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The 25 Best Sales Enablement Apps

Vlad Kovalskiy
14 min
Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
The 25 Best Sales Enablement Apps
Looking for the top 25 tools that will take your business to the next level? Look no further, in this article, we will cover the 25 best sales enablement apps that you should consider for your business. 

1. Bitrix24

This powerful and versatile app features an ample selection of sales automation tools. You can handily manage your tasks and projects there. The Bitrix24 CRM automatically updates each time you get in touch with a client and prevents duplicates. This app can compile insightful reports that will help you to improve your sales strategy. Besides, it features an in-built call center and extensive opportunities for internal communications. Unlike most of its competitors, Bitrix24 is available both in cloud and on-premise formats.

Pricing: to get started, you can opt for a free plan with unlimited users. Then, you can choose from 3 plans depending on the size of your business.

2. Bloomfire

This tool facilitates information sharing in your company and enables your staff members to spread virtual knowledge. It will help you to manage your documents and other content that your sales and marketing teams need for their daily work. It will take them just a few seconds to find all the necessary data. As a result, they will be able to close more deals at a much faster pace.

Pricing: the price of the Basic plan is $25 per user/month. To get to know the price of the Enterprise plan, get in touch with the Bloomfire team.

3. Brainshark

Best for: Data-driven sales training

This one enables you to compile training and coaching programs for your employees. You can measure the progress of each professional and present the data in color-coded Readiness Scorecards. Brainshark easily integrates with Salesforce, Outlook, HubSpot and many other tools.

Pricing: on request. When getting started, you can apply for a trial version.

4. Chorus

Best for: Sales intelligence

This conversation intelligence platform enables your employees to record their calls to clients. Then, it analyzes the dialog and provides your staff with a complete transcript as well as valuable insights. These are just a few examples of what Chorus can do.

  • Identify the length of the longest monologue

  • Calculate how many filler words were used per minute

  • Automatically create a reminder and complete it with essential information from your conversation

Team members can check their previous sales calls. When you want to communicate with your staff, the commenting system comes in handy. Chorus is indispensable for preparing future calls and providing feedback. Also, it allows you to compile a library of past calls and build customized coaching programs for each team.

Pricing: on request.

5. Cirrus Insight

Best for: Syncing email with Salesforce

This email plugin was built to work inside Outlook or Gmail. It syncs seamlessly with Salesforce, including contacts, calendar events and apps. It enables your managers to track when their messages and attachments are opened. They can update their attachments after they have already sent the messages. Based on recipient clicks, your team members can set up automation of recurring activities and fine-tune their online scheduling. Also, Cirrus Insight allows its users to set up Salesforce-synced drip campaigns.

Pricing: you can choose from the Starter plan ($7 per month), Pro plan ($16 per month) or Expert plan ($27 per month). For each plan, there is a free trial period.

6. DocSend

Best for: Page-by-page deck analytics

This sales enablement app allows your managers to get to know which part of your sales deck your prospects pay the most attention to. You'll send them the deck through a secure sharing platform with full access control and page-by-page analytics. DocSens enables you to upload and share documents via your favorite apps and update these files at any moment.

Pricing: you can choose from Personal ($10 per user/per month), Standard ($45 per user/per month) or Advanced ($150 per month, 3 users included, additional users cost $60 per month) plans. For each plan, there is a free demo period. If you run a large business, get in touch with the DocSend managers and ask them about the price of the Enterprise plan.

7. Full Contact

Best for: Systematizing your contact database

This contact syncing and management app will digitize your entire contact list. The information in the database is very detailed. For instance, you add a contact of a sales manager from the ABC company — and you can check exhaustive information not only about this person but about ABC as well (size, industry, year of foundation and so on). You can be sure that all the data is valid and relevant.

