Articles The Best Work Time Tracker Apps for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

The Best Work Time Tracker Apps for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

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Vlad Kovalskiy
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
The Best Work Time Tracker Apps for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Table of Contents

Benefits of using work time tracker apps
Features to consider when choosing work time tracker apps

Work time tracker apps are software applications designed to help individuals and businesses track their time on various tasks, projects, and activities. They typically include features such as timers, project management tools, and reports providing insights into how time is being spent. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using work time tracker apps for freelancers and small business owners, as well as the features you need to look for when choosing one. We’ll then review the best work time tracker apps on the market, factoring in their pricing, features, ease of use, and integration options. 

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to choose the best app for you and your business.

Benefits of using work time tracker apps

Time tracker apps have a host of benefits for freelancers and small business owners, including:

Increased productivity

One of the key benefits of using work time tracker apps is increased productivity. By tracking their time, individuals can see how their time is being spent and identify areas where their time is being spent inefficiently. This knowledge helps users make adjustments to their work habits and become more productive.

For example, if a freelancer notices that they are spending a lot of time on email or social media, they may decide to limit their time there to focus more on billable work. 

And with an estimated  $759billion lost annually by employee wasted time, these productivity gains soon add up!

Work time tracker apps also can help users stay focused on their work, with visual representation of their progress being a proven motivator

Improved time management

Another benefit of using work time tracker apps is improved time management. By tracking their time, individuals can see how much time they spend on each task or project, then prioritize their work accordingly. They can identify tasks eating up more of their day than they should and make any necessary adjustments.

Suppose a freelancer notices that they are spending more time on admin tasks than on billable work. In that case, they may decide to delegate some of those tasks or outsource them to a virtual assistant. This can free up more time for billable (profit-driving) work and prove a more efficient use of their time.

Accurate billing and invoicing

Work time tracker apps also help with accurate billing and invoicing. By tracking their time, individuals can ensure they are billing clients accurately- not undercharging for their work. This is especially important for freelancers working on a per-hour basis, as accurate billing can have a huge impact on their income.

In addition, some apps include features for invoicing and payment reminders. These help freelancers and small business owners- where cash flow is so crucial- keep track of their invoices and ensure that they are paid on time. 

Better project management

Finally, work time tracker apps can help with better project management. By tracking their time on each project, individuals can identify areas where they may need to adjust their approach or allocate more resources. They can even use the data provided by the app to make more informed decisions about future projects.

For example, if a freelancer notices that they are consistently spending more time on a particular type of project than anticipated, they may adjust their pricing or approach. Over time, this can lead to more profitable and successful projects.

It can be easy to misjudge how you really spend your time. Twitter has a way of making hours disappear into thin (and hot) air... These apps can give a more accurate reflection, so you can make the changes necessary to optimize your time and profitability.

Features to consider when choosing work time tracker apps

Different time trackers will come with different features, but these are the ones you should look out for:

Time tracking features

Of course, they will track your time. But the best trackers provide a range of tools alongside this core feature.

Look for an app that lets you to add or edit time entries, if necessary, manually. Another important consideration is whether the app supports automatic time tracking. This feature allows the app to track time automatically based on the user's activity on their computer or mobile device. This can be particularly useful for freelancers working on multiple tasks or projects throughout the day, who may not remember to start and stop the timer for each one.

Lastly, the ability to track time offline, generate time reports, and set alerts for when a task or project is taking longer than expected are all useful bonuses.

Project management features

Another important consideration when choosing a work time tracker app is its project management features. The app should allow users to organize their tasks and projects in a logical and intuitive way, such as by client or project type. 

Some apps also include collaboration features, such as the ability to share files or communicate with team members directly within the app. This can be particularly useful for small business owners who work with remote teams or freelancers who work with clients on a project-by-project basis.

Invoicing and billing features

For freelancers and small business owners, invoicing and billing features are useful, too. The app should allow users to easily generate and send invoices based on the time tracked for each project or client. It should also support multiple payment methods and currencies.

Features for tracking payments and sending payment reminders to overdue clients are also useful. This can help freelancers, and small business owners manage their cash flow more effectively and ensure that they are paid for their work in a timely manner.

