Top-17 Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate Agents
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Vlad Kovalskiy
April 3, 2023
Last updated: April 10, 2023
Top-17 Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate Agents

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In the real estate industry, cold calling is one of the most efficient lead generation techniques. Many experienced agents have achieved incredible progress by using unusual and provocative cold calling scripts.

The entire process can be frustrating and challenging. To overcome the fear of cold calling, real estate agents prepare scripts to structure their conversations. Real estate cold calling scripts are prepared conversation texts that help you clearly and correctly present your company to potential leads.

It doesn’t matter if you’re responding to an online form, talking to a ready buyer, or reconnecting with a former client, drafting a script organizes your thinking so you can form meaningful relationships. However, to be effective, personalize and adjust them to meet each client’s specific needs.

To get you started, here you can find highly effective real estate cold call scripts for various situations that will help you connect with potential clients.

Cold Calling Script for Introduction

Hi, I am [Name] working with [Organization]. It’s great to finally reach you. Is this a good time to talk? (wait and listen)

You: I completely understand that you are busy, so I’ll get straight to the point.. It’s [Name], am I correct?

I was just calling to introduce myself. I specialize in [your area of expertise] in [city/area]. At this moment I’m working with several clients that are interested in properties in your neighborhood. I just wanted to check if you or people you know want to buy or sell a property in the near future.

The first and most important step is introducing yourself as a real estate agent to your potential clients. You can not make a mistake here because the first impression is crucial and we need to build solid relationships with potential clients to take them to the next stage.

This cold calling script helps you understand if a potential client has interest in buying/selling a property. Such information will help you make further calls, which can be done with the help of Bitrix24. This way you can keep all the essential data about the potential lead, as well as keep track of all the calls that were made. By adding all the information into the Bitrix24, it will be easier to remember what you have already talked about and plan your further conversation to turn the lead into your customer.

Cold Calling Script for Online Form Response

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization].

I received your information from the form you filled out online about a [Topic]. Do you remember? Is now a good time to talk? (wait and listen)

I am calling to confirm that you received the information I sent you. I also want to introduce myself, and answer any questions you could possibly have. I have been working as an agent in [area] for over [X] years. Last year I helped [X] people find new homes, many in the neighborhood you’re interested in.

I have an intel about new homes coming to the market soon. Would you be interested in checking several of them, or scheduling a meeting to discuss this topic? (wait and listen)

The goal of this real estate cold calling script is to lead to meeting in person. The lead already reached out, so quickly remind them you are following up on their request. You should follow up within the first 45 minutes to maximize chances of face-to-face conversation.

Potential clients often send multiple requests while going through different websites, so they may not remember all the agents they contacted. Introduce yourself and tell them where you got their contact information so they know you’re not reaching them out of the blue. This gives you a chance to contact them and takes the stress out of cold calling.

Cold Calling Script for Pitching your Services

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. I found your listing on [Website], and I have some questions about  the property you are selling. Are you the homeowner?

I am contacting you since I am working with several clients looking for houses like the one you have for sale. I hope you don’t mind sharing your ask price? (wait and listen)

Do you have a real estate agent you are working with right now?

You have to get to the bottom of why a person would sell their home. One of the main causes can be financial reasons, which is why they try to make the most of their property.

They often avoid working with real estate agents because of the experiences from the past or they believe it would cost them additional money. Your job as a real estate agent is to convince them that you can help them save money and get a better offer for their property. Using Bitrix24 will be of great help, since this way you can keep all necessary information about the lead, like where you found the listing, the person’s address, price rates etc, in one place. Making notes during your conversation and adding new information to the system is also important.

Understanding why the prospect isn't interested in working with a real estate agent is the main goal in this situation. After, suggest holding a meeting to talk about the property in more detail. 

Cold Calling Script for Mutual Interest

Hi [Name], this is [Name].

