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Types of Marketing Campaigns To Boost Business

Vlad Kovalskiy
5 min
Updated: January 17, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: January 17, 2024
Types of Marketing Campaigns To Boost Business

Businesses run marketing campaigns to promote their goods and services. It enables them to boost their sales, expand their customer bases and maximize their revenues. Read this article to learn the definition of a marketing campaign and find out about the most efficient types of campaigns. Plus, you'll discover valuable tips on improving the efficiency of your campaigns and a list of marketing jobs that you might want to try.

What Is a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing campaigns are strategic efforts aimed at promoting a specific endeavor on behalf of a certain business. You launch them to attract consumers' attention to your company, brand or product with the help of TV, radio, print advertising, email and social media.

The typical ingredients of a marketing campaign are:

  • Promotion

  • Advertising

  • Distribution

  • Merchandising

  • Pricing

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Types of Marketing Campaigns

Most frequently, businesses carry out marketing campaigns that belong to one of the following eight categories.

1. Traditional media campaign

Such marketing campaigns involve using conventional media outlets:

  • TV

  • Radio

  • Print advertising

  • Direct-mail advertising

Relying on them, you can boost your brand awareness and/ promote your goods or services.

Example: you place an ad on a local radio station to inform potential buyers about discounts in your shop.

2. Seasonal push campaign

Marketing campaigns that belong to this category can help you to promote your products or sales. They are particularly popular among restaurants, retail chains and other companies that need to adapt to seasonal fluctuations of demand.

Example: you place an ad on Instagram to inform clients about the new winter menu in your cafe.

3. Product launch campaign

In this case, the name speaks for itself. Businesses create product launch marketing campaigns to tell consumers about their new goods or services. They list the benefits of these products and explain to consumers how to use them. Manufacturers often create this kind of campaign in coordination with their distribution partners.

Example: you start releasing educational toys for kids aged from three to five. You place ads, targeting the parents of such kids. Your distribution partners mention your new product in their newsletters.

4. Brand awareness campaign

Such a campaign should come in handy for an already established business that would like to expand its customer base. Your goal is to spread the word about your brand and remind your loyal customers of yourself.

Example: you manufacture kitchen appliances. Each consumer might need to buy a product of yours once every few years. You launch a blog where you share simple and delicious recipes, tips on kitchen decor and other relevant content. People subscribe to your blog because they find this information useful and keep thinking about your brand even when they're not planning to make a purchase.

5. Rebranding campaign

Rebranding marketing campaigns don't take place that often. You might want to launch one if your company merges with some other business. Or, you might change the logo or the name of your organization. You might need to do it if your company used to be popular a few years ago and is trying to make a comeback now. Besides, companies that have lost rapport with their target audiences might also resort to rebranding.

Example: consumers criticize you because your company fails to comply with certain environmental standards. You rebrand your business and launch a campaign to prove that you began to take more care of the environment.

6. Brand launch campaign

This one is similar to a product launch campaign. You create a new brand and you want to share this news with your clients.

Example: you have just released your first ever premium product line. You place ads on social platforms and send out personalized discount codes to your loyal customers to spread the word among your target audience.

7.Contest marketing campaign

Contest marketing campaigns aim to drive organic traffic to your company's website. Once people open it, they can check exhaustive information about your goods or services and might want to purchase them.

Example: you announce a contest on Facebook. To take part in it, consumers should follow you and tag two friends in the comments on your post. These two friends might have never heard about you — but when tagged, they might become curious.

8. Email marketing campaign

You can use email to inform consumers about:

  • New goods or services

  • New shops where people can buy you products

  • Discounts

  • Coupons

  • Sales

Such marketing campaigns are a superb method of staying in touch with your customers after they purchase your products.

Example: you release a new product and give a 15% discount for everyone who buys it from your official site, using the promo code from the email.

Tips for Executing an Effective Marketing Campaign

When executing marketing campaigns, you might want to remember these precious recommendations:

  • Get to know who your target audience is and what they like. Carry out research and analyze the data that you can collect about your customers. Learn the demographics of your clients, their needs and preferences. The better you know their tastes and pain points, the better you can target your marketing messages at them.

  • Make the most of social media. Create profiles on those platforms that your target audience loves the most. People like to discover new brands and products on social media. Generate engaging content and provide your followers with useful information.

  • Carry out influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers can help you to enhance your brand awareness and reach out to the widest possible audience. When choosing which influencers to collaborate with, you should make sure their images fit your brand's philosophy.

These tips should come in handy for all types of campaigns.

Jobs for Marketing Professionals

If you'd like to make a career in the marketing industry, here are the ten jobs that you might consider, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Brand manager

  • Content marketing writer

  • Email marketing coordinator

  • Event marketing manager

  • Graphic designer

  • Marketing analyst

  • Marketing coordinator

  • Marketing manager

  • SEO specialist

  • Social media coordinator

These jobs require different sets of skills and responsibilities — but no matter which of them you choose, you'll need to regularly contribute to marketing campaigns.

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