimited support are available only to those who purchased the most expensive Enterprise plan. Others might need to wait a long time to receive an answer to their request from the Pipedrive operators.

The most cost-efficient Pipedrive plan drastically limits one's opportunities. You cannot configure admin/user permissions or enable task automation. After upgrading to the next plan, you still will not be able to make calls with one click, use multiple dashboards or forecast one's revenues.

Last but not least, the business insights that one expects to gain from Pipedrive are sometimes not exhaustive or comprehensive at all. The product simply does not live up to its excellent reputation.

As you can see, one can find a lot of arguments in favor of abandoning Pipedrive and switching to a more promising solution. Let's find out which one.


salesforce vs pipedrive

This Pipedrive alternative is primarily focused on CRM functionality and lead management. It carries out the following operations:

  • Improves communication among sales managers

  • Delivers insights

  • Takes care of the management of marketing leads

  • Offers handy tools to customize workflow

Thanks to cloud applications, this product is outstandingly versatile. One can build plugins, integrate new products with existing ones, explore detailed customer relation history and so on.

However, sometimes you might miss your good old Pipedrive since Salesforce is rather complicated. Many users complain of the necessity to constantly stay in touch with the support team.

Unlike Pipedrive, this solution features over a dozen plans, aimed at different segments of the target audience. For instance, the Employees plan costs $75 per individual per month. In the Small Business plan, there are 4 sub-plans with a price range from $25 to $1250 per person per month. It would take you some time to explore and compare all the numerous add-ons of diverse plans. However, if you neglect this step, you will likely overpay for excessive functions. 


Hubspot crm for personal.jpg

If compared to Pipedrive, it offers a considerably broader functionality. This CRM & Sales solution doubles as Marketing and Customer service software. It allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Build landing pages (with HTML)

  • Use templates to build sales and marketing emails as well as forms

  • Use handy tools to manage sales and marketing

  • Integrate diverse components into complex automated workflows

  • Analyze the history of customer relations

This Pipedrive alternative allows customers to choose among three plans: Starter ($45 per person per month), Professional ($450) and Enterprise ($1200). Selected tools are available at no cost. Even though this analog to Pipedrive is not too budget-friendly, it justifies its pricing because it significantly saves time and effort of the sales representatives.


Zoho CRM for personal .jpg

If you were thinking of replacing Pipedrive with this variant, you know that the Zoho ecosystem consists of numerous applications. Normally, one would install not just the CRM solution but several other products to accompany it — targeted at either small or large organizations, sales leaders or sales apps, professionals from real estate, retail, insurance or other spheres of activity.

Users resort to this product to complete the subsequent tasks:

  • Manage the workflow

  • Send messages with the help of the in-CRM emailing

  • Build dashboards

  • Automatically convert website visitors into leads

  • Compile reports and sales forecasts

  • Integrate with Outlook and Microsoft

However, those who installed Zoho instead of Pipedrive state that one would need to purchase costly add-ons.

The Zoho pricing belongs approximately to the same category as that of Pipedrive. Customers can select between four plans and pay from $12 to $45 per individual per month.


Insightly clod based crm.jpg

This analog to Pipedrive is a firm favorite of organizations that rely on a straightforward approach to sales. Users appreciate it for its intuitive interface as well as the opportunity to build custom pipelines and manage them with handy tools. This product is capable of the operations detailed below:

  • Compile opportunity reports

  • Create custom dashboards

  • Integrate with Microsoft, Mailchimp, GSuite and other solutions

  • Use filters to sort large lists into manageable groups

If you believe that Pipedrive CRM pricing is prohibitive, you might find reasons to criticize Insightly too. Here, clients need to pay a lot for support and onboarding. Without extra expenses, one normally pays $29 per individual per month for the Plus plan, $49 for the Professional plan and $99 for the Enterprise plan. Unfortunately, there have been complaints regarding dropped email attachments, sluggish loading and mediocre sales analytics.


nutshell crm

This one is recommended for medium and small enterprises. If you detest the idea of spending your budget on software that you will hardly ever use, you will love Nutshell. If compared to Pipedrive, it seems more comprehensive and can boast impeccable usability. It would take you just a few hours to install and implement it.

Nutshell helps sales managers to close deals more frequently by carrying out the following operations:

  • Automates sales, email marketing integrations and personal email sequences

  • Provides free onboarding assistance — unlike Pipedrive

  • Takes care of contact management and pipeline management

  • Filters and sorts valuable data that would be used for reports and leads (in this aspect, professionals compare Nutshell to Excel)

  • Offers free live support

According to users' reviews, the primary shortcoming of this Pipedrive alternative is its mobile app. Its interface considerably differs from the one on PC, so customers need to get used to it from scratch.

At the moment of gathering this information, the monthly Pro plan costs $35 per user and the Starter plan costs $19.

Copper CRM

Copper crm softwre.jpg

This Pipedrive alternative notably stands out from the rest because its target audience are exclusively Google users:

  • Its CRM is Google-based

  • Its chatbot relies on Hangouts

  • To be able to appreciate its full range of capabilities, one would need to use Gmail and install a profile Chrome extension

  • It is impossible to modify this solution to make it compatible with other software ecosystems.

The team behind this niche analog to Pipedrive emphasizes that it is not a conventional transactional CRM but a forward-thinking, relational one. It operates exclusively in the GSuite space and helps people to make the most of the impressive functionality of Google products.

The most budget-friendly Basic plan costs $25 per individual per month — yet its capabilities are limited, and it offers a maximum of 3 seats. Pipedrive suffers precisely from the same problem. The Professional and Business plans are much more helpful and cost $59 and $119, respectively. Mind that onboarding is available only for those who purchase the Professional plan.

Goodbye, Pipedrive!

Pipedrive might be a prominent and reputable CRM software. Yet it is not perfect, and one should consider other solutions too. The market is rife with worthy products that differ by their price, functionality, design, quality of customer support and many other aspects. It would be wise to invest some time and effort into exploring the impartial pros and cons of diverse analogs to Pipedrive. In the end, they will be responsible for your sales and revenue. Opt for the one that caters best to the particular needs of your business and do not overpay for excessive add-ons that you will hardly ever use. Hopefully, this article came in handy and after reading it, it will be easier for you to detect a reliable Pipedrive alternative!

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