We know each other from [Child’s parties, neighborhood events, religious organizations, etc]. How have you been? (wait and listen)

I was calling since, as you might have heard, I’m a real estate agent for [Organization], and I’m just reaching out to friends and family to see if they’ve thought about upgrading, downsizing, or selling their home. Have you considered it, knowing the market state right now? Buyers are very hungry for places like yours! (wait and listen)

Connecting with your lead is simple when you share a common social circle. It maintains a casual atmosphere while remaining productive. This real estate cold call script explains to your lead how you know them through association and how you can help them. You can make a pre-list with information about the lead, as well as how you know each other and add it to the Bitrix24. This way, you can keep track of each connection, avoiding potential mistakes.

According to the statistics, about 70% of home sellers have listed their properties with an agent whom friends or family have recommended. Younger millennial buyers (more than 50%) and older millennial buyers (about 50%) also found their agent through referrals. You can also access their network by connecting with this contact. 

Cold Calling Script for Recent Neighborhood Sale

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. Is this the homeowner?

I recently sold a property down the street from you [Sale price details] at [Address]. That’s [Amount] more than the average sales price in your area, which means buyers are really interested in property in your neighborhood.

I was wondering: Have you thought about selling your home, and getting a fantastic price for it? (wait and listen)

If you sell a house for a good price, you can use this script to call other homeowners in the area to get a lot of new leads. Your lead might be reluctant to sell their home because they are unaware of its market value. You demonstrate to homeowners the potential value of listing their home and your capability to make a profit by referring to a recent sale.

Given that the majority of homeowners will probably not have considered selling, be prepared for a muted response. Still, don’t forget to talk about the sale you just finished: how quickly it was done, how much the homeowner got for it, and how many offers they had. To persuade them that now is the best time to sell their home, you can also discuss market trends in their area. Last but not least, offer to perform a free home valuation to conclude the conversation.

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Cold Calling Script for Home Evaluation

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. Is this the homeowner?

As you might have heard, the demand for homes in your area is over the roof. One house, for example, was sold for [Details]. The house at [Address] sold for [Details].

I was wondering if you have considered listing your home since the prices are higher than ever. There aren’t many houses in your area for sale right now. (wait and listen)

People rarely stop to think about the possibility that their home will be sold for a lot more than its value. This real estate cold calling script encourages them to think about selling their home to take advantage of the local market. You can also show them what the market trend could mean for them in real money.

Some people might know how “crazy” the prices in their neighborhood have gotten, but others might not be aware of how much their own home is actually worth. Your aim is to introduce the opportunity of their property being sold and emphasize that the current market conditions won’t last forever. You can also try to set up an appointment so you could give them a quick and free price estimation.

Cold Calling Script for a Ready Buyer

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. Is this the homeowner?

I am calling to inform you that we have numerous buyers currently looking for homes in your area. In fact, several of them would gladly pay around 23% above asking prices so they could move in quickly. Would you be interested in selling your home if you had buyers lined up and waiting to buy it? (wait and listen)

I understand that selling your home is a big decision, so I understand if you need to take some time to think about it. However, would you consider scheduling a meeting to discuss your concerns? (wait and listen)

In this cold call script, you are recommending a sales opportunity to a homeowner who has not yet thought about it. They will be curious if you notify them about the current demand in their area and the possibility of selling for a high price. Offer to conduct a quick price evaluation and schedule an appointment if they are interested.

Because the idea seems like a shock, these homeowners will likely oppose being interested in the call. You have to be understanding, but provide them with a statistic about the prices in their area and make it simple to get in touch with you. After some thought, they might get in touch with you.

Cold Calling Script for the Neighborhood Expert

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. Is this the homeowner?

I know it might be a bit odd for me to call out of the blue, but I’ve been selling a lot of properties in the nearby area and was wondering if you might be interested in putting your house on the market. (wait and listen)

What would you be looking for in your next agent? (Listen, then talk about your buyers, how many listings you’ve sold in the area quickly, and what makes you different.)