Pricing: on request

8. Guru

Best for: Knowledge bases

Slack and Spotify teams rely on this tool in their daily work. Guru enables its users to create internal knowledge bases for their sales departments. It captures valuable information from dozens of apps and sources experts among your staff to verify new entries. For greater accuracy, this sales enablement app features an advanced AI recommendation system. You can access the answers either via a browser extension or through Slack.

Pricing: you can choose from three plans — Starter ($5 per user/month), Builder ($10 per user/month) and Experts ($20 per user/month) plans. All plans feature a 30-day trial.

9. Highspot

Best for: Sales content management

This app contains a huge library of informative content. To narrow down your search results, you can use advanced filters. What's more, Highspot will make smart suggestions to ease your search. This should save your staff members from having to spend hours every week looking for relevant information.

Highspot can also carry out the following tasks:

  • Analyse your current customers and conversations

  • Suggest content that has previously been used successfully in identical situations

  • Display useful links in a sidebar alongside the contact details of a particular client

  • Rate links according to their sales potential

  • Host your training materials

A drag-and-drop page builder enables you to design unique support pages, complete with video tutorials. In addition, your employees can upload their own content for feedback.

Highspot integrates with LinkedIn, Outreach, Salesforce and around 70 other products.

Pricing: on request.

10. Hoopla

Best for: Running contests

Install this sales enablement app to motivate your team members to work harder and deliver better results. It will enable you to create the following types of competitions among your employees.

  • Battles between teams

  • Single-player tournaments

  • Face-offs that compare two professional on a single metric

Hoopla will show deal alerts and milestones to estimate the success of the contestants. The names of the winners will be displayed on a leaderboard.

Pricing: on request. To get started, apply for a free trial.

11. Intercom Business Messenger

Best for: Enhancing sales with live chat

This is one of the highest-rated sales enablement tools for enhancing the sales experience with automated chatbots. These bots will drive better engagement with your prospects. Also, you'll be able to gather information upfront and set customer expectations. As a pleasant bonus, Intercom Business Messenger integrates with over 250 third-party apps, including custom builds.

Pricing: if you run a very small business, you can choose between Start (from $59 per month) and Grow ($119 per month) plans. All the other companies should request a demo period.

12. LevelEleven

Best for: Boosting sales performance

Many sales enablement tools from this article help you to improve your interactions with customers, but LevelEleven allows you to strengthen your relationship with your team. If you want to boost your sales, you should coach and motivate your staff. LevelEleven is a performance-enhancing plugin that was built to work alongside Salesforce. It enables you to carry out the following operations:

  • Create games where your team members can earn virtual points for making sales

  • Assess the results of each team member with Performance Scorecards

  • Build leaderboards

  • Distribute prizes

  • Make live TV broadcasts

LevelEleven is focused simultaneously on competition and support. Its creators took into account a very important aspect of corporate rivalry that often passes unnoticed. High performers are always happy to compete for the main prize. But many other staff members feel discouraged because they realized from the onset that their chances to win are rather slim. LevelEleven enables you to track the progress of each individual and provide targeted assistance for them. You can track what behaviors are driving sales and set up automated coaching workflows.

This sales enablement app deserves special praise for its advanced approach to visualization. Most of its rivals would show you figures and stats. But this one displays comprehensive icons to show whether a certain team member is on track, ahead of pace or falling behind on certain metrics.

Pricing: on request. To get started, apply for a free demo.

13. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best for: Finding leads on the world's largest B2B sales network

This tool was built to help you to find leads on LinkedIn, reach out to them and sell your products to them. You can discover new leads on the go. You'll get real-time lead updates and will be able to send InMail private messages to decision-makers (even if you are not directly connected to them). LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to find promising prospects and save them. Also, you can collaborate with your staff to discover who might know a prospect prior to scheduling a meeting with them.

Pricing: $79.99 per user/month for the Professional plan, $103.33 per user/month for the Team plan. To get to know the price of the Enterprise plan, get in touch with the LinkedIn team.

