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Bitrix24 Free Website and Online Store Builder With Hosting and Own Domain

Vlad Kovalskiy
13 min
Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
Bitrix24 Free Website and Online Store Builder With Hosting and Own Domain

When someone says “I need a website”, a few things come to mind instantly:

  • A long and arduous process of finding the right web design agency and coming to an agreement upon what kind of website you want from them

  • A long and arduous process of developing the website with constant back-and-forth communication, countless revisions, and lots of misunderstanding on both sides

  • A long and arduous process of getting your new website ready for the release (finding the right hosting, learning how to work with the website content, fixing bugs, etc.)

That’s a lot of length and arduousness for something that ought to be done much quicker and easier in the age of 5G Internet, 4D cinema, and 3D printing. 

Instead of going through the hassle of hiring someone else to create a website for you, why not do it yourself? Especially if it’s a website you are not planning on using for long - like a landing page tied in with a marketing campaign you’re currently running. Once the campaign is over, you won’t need that landing page anymore. 

Building and integrating websites for your business has never been easier

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Examples like this are numerous - more often than not, you don’t need a monumental website with cutting-edge functionality and sophisticated design. You need something that looks solid and does what it’s supposed to do, whether it’s collecting emails, processing orders, or promoting your business.

The alternative to ordering your website from a web design studio is using a “free” content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Wix. But then again, these software tools are not an ideal solution because:

  • Being free on paper, both WordPress and Wix still have limits of what you can do for free - for example, you need to pay a fee for hosting your website or choosing your own domain name (which is not always cheap)

  • When it comes to integration with popular marketing tools such as CRM or email marketing, there’s not much WordPress or Wix can offer, which is why people often have to use third-party services - and it’s never a good thing when you have to use multiple services for one basic task

These two factors combined with the feedback we’d been getting for years from both our clients and partners prompted us to create a website builder tool that would have the following features:

  • Easy to use, no programming or graphic design skills required whatsoever

  • Intuitive, straightforward interface boiled to down to simple drag-and-drop scenarios for the most part while still keeping the option to customize HTML code and JavaScript to meet the demands of advanced users who can program

  • Built-in integration with all the common marketing automation, customer communication, and ecommerce tools - such as CRM, email marketing, chat widgets, PPC advertising, SMS marketing, web analytics, sales analytics, and more

The end result is Bitrix24.Sites - a free website and online store builder tightly integrated with all of the business tools from Bitrix24. The beauty of this solution is that it’s the cheapest one-stop deal on the market - you’ve got everything you need to run successful marketing campaigns and win new clients in one place. How does it work?

Bitrix24.Sites is a part of a bigger product, Bitrix24, which is an online collaboration and sales platform. Bitrix24 features common project management and marketing tools such as:

All these features are available within a single-ecosystem service complete with a mobile app for iOS and Android. Basic access is free of charge and you can enjoy most of the features on a free plan - however, with certain limitations regarding the number of users. Being a part of the Bitrix24 suite, the Bitrix24.Sites builder comes integrated with all of the tools mentioned above for better efficiency and stronger results. 

Bitrix24.Sites is essentially a template-based website builder whether you can pick one of our beautiful pre-designed choices or build a website from scratch by selecting an empty template. The templates are grouped by the theme and purpose of your future website. Needless to say, we update them regularly and keep adding new ones.

After choosing the template, you proceed to the editing stage where you configure your future website by:

  • Adding text, links, images, or videos

  • Adding/removing various blocks such as CRM form, newsfeed, reviews, prices, buttons, menus, etc.

  • Adding meta tags and description for proper SEO optimization (if you don’t want your page to be indexed by search engines, you can skip this step)

  • Adding your own HTML code or CSS

  • Attaching Google Analytics, Google Maps, tracking pixels for Facebook campaigns, and more

  • Setting access permissions and choosing the site address and domain name (we will host your website absolutely free of charge, with unlimited bandwidth)

  • Enabling widgets of your choice

Finally, you can preview your future website to see what it looks like on a desktop device, smartphone, or tablet. All of our websites are mobile-friendly and feature responsive design, which means they will automatically adjust themselves to the device they are being viewed from.

