Best Free HD Video Conferencing Software

Make your internal and external communication the best it can be with Bitrix24’s video conferencing tool. With unlimited time for your calls and HD video quality, turn communication across your company and with your clients into a strength.

An easy-to-use video call experience

The video call interface is easy to use directly on your web browser, so there’s no need to download any programs or extensions. 

However, for total freedom, it is also part of the Bitrix24 mobile app you can download for your smartphone or tablet.

The program itself contains a range of features so your meetings and calls go smoothly. Arrange the other speakers as a grid, or put the speaker on full-screen mode. 

You can also turn your microphone on and off to avoid interruptions and raise your hand if you have a question.

Easy video calls between colleagues

If your team has multiple offices–or people work remotely–video calls between colleagues are a great way of getting straight to the point in a way an email just can’t. It’s incredibly simple to start a video call with a colleague. 

Type their name into the Bitrix24 Messenger search bar and click video call. If you want to keep your video, just hit voice call.

Our video tool is integrated with all the other features of Bitrix24. This means that if you set up a call with a colleague, it will automatically appear in both of your calendars.

Group calls for online meetings

Teleconference software is now commonplace for company meetings. It’s very rare to find everyone in the office at the same time, especially if you are a large company. 

With our video conferencing tool, you can bring everyone together for an HD video call, wherever they happen to be in the world.

Bitrix24 gives you video call capabilities for up to 24 people, which is more than enough for most small businesses. 

Also, get unlimited time for these calls, so there’s no rush to wrap things up quickly like on other free video conferencing tools.

Host online conferences

It’s not just your colleagues you need to talk to, however. Extend an invitation to external guests for public meetings or information sessions in high definition. 

To monitor who has access, these video conferences can be password-protected, and you can generate an online invite to send to your guests.

Everybody involved will be happy to know there is no need to sign up to anything, nor download any software, so you can keep your audience happy.

Free video communication on your smartphone

You can’t always be at your desk, so if you have an incoming video call when you’re on the move, you can take it on the free mobile app on iOS and Android

Use the app for chat, audio, and video calls, and if you miss something, you’ll get a notification to let you know.

The app contains all the other features of Bitrix24, so after your call, you can reply to a couple of emails, cast an eye over that document, and check your tasks for the afternoon. 

You can even access your drive and collaborate on projects directly from your phone.

Extra features for your video conferencing tool

With Bitrix24’s free version, you get a huge amount of features, but with our more advanced plans, you get additional benefits.

Our screen-sharing tool allows you to give online workshops in the most direct, practical way possible. 

Screen sharing can also be used to share meeting agendas and concisely explain concepts to your team.

For external calls, the background blur and video backgrounds come in very handy. For example, if you’re working from home but want to portray a neutral, professional image, using a background blur puts all the focus on you and what you’re saying.

Integrate your calls with Zoom

Another advantage of Bitrix24’s commercial plans is integration with Zoom without having to flip between apps. This is ideal if your clients feel more comfortable using the tools they are used to. 

The best part is you can do it all within Bitrix24. Simply open a CRM record card, click the Zoom button, sign in to Zoom and then organize a time and guests.

Once you have set up your call, it will automatically appear in your calendar, where you can add a reminder so you don’t miss it. 

You can also find it in your Bitrix24 CRM, giving your whole team a record of all your communication with a lead.

A secure, free video conference system

Choose between a public video call for full transparency or a private chat when talking about sensitive issues. 

Bitrix24’s video calls also allow you to set a password to enter the video chat to give you ultimate peace of mind and security. 

To share private information such as email addresses and passwords without fear of being overheard, you can also use the Bitrix24 Instant Messenger service simultaneously with your video call. 

Bitrix24’s video conferencing tool never records your conversations unless you have a paid account and choose to record it.

Self-hosted video conferencing

If you use your own servers, you can further increase your security by hosting all your video conference solutions within your company. 

This gives you full control over your data and allows you to manage who can access it. You can even choose extras such as two-factor authorization.

You will receive the source code to our video conferencing tool and Bitrix24 as a whole, meaning your architects can customize your software across the board. 

This is especially useful when scaling up your company. To begin, hosting your own tools gets you 12 months of training and free updates.

Let’s get started

What could be better than having one of the best video conferencing tools around, all for free? Sign up for Bitrix24 today for a no-risk, all-in-one business tool. 

Alongside free video teleconference software, you’ll have access to a vast array of other features, from CRM and project management tools to a web builder.

If you need more information on how Bitrix24’s tools work, check out our user manual, or head to our YouTube page for video walkthroughs.

* Please note that the information may have changed since the publication. For current prices and features please visit Bitrix24 pricing page.

Basic Features

  • Unlimited free users
  • Cloud AND self hosted
  • 100% free chat, video chat, audio chat
  • Videoconferencing for up to 48 users
  • Screen sharing in video chat
  • Mobile video chat
  • Team collaboration
  • API, apps and open source code available

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HD Video Chat

  • Free unlimited group video chats 
  • Free unlimited audio chats 
  • Free unlimited 1-on-1 video calls
  • Free HD video conferences
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • iOS, Android, Mac, PC
  • Free screen sharing

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Mobile Collaboration

  • High-Quality Phone and Video Calls
  • HD Audio and Video Quality
  • Great Quality, Even With Slow Internet
  • Secure Connection
  • Send files
  • Invite your clients

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Remote Video Collaboration

  • Custom Backgrounds + Blur
  • Data transfer with an SSL certificate
  • Collaborate During a Video Call
  • CRM Enhanced With Video Calls
  • Zoom meetings directly from Bitrix24

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