14. Membrain

Best for: B2B sales management

This sales CRM was built for the B2B segment. Its functionality goes far beyond carrying out basic daily tasks. Membrain features a powerful CRM database with automatic data enrichment where you can store your clients' contacts and other relevant data. Your staff will be able to codify the entire sales process with milestones and KPIs to turn prospects into contracts more efficiently.

Membrain takes the role of a coach for your employees and enables you to monitor their performance through detailed reports. If a manager deviates too far from the script, the app will point out areas for improvement and display helpful insights. Last but not least, this app has an integrated inbox with scheduling and shared templates.

Pricing: Membrain consists of three distinct products — Prospecting (€49 per user/month), Active Pipeline (€59 per user/month) and Account Growth (€69 per user/month). The prices of customized add-ons might vary from €9 per user/month to €490 per month.

15. Outreach

Best for: Improving engagement

This tool will make your sales sequence more engaging. It relies on AI to gather information on your clients and analyze your interactions with them. Your managers will be able to handle their messages, calls and emails through a unified interface. They can easily integrate this tool with their email apps and your company's CRM. The app will guide them through every step.

Pricing: on request.

16. PandaDoc

Best for: Sending professional proposals and contracts

Hilton and Drift admit that they rely on PandaDoc in their daily workflow. This product is entirely concentrated on the admin side of sales. If your staff members try to create a professionally designed document in Word, it might take them hours, while in PandaDoc, they can complete this task in a matter of minutes.

The in-built library of the app features 450+ templates that will come in handy for nearly any industry. The collection includes dozens of contracts, proposals, forms, invoices and quotes. All of them can boast of modern and beautiful designs as well as balanced layouts. Once you choose a template that suits you, you can customize it with the help of an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. After you send the document, you can keep track of its views and interactions.

PandaDoc allows you to pull data from HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zendesk and Zoho. Plus, it is compatible with many other third-party products.

Pricing: to get started, you can opt for a free plan. Then, you can upgrade to the Essentials ($19 per user/month) or Business ($49 per user/month) plans. For both plans, there are free trials. To discuss the price of the Enterprise plan, get in touch with the PandaDoc team.

17. Process Street

Best for: Workflow management

This one should help you to meet your sales targets. It facilitates the process of following up with leads, sending out welcome packs to new customers and scheduling meetings. It integrates with Zapier, which connects to over 1,000 third-party platforms.

You'll be able to create template checklists with drag-and-drop controls and assign them to your team members. Conditional logic will enable you to adapt dynamic checklists to diverse projects and can build forms for direct data entry. As soon as the person in charge finishes a task, they should mark it as complete, and the progress bar for that project will fill up a bit more on the dashboard. The app can also send you task-by-task notifications.

Pricing: the Basic plan costs $12.50 per user/month, the Standard one costs $25 per user/month. To get to know the price of the Enterprise plan, get in touch with the Process Street team. All plans start with a 14-day trial of Standard features.

18. Reply

Best for: Startups

After you install the Reply browser extension, you'll be able to look for potential customers on LinkedIn. Once you detect a client, you should create an outreach sequence inside the app. You can do it manually or you can automate the process. The app enables you to call your prospects using an in-built dialler. When you send a message to the client, Reply will track a range of metrics and will display them in a handy dashboard. Also, you can build checklists, create workflows and schedules for outreach campaigns in this app.

Pricing: from $50 to $120 per user/month

19. SalesLoft

Best for: Optimising communication

This one was built for larger sales teams and it syncs with your CRM and communication apps. SalesLoft enables your staff members to optimize their communication with leads. It allows them to personalize sales processes for every account and use real-time engagement notifications. The app features templates and snippets for consistent messaging. Also, it carries out insightful conversation analysis of recorded calls.

Pricing: on request

20. Seismic

Best for: Large startups

When your business starts to scale, its performance might deteriorate. Seismic will help you to fix this problem. Allianz and IBM prefer it to all the other sales enablement tools.

