Free CRM With Facebook Integration

Bitrix24 100% free Facebook CRM. Native integration for company Facebook pages, Facebook comments and Facebook messenger.

Free CRM With Facebook Integration

Looking for a free CRM that's integrated with Facebook? Want to integrate Facebook lead ads, Facebook company page or Facebook Messenger with your CRM? Need to have marketing automation campaigns that target your clients in Facebook? Meet new Bitrix24 open channels. Open channels connect most popular social networks and messengers with your CRM. Your clients use Facebook, so it's convenient for those clients to communicate with you via Facebook. Bitrix24 lets them do just that (see video).

The advantage of Bitrix24 over all other social CRMs is that it strives to unite all popular social channels into one communication hub. So your employees will see all incoming messages from Facebook and Telegram and web chat in one place inside Bitrix24. You can set the queue do distribute incoming request equally among your support staff. If someone doesn't reply within a minute, the request will be automatically forwarded to the next person in queue.

Best of all, regardless what media you've used to communicate with client - Facebook, email, phone, web forms - all records will be stored in a single place. So you can look at the initial Facebook conversation, listen to the recording of the phone call that followed and read the last email sent directly in that client's CRM profile! Can your current Facebook CRM app or Facebook CRM connector do that? That's what we thought. And you are paying for your social CRM how much? That's crazy. Bitrix24 is a free social CRM unlike any other.

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* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

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Basic features

  • Free unlimited records
  • Free 5GB online storage
  • Free email marketing
  • Free call center
  • Free custom fields
  • Free quotes & invoices
  • Free call center
  • Cloud or self hosted (open source code access)
  • Free mobile CRM iOS and Android
  • Free integrations (RestAPI)
Free CRM with Facebook integration

Free Fully Featured CRM With No Limits

Free CRM

Fully customizable

  • Custom fields
  • Sales automation
  • Custom forms
  • Custom access right settings
  • Web to CRM
  • Email to CRM
  • Call to CRM
  • Learn more
Free customizable CRM

Free contact center

Free CRM contact center software

Powerful reports

  • Custom reports
  • Dashboards
  • Sales pipeline
  • Sales funnel
  • Expected sales
  • Agent activity reports
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Lead sources (marketing channels)
  • Learn more
Free CRM with reports

More than just CRM

  • Tasks inside CRM
  • Document management
  • Cloud file server
  • Sales agent management (HR)
  • Free intranet (collaboration)
  • Employee engagement
  • Much more!
Free CRM with task and document management

Bitrix24 CRM manual is available here. If you are interested in buying self-hosted editions of Bitrix24, which come with API, CMS and source code, can be easily customized and integrated with other tools, please download a trial version here.

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