Integration with other tools

Finally, it's important to consider whether the work time tracker app integrates with other tools you use. For example, if you use a project management tool, ideally, you'd like a time tracker app that integrates with it seamlessly. This will help you streamline your workflow and avoid the time-suck of duplicate data entry.... 

By choosing an app that meets your specific needs, you can streamline your workflow, manage your time more effectively, and ultimately achieve greater success in your freelancing or small business endeavors.

Top work time tracker apps for freelancers and small business owners

Tracking time is essential for freelancers and small business owners to keep track of their work hours, measure their productivity, and accurately bill their clients. However, manually tracking time can be tedious and prone to errors, leading to inaccurate invoicing and lost productivity. 

That's where work time tracker apps come in. 

These apps automate the tracking process, making it easier for users to manage their time, track their projects, and invoice clients accurately.

With so many work time tracker apps available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We have shortlisted some of the very best on the market, paying the closest attention to the features freelancers and small businesses need the most.


(Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and browser extensions)
  • A generous free tier that gives you access to all its apps 

  • Excellent idle detection based on Chrome's open/closed state

  • Toggl Track integrates with Zapier to start time entries when calendar events start, add new entries to spreadsheets, etc.

  • Free plan only suitable for the most basic tracking needs- any other feature will need Premium plan

  • No task management or planning features.

Free for up to five users; $9/user/month when billed annually for the Starter plan.


(Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Brave)
  • Great to help you focus—you determine the activities that qualify as 'deep work' and set daily goals, while the app blocks sites you classify as 'personal'

  • Detailed reporting features

  • Users can't track time for individual projects or tasks.

  • Doesn't let you export hours or create invoices

  • Steep learning curve 

Individuals can use RescueTime free, although it doesn't offer advanced reporting, goal setting, or offline time entry. Teams can use RescueTime for $9/month/user.

The Best All-Purpose Time Tracker App for Freelancers and Small Business

Get perfect work and task time tracking with task reminders and real-time notifications. Workload planner. 24/7 access from any device.

Try Now


Web, Mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Slick interface and integration

  • Easy to use

  • Basic reporting and exporting features

  • Lack of billable projects or rates

$12 - $15/user per month


Web; Mobile (iOS); Desktop (macOS)
  • Powerful time analysis features

  • Simple to use

  • No hourly rates or budget features

  • Made mostly for macOS


Web; Mobile (Android, iOS)
  • Extremely user-friendly scheduling

  • Simple performance analytics 

  • Lack reports for tracked time

  • No PDF reporting (only exports)

$12.50/month per user


Web, Mobile (Android, iOS), Desktop (MacOS, Windows, Linux)
  • Good all-rounder: features and accessibility

  • Impressive reporting capabilities

  • Disappointing integration options (just browser extension)

  • No monetary budgets

Free, $7 - $12/user per month


  • Automatic task time tracking

  • Manual entry

  • Project management and communication features

  • Integrates with Dropbox, Google Docs, Office 365 

  • Free option includes all the functionality most freelancers, and small businesses will need

Final Thoughts

With the right time-tracking app, you don't have to worry about scheduling and accounting for your workday. You can easily start and stop timers, manually enter time entries, export or review your data for better planning and invoicing. By automating the data flow between your other apps and your time tracker of choice, you'll be able to spend your valuable time where it really matters and counts..

Bitrix24 is the perfect time tracker for freelancers and small business owners. On top of the core time-tracking functionalities, we also have task reminders and notifications, auto-focus mode, quick-search, task filters, and 24/7 access from any device. 

Our features compare with any dedicated time-tracker on the market. We just happen to have CRM, project management, and collaboration tools on top. All seamlessly integrated with the leading cloud-based storage software.

Work alongside or migrate quickly and easily. Say goodbye to the headaches of juggling half a dozen different passwords and interfaces. 

Start for free today and see why 12 million users worldwide trust our all-in-one online workplace solution. 

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Table of Content
Table of Contents Benefits of using work time tracker apps Increased productivity Improved time management Accurate billing and invoicing Better project management Features to consider when choosing work time tracker apps Time tracking features Project management features Invoicing and billing features Integration with other tools Top work time tracker apps for freelancers and small business owners Toggl  RescueTime HourStack Timing Float Trackingtime Bitrix24 Final Thoughts
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