This script introduces you to local homeowners and introduces you as their potential agent in the future. Take advantage of the fact that most homeowners will eventually express an interest in selling their home. Note their responses and explain how your expertise can meet their real estate needs.

Treat your phone conversation like an interview for a job. You must quickly and succinctly show the prospect why they should trust you as their agent. The ultimate aim is to arrange a meeting with a potential client. Before you get the listing, prepare a real estate elevator pitch that demonstrates your expertise and how they can benefit from it.

Cold Calling Script for Sale by Owner (FSBO)

Hi, I am calling about your home. Are you the primary homeowner?

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. I see your house is on the market right now, and I’m wondering if your asking price matches my research about sale prices in your area. How much are you asking? (wait and listen)

Ah, I’ve compiled marketing data that shows similar houses in your area are selling at [price] and take about [days] to sell. A good real estate marketing plan can increase sale possibility and decrease the amount of time the house is on the market.

Would you be interested in discussing how I can help you make this happen? (wait and listen)

Because they don’t believe it will save them time, effort, or money, the majority of FSBO leads don’t work with a real estate agent. By using this script, you will be able to demonstrate to homeowners your unique value and provide them with a solution to their main issues: shortening the time it takes to sell their homes and maximizing profits.

To address the homeowner’s hesitation, share some research about the property early in the conversation. Keep in mind that setting up an initial appointment to build on your connection and close the sale is the ultimate aim of your call.

Cold Calling Script for an Expired Listing

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. Is this the homeowner?

The reason for my call is that I noticed your home listing expired on [date]. Have you decided to re-list your property with the same agent? (wait and listen)

(If no or undecided) When I reviewed your property listing, I noticed one thing we can do to improve your sales approach. Would you be interested in how we can correct that one thing? I’d love to discuss the possibility of listing your property with me and how I can help attract more interested buyers. (wait and listen)

(if yes) Well, I’m glad you’ve decided to re-list. If your agent isn’t providing you the offers you are actually interested in, I’d be happy to work with you and offer a different approach. You can call me anytime to discuss a different marketing strategy to help increase buyer offers.

The ultimate aim of this expired listing script is to re-list the property and become the homeowner’s new agent. You can use this script to propose your solution to their expired listing and how differently you would successfully sell their home.

Because their previous agent failed to sell their property, homeowners may be suspicious of other agents as well. During the call, focus on one improvement you can make to inspire and uplift the homeowner. Then, you can suggest holding a meeting to discuss how you would promote their listing and what the other agent did wrong.

Cold Calling Script for Probate Lead

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. Is this the homeowner?

From [name] at [company] I learned that there was a loss in your family. I am sorry for your loss. I know the last thing you need is to deal with managing that family member’s home. I am reaching out to you to see if you are thinking about selling the property and if there is anything I can help you with.

I understand this might not be a good time to talk, but maybe we could pick a time to discuss your needs and how I can help you? (wait and listen)

When calling a probate lead, be aware that they are experiencing emotional, legal, and logistical difficulties. It will be better to build trust by using a connection they already know, like a friend or family member. This script will remind you to approach them with kindness and empathy for their grief. Call back later if the seller sounds upset or disconnected. It won’t sound as if you are trying to make a sale by gently offering yourself as a resource.

Cold Calling Script for Reconnection with an Old Client

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. I helped you buy your home in [area] in [date]. I recently sold a home in your area and thought about you. How are things going? (listen and talk for some time)

It is so good to hear that you are happy with your purchase. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and would love to help you in case real estate guidance is needed in the future.

Also, I hope you don’t mind if I send you a review link for you to share your experience? Some other homebuyers I am working with right now would like to learn how I work as an agent. I think it would be better for them to hear that from clients. (wait and listen)

When you want to get feedback or recommendations from previous buyers or sellers, this script is for you. Such leads can improve your credibility and reputation with new customers. However, it’s possible that your previous customers haven’t thought of you in a while. This unannounced call is a great chance to strengthen your relationship. 

Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship means calling or emailing previous customers every six months. An easier and more efficient way to do this is by using Bitrix24. You can run automatic reminders and call lists. While you provide ongoing real estate advice and guidance, they can introduce you to their social network. Make sure to send a note of appreciation or a gift when you ask for a review.

Using the FOMO technique for Cold Calling

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. Just wanted to share with you an update on the real estate market in [Area]. About [Number] houses have been sold in the last [Number] days. I have recently sold a house owned by [Customer’s Name] for [Amount] not far from your house. Do you know them? (wait and listen)

So, where were you before you moved here? Maybe you are planning to move soon?

FOMO or Fear-Of-Missing-Out creates a sense of urgency amongst your potential clients. Sales agents often resort to guilt manipulation, pushing, or making empty promises, which make customers avoid real-estate agents. This is why you should avoid those tactics.

The FOMO cold calling script, on the other hand, can be used to make a strong sales pitch. You can inform them that you have assisted numerous clients in that neighborhood with selling their homes, and you can assist them if they want to sell in the near future.

The objective is to instill a sense of urgency. Your potential client will think that if they don't work with you, they might miss out on a good deal. If they are interested, you can suggest a follow-up meeting based on their response.

Cold Calling Script for Internet Leads

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization]. When I looked through my notes, I didn't see that you bought the house you wanted. Have you recently purchased anything? My notes needed to be updated.

You typically have more information about the prospect with internet leads. This is because you are aware of the listings that caught their attention and the amount of time they spend on each website. You can take notes on what they were interested in after they begin to talk about their experience. Clients who are responsive will discuss their requirements and the reasons why they did not acquire the property.

Cold Calling Script for a Voicemail

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization].

We have just listed a home in your area, and if you know anyone who is planning to move, just let me know. Thanks!

Most of the time, your calls will go to a person’s voicemail. This could feel like a missed opportunity. However, because this is your first contact with the potential customer, you can leave an engaging message.

The voice message must be as if it is from someone they know. You can even adjust how you approach the person based on the area they live in.

Cold Calling Script for When You Don’t Know If The Prospect Is A Buyer Or Seller

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization].

A few months ago, I helped one of your neighbors sell their property for much higher than the market price. They recently made a purchase of the property that I listed on my seller’s behalf. Have you ever considered purchasing or selling your home? I can help you with both.

If you have a list of potential customers, you might not be able to tell who is the seller or the buyer unless you talk to them. It might feel awkward to ask them directly if they want to buy or sell a house, especially since you don’t yet know if they are interested in real estate. Instead of asking them directly if they are the seller or the buyer, describe what you can do for them in your script.

Cold Calling Script for Gatekeeper

Hi, I’m [Name] working with [Organization].

I was hoping to speak with [ Lead] regarding the recent sale we had for this property in [Area] that she’s eyeing. Is it a good time to be connected to her?

Gatekeeper is a representative of your actual lead.They are typically office managers, executive assistants, receptionists, or secretaries. Even though they are a representative, they are not the ones making decisions or making purchases. You need to make it seem like your call is important, since they tend to filter all the incoming calls. Gatekeepers will only take calls from people who might help their business or manager. Your primary goal is to contact the key manager, yet the gatekeeper might not let you through the first time. Therefore, you need to keep reaching out. This is where Bitrix24 comes in handy with automatic reminders. You can also add information about the person you need to talk to, as well as the person who answers.


Many would argue that cold calling is simply out of date in today’s hyper-digital world. However, it can be an effective advertising and lead generation strategy. You can get great results if you use the best real estate cold calling script for each situation.

Real estate agents can easily win over potential clients, warm up cold leads, and develop higher deal closing rates with the right strategy. Always keep the cold calling scripts for real estate we showed you before nearby. You have to always stay open to developing and changing these scripts to fit the various calls you make.

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