Once you’re happy with the website, you just click “Publish” and - BOOM! - it’s right there live on the Internet. The whole process may take you no longer than half an hour.

Create beautiful and fully functional websites with Templates, CRM, Online widgets and much more

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With Bitrix24.Sites, you can create more than just a landing page. In fact, our website builder allows you to create a full-on website with multiple pages and sections using the same configuration tool - just keep adding new pages linking them to one another.

You can also create a completely functional and fully operational online store with Bitrix24.Sites. As with regular websites, you get to choose from a pre-designed template or create one from scratch.

The template customization process is also really simple and straightforward - all the necessary blocks with products, prices, descriptions, shopping cart, checkout, etc. have been pre-designed. All you have to do is replace them with your own products/services and fill in the required information. The products you enter will appear in the CRM trade catalog where you can edit the descriptions to make them more SEO-friendly.

All the information about your products, customers, and transactions will be accumulated and stored inside Bitrix24 where you can easily access it for a deeper analysis. Every single thing is tracked and accounted for so that you could forget about these little things and concentrate on more important, strategic tasks.

Bitrix24.Sites are perfect for:

  • Professional services

  • Lead capture and squeeze pages

  • Landing pages for ad campaigns

  • SEO pages

  • Email newsletters

  • Event registration pages

  • Special marketing offers

  • Portfolios

  • Online ordering pages 

Registration, Contact and Other Forms for Websites Maker Free

With Bitrix24.Sites, you have the ability to create your own forms to put on your website. In their most basic form (pun intended), these webforms are designed for collecting information about your site visitors and/or customers: name, email, phone number, etc.

There are plenty of templates you can choose from - each one of them customizable to your liking. The data you will receive via these forms is stored - you guessed it - in Bitrix24 CRM where you can access and analyze it.

Obviously, this is a great tool for you to run marketing campaigns targeting specific customer segments (e.g., those who added products to the cart but didn’t complete the checkout process) since you have their contact details. This means you can reach out to your customers (existing and potential) via email, phone, social media, or all of the above.

You can also use website forms to collect feedback from your clients thus giving them one more way to contact you.

Free Chat Widget With Integration to Social Networks

With Bitrix24.Sites, you can connect widgets to your website to collect feedback, contact information, and stay in touch with your customers. A widget is an interactive virtual tool designed to provide single-purpose services to users. You may have seen and used widgets on other websites - a very popular example of a widget is a live chat. 

Bitrix24.Sites features a standard widget we call “Open Channel”. It consists of a live chat, CRM form, and callback form. This widget unifies all possible digital communication channels with your clients in your Bitrix24 helping you to improve the overall site conversion and increase sales.

From a website visitor point of view, a widget is a tiny app usually placed at the bottom of the page where it can be easily activated and used. Needless to say, in Bitrix24.Sites you can customize the widget appearance and its display settings. For example, you can choose on which pages you want the widget to appear and how quickly it should load. Let’s go over the three main types of widgets available in Bitrix24.Sites.

  • Live Chat

If you are using just the live chat, you can set the working time (e.g., 9 to 5) and will obviously need someone to handle the questions from your clients. You can also add a nice little touch to your live chat by writing an auto welcome message that will be displayed to your site visitors. To attract more clients, you can upload your own image and customize the text.

  • CRM Form

This tool will allow your website visitors to complete a short online form and submit it effectively generating a lead for you. All the fields in your CRM can be customized and configured the way you want them to. If you connect a CRM web form to a widget, leads or contacts will be added to your CRM automatically. 

  • Callback Form

Your site visitors can enter their phone number into a field in the callback form and, if you’re using Bitrix24 telephony, it can automatically generate a call back to them. This call will be then assigned to a specific person on your sales team.

