PHP Groupware

PHP Groupware

Bitrix24 is a free PHP based groupware that comes with over 30 tools for team collaboration, including email server, task management, shared calendars, document management, file server, company intranet, instant messaging, private social network, videoconferencing and more. Unlike 'traditional groupware', which is ugly, hard to deploy and is not very mobile friendly, Bitrix24 is ready to be used in 30 seconds (cloud version) to 2 hours (self-hosted), comes with modern flat interface and native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

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Basic features

  • Unlimited free users
  • PHP based
  • Cloud or on premise
  • API, open source code
  • Mobile apps
  • Active Directory
  • 35+ free groupware tools
Free PHP groupware

Social Groupware

Bitrix24 is social groupware. This means that collaboration is built not around email but rather around social intranet, which acts as your private social network, where your group members can make posts, suggest ideas, leave comments and 'like' suggestions. You can create different user groups for work and play. And with so many people using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, you don't have to explain how social collaboration works. See details.

Free social groupware

Email groupware

Most traditional groupware solutions (Horde, phpGroupware) are centered around email. This is why Bitrix24 comes with free email server and email connectors. You can attach your domain to Bitrix24 in order to manage your employee email accounts, rent free email addresses or use free email connectors to connect to webmail. Bitrix24.Mail comes with free antispam, antivirus and unlimited storage. See details.

free email groupware

Groupware file server

Good document management is an essential part of any great groupware. With Bitrix24 you can share files, edit documents online with your co-workers simultaneously, set access rights, synchronize files across different devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Bitrix24 keeps version history for each document and comes with unlimited cloud storage in the Bitrix24 Professional plan. See details.

Free groupware file server

Contacts and client management

If your organization has a sales department, make sure you show them contact management, CRM and email marketing module inside Bitrix24. Contacts, companies, leads, deals, quotes and invoices are unlimited and available free of charge. Most importantly, Bitrix24 is a collaborative CRM, so it's groupware inside groupware for your sales professionals. See details.

Free groupware CRM

Groupware chat and video

Emails take hours to respond to. If you need instant reaction - instant messaging, group chat, phone calls or video conferencing are your best options. This is why we offer virtual PBX and real time communication tools. Chat in Bitrix24 is searchable and video calls can be made not only between different computers, but also between mobile phones. If you are away from your PC or Mac when someone sends you an instant message, you will receive push notification on your phone. See details.

Free groupware chat and video

Tasks, planning and time management

Tasks, subtasks, projects, workgroups, checklists, daily planners - Bitrix24 has got it all. Time management module lets you see who's late to work and who's leaving early, how much time has been spend on various tasks and how many tasks are overdue. Personal, group, company, private and shared calendars let you schedule events and keep track of your coworkers' plans. See details.

Free groupware with tasks and calendars

Mobile groupware

When choosing groupware platform, mobile access is a must. Bitrix24 comes with iOS and Android apps that let you access your files, conversations, chat, tasks and calendars. You can use it to communicate with your team members much like you do with any other mobile messenger. It doesn't matter if choose cloud Bitrix24 or self-hosted editions, mobile collaboration on the go is just a tap away! See details.

Free mobile groupware

Cloud or Self-hosted

Free groupware server

Bitrix24 comes with 35 groupware tools when can see overwhelming at first, so read Bitrix24 manual. If you would like to try self-hosted editions of Bitrix24 groupware server, please download it here.

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