Top Free CRM - No BS List

Top Free CRM - No BS List

Watch out for top 10 free CRM list scam! If you google 'top free crm 2016' or 'top best free CRM' or 'top five free CRM', you'll see several nice looking charts or lists. However, there's a problem with many of those - they are compiled by professional SEO companies who insert affiliate links or charge CRM vendors for being included in these lists. This means that most 'free crm' that you are being recommended aren't free at all. This is also the reason why you ALWAYS see Bitrix24 listed among top three free CRM options in independent reviews that don't charge vendors but not in 'pay to play' lists. Because honest comparison shows that free Bitrix24 plan is better than many of the commercial options.

Most 'top CRM vendors' try to pass their severely limited free plan for free CRM. But not Bitrix24. Our free plan really is free. You get unlimited contacts, leads, companies, deals, quotes, invoices, you get custom fields, you get email marketing, you get sales funnel, you get tasks, you get calendar and scheduling, even telephony is available inside our free CRM (you do have to pay for phone calls, SIP connector or phone number rental). We do limit free plan to 12 CRM users and 5GB online storage, which is plenty for most small businesses (Bitrix24 has integrations with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and others in the free plan as well). Mobile apps for iOS and Android are free. Desktop apps for PC and Mac are free as well. You get the idea.

Bitrix24 commercial plans are very different as well and they give you a number of sales automation tools you will find helpful. Bitrix24 Standard and Bitrix24 Professional, which are only $99 or $199 a month, give you UNLIMITED users for your CRM. That's right, we don't charge on a per user basis.

We don't believe that people looking for free CRM are stupid. You know what's free and what's not. We trust that you'll do your homework, compare various CRM companies and very likely arrive to the same conclusion - there are no other free CRM options on the market quite like Bitrix24.

The social media links that you see on this page, they are here to fight top 10 free CRM scam. Press those buttons, spread the word.

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* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.
  • Basic features

    • Free unlimited records
    • Free 5GB online storage
    • Free email marketing
    • Free call center
    • Free custom fields
    • Free quotes & invoices
    • Free call center
    • Cloud or self hosted (open source code access)
    • Free mobile CRM iOS and Android
    • Free integrations (RestAPI)
    List of top free CRM
  • Free Fully Featured CRM With No Limits

    Free CRM
  • Fully customizable

    • Custom fields
    • Sales automation
    • Custom forms
    • Custom access right settings
    • Web to CRM
    • Email to CRM
    • Call to CRM
    • Learn more
    Free customizable CRM
  • Free contact center

    Free CRM contact center software
  • Powerful reports

    • Custom reports
    • Dashboards
    • Sales pipeline
    • Sales funnel
    • Expected sales
    • Agent activity reports
    • Unpaid invoices
    • Lead sources (marketing channels)
    • Learn more
    Free CRM with reports
  • More than just CRM

    • Tasks inside CRM
    • Document management
    • Cloud file server
    • Sales agent management (HR)
    • Free intranet (collaboration)
    • Employee engagement
    • Much more!
    Free CRM with task and document management
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