Bitrix24 for Sales

Sales Workflow Management in Bitrix24

Custom Workflows

Bitrix24 comes with a visual business process designer that can be used as a workflow management tool inside and outside the CRM. Bitrix24 supports status driven business processes as well as sequential ones.

In the CRM, business processes can be used to automatically assign leads based on different criteria, such as lead source, location, industry or deal amount.

Other examples of use of business processes in Bitrix24 CRM are automatic supervisor notifications when a certain deal stage is reached, automatic creation of tasks for other employees (send invoice, review contract, schedule a meeting, etc.), or creating rules for email communications with clients.


Records Management

The records management feature (lists) help you manage record-based data directly in the front end of the intranet. Supplier directories, product catalogs, expense items, and so on are all very easy to create and organize. These lists can be synchronized with SharePoint and business processes can be applied to them.

Other advantages include an unlimited number of lists in the public section and in each workgroup with access settings for each list. Construction of data fields for any type of object, including files; any hierarchical structure for storing objects can be implemented.



The Company Drive and any group Drive can have business processes run on the documents stored in them. There are several sample business processes included in the product which cover approvals and confirmation of reading, etc.



Business process designer can also be used for non-CRM purposes anywhere where approvals, tasks, notifications, status changes or other actions are required. For example, transfer requests, expense requests, business trip requests all can be easily built in Bitrix24.