If you choose to use all three widgets at once, your visitors will have to click the button and select the preferred means of communication: live chat, phone call, or web form.

Bitrix24 Free Website Builder With CRM Inside

CRM is one of the main features of Bitrix24 as a service. It allows you not only to collect, store, and manage leads but also to run marketing campaigns and work with sales analytics. Since generating leads is one of the main purposes for many websites and landing pages, it makes perfect sense that our in-house CRM is fully integrated with our website builder.

This means that any information that you collect via a CRM form on your website will be automatically added to your Bitrix24 CRM where you can access it later.

The way it works is rather simple: you choose a form you’d like to add to your website, customize the fields, and customize the appearance. If needed, you can make certain fields “required”, which means the form cannot be submitted if they’re empty. Also, you can enable the Verify option, and the system will automatically check if the user has entered data correctly (for example, check if the email address is entered correctly).

Each web form has brief information about it: conversion rate, activation date, date of creation, and the number of CRM elements created.

There are several options for how your web form will be displayed on the website: the web form will be displayed on the page, the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window only if a client clicks on the button/link, or the web form will be displayed in a pop-up window with a time delay.

As soon as the form is live on your website, you can start collecting leads. To view the leads and other information received through your CRM form, you need to go to the CRM section of Bitrix24. Since you can specify what CRM element to create when a client has filled the web form (lead, contact, deal, or quote), that’s exactly what you will find in the CRM - all the information you wanted to obtain from your site visitors nicely structured and presented in simple visual form.

With this data, you will be able to:

  • Convert leads to paying customers

  • Manage your contacts, issue quotes and invoices

  • Market your products or services more efficiently

  • Automate your sales process (more on that below)

  • Provide real-time support to your customers

Other Tools for Marketing Automation and Communication With Customers

Since Bitrix24 is a conglomerate of multiple project management, marketing, and sales tools, it’s no wonder that our website builder can do so much more than just create template-based websites. There is plenty of stuff you can do with the leads you captured through your website.

The enhanced features and capabilities of Bitrix24.Sites include:

  • Email marketing

You can run full-on email marketing campaigns right from your Bitrix24 using the email you collected via your website CRM form. This pretty much renders services like Mailchimp useless since all the functionality you would expect from such service is already here.

Much like with Bitrix24.Sites, you can choose from the pre-designed email templates, customize it, and then configure the following campaign parameters by:

  • selecting recipient segment & configuring exclusions 

  • adding email subject 

  • adding email message body (text) & configuring its blocks & design 

  • configuring sender set priority 

  • configuring link parameters (UTM parameters) 

  • adding attachments

After the campaign is over, you can see the email marketing statistics - open rate, click rate, bounce rate, etc.

  • Contact center

Nowadays, companies use multiple tools to communicate with their clients or potential customers: messengers, social networks, telephony, email, etc. 

With Bitrix24, you can have all these tools put together in one section - Contact Center. Here, you can configure webmail, telephony, create website widgets and CRM webforms as well as connect Bitrix24 with social networks and messages.

  • Sales funnel

Sales Funnel is an efficient tool that allows you to analyze your sales process and determine in which stage you lose potential clients. In the Sales Funnel section of Bitrix24, you can view tables and charts for Currently Active deals (initial, intermediate, and successful final stages) and Not Active deals (unsuccessful final stages).

  • Integration with ad systems

You can use your CRM web forms in Facebook Lead Ads. When a client fills out a form on Facebook, the information is automatically sent to Bitrix24 CRM, and a new lead is created.


Bitrix24.Sites is a free website builder that’s equally great for both individual entrepreneurs and large companies. Brimful of useful features, it’s an amazing tool for anyone looking to create websites, landing pages, or e-shops without having to write a single line of code. Bitrix24.Sites is a part of a bigger product, Bitrix24, which in itself is available for free - create your account and start getting results today!

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