You'll be able to handle admin, training, content and other resources in one single workflow. The app will allow your marketing department to stay in sync with your sales team. When a sales rep is working on making a sale, Seismic will deliver relevant content to them in real time. It will get this data from your company's marketing database and CRM. The professional will get instant access to facts and statistics that would enable them to secure a contract. To let the members of certain departments access only that part of the information that is relevant to their daily workflow, you can adjust their access rights.

You can also use Seismic to set up a training center with personalized content for your staff. It features a searchable library for in-house guides and uses the same content delivery engine to help your employees to keep up with profile news.

Pricing: on request.

21. Showpad

Best for: Linking sales and marketing

This sales enablement app can sync with your CMS and CRM to keep your marketing and sales departments as one smooth operation. It will deliver actionable buyer insights to your sales managers — and, if needed, other helpful data from its extensive resources library. Besides, you can use Showpad to set up coaching and assess your team's progress.

Pricing: on request.

22. Unboxed Advisor

Best for: In-person sales

Unlike many other sales enablement tools, this one enables your staff to engage with your clients not remotely, but on the spot. Unboxed Advisor was built for smartphones and tablets and it breaks down the sales process into easy phases. To rapidly pick an optimal package for each client, your employees should ask questions and select suitable options on the display. The app enables them to embed videos and interactive sales content in their communications.

Pricing: on request.

23. VoiceSage Interactive SMS

Best for: Mobile engagement

While most modern sales enablement tools focus on online channels, this one allows you to make the most of your SMS. You'll be able to use chatbots for automated engagement and rely on two-way SMS to reach your prospects. This product is considered an exceptionally powerful SMS campaign builder. Thanks to an open API, it allows its clients to create their own automation.

Pricing: on request.

24. Whatfix

Best for: Painless onboarding

When new professionals join your sales team, it might take them a bit too long to start bringing revenue to your business. Thanks to Whatfix, you can create a comprehensive virtual guide for your newcomers. You'll be able to show them all the functions of your company's software, including obscure features.

When a user begins to explore the system, it will greet them with a personalized welcome message — and then, it will show text and video tutorials to them. The app allows you to break the training process into as many steps as you find necessary. You can create multiple levels of training. When a new user completes the first stage, they will be able to carry out their basic duties. To hone their skills, they will need to complete the next stages.

Whatfix seamlessly integrates with Office 365, G-Suite, Oracle CRM, Salesforce and many other tools via a browser extension. Apart from the innovative training system, it features a conventional support library with a smart search system.

Pricing: on request.

25. Yesware

Best for: Email tracking

This tool was designed to work with Outlook365 and Gmail. Also, it syncs with Salesforce.

The product enables your employees to get the following information.

  • When recipients open their emails

  • When clients click their links

  • When customers open attachments

This information comes in especially handy during the outreach stage of sales and as your reps move through the onboarding process. Moreover, this product allows you to create email templates, run campaigns and A/B testing.

After you install the Yesware browser extension for Chrome, you'll be able to reach all its primary features within your inbox. Small icons will display the statuses of sent messages. To view more details in a pop-up sidebar, you should open a thread. To check the full scope of statistics, you need to visit the Yesware web application.

Pricing: the product is free for the first 14 days. Then, you can select from three plans: Pro ($15 per user/month), Premium ($35 per user/month) or Enterprise ($65 per user/month).

Final Thoughts About Sales Enablement Apps

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you know which tools can help you to boost your sales. The selection of apps on the market is incredibly vast and you might be spoilt for choice. This review features only the most credible and functional products that have proved their efficiency. Thousands of companies from different industries rely on them and can't stop praising them. Now, it's your turn to choose the best one! Before buying an app, it would be wise to test its opportunities in a free trial period. This article gave you just a brief overview of each app's capabilities. Make sure you read the full description of each product on its official site before purchase — and if you have questions, ask them to the app's support team.

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