Articles Online Collaboration Tools: The Best Bitrix24 Functionalities for Remote Teams

Online Collaboration Tools: The Best Bitrix24 Functionalities for Remote Teams

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Vlad Kovalskiy
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Updated: March 11, 2024
Vlad Kovalskiy
Updated: March 11, 2024
Online Collaboration Tools: The Best Bitrix24 Functionalities for Remote Teams

The Best Online Remote Collaboration Tools

Bitrix24’s host of tools are designed and built by a talented team of professionals to give you nothing but the best results. And, speaking of best, Bitrix24 also happens to be free. Register and start for free today so you and your remote teams can enjoy all the tools available to you. 

1. Keeping your team in contact

Working remotely or not, keeping everyone in your team in the same loop is important in making sure company goals are achieved efficiently. It’s also essential to make sure you are capable of checking in on anyone in your team, to conduct team meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions, if needed. The option to either call, chat or start a video conference is always at your fingertips.

Bitrix24 gives you HD video calls and conferencing, chats, and call recording. You can also enjoy screen and file sharing capabilities to make sure everyone else is seeing what you’re seeing and what you want to show them while the meeting’s ongoing. It wouldn’t even be as though you’re working from all over the country, or the world, even. It’ll be as though you’re all in one bullpen.

2. Sharing (calendars) is caring (for the team)

It’s not so much for snooping but like in school when you have projects or reports due and you want to make sure deadlines will be met, you need to keep tabs on everyone else in the team. How can this be possible especially if you’re not all in one place? Working remotely sure does make it more challenging.

Thankfully there’s now such a thing as virtually shared calendars so you’ll always know what everyone else is doing or whether they’re working for the day. Send out event invites, set reminders, mark your favorites and more! You’ll also be able to prepare for planned and unplanned absences so work still gets done even when one person in the team will not be around.

3. Employee relations done virtually

From hiring to employee onboarding to HR forms and records management – nowadays, you won’t need a brick-and-mortar office with file cabinets to run your company’s human resources arm and other employees won’t need to be on-site as well.

Keep track of everyone with no trouble at all. You can view, approve, or even reject requests as they come while doing other things wherever you are as well as view reports, survey and coach on performance data, and so much more! All you need in your arsenal is Bitrix24’s HR management system included in their online group collaboration tools.

4. Workspace in cyberspace

Say goodbye to the usual noisy, crammed, and crowded bullpen without saying goodbye to productivity, efficiency, and quality. Let’s start with the repository of documents, files, and other office essentials otherwise known as Bitrix24.Drive. Not only can users create, edit and share files, leaders and business owners can also set access permissions and file synchronizations.

Aside from files and documents, you can also share news and updates with everyone in the team, view employee profiles, and see to their wellbeing with Bitrix24’s innovative stress level gauge. This way, you’re not only checking in to make sure work is done properly but that everyone in your team is in tip-top shape.

5. Be the winning project manager

There’s always a cause for worry when your team’s working remotely and you have projects lined up to complete. How will you know the job is getting done and the output is of superb quality? Thankfully, you won’t have to always be looking over anyone’s shoulder for this. Another plus? Bitrix24’s project management system also contains the best online collaboration tools for students so an entire household can run using one software.

Create, edit and share to-do lists, templates, reports, and files easily for a flawless workflow. Everything can be done and accessed using a laptop computer or a mobile device so projects can be worked on using any gadget so work can still continue even without big, major hardware.

6. Lead your team to success

To get from the start of the project to its completion, it needs to be broken down into smaller tasks and assigning those tasks to members of the team to complete. Bitrix24’s task management system can help you and your team master tasks with the use of task time tracking, task planners as well as reports and counters. You can also create task templates, checklists, and dependencies to assist with efficiency.

This system can also be used as collaboration tools for online learning by educators, student group leaders, and even parents. For homework, school projects, reports, and group activities, Bitrix24 can help you make sure tasks are completed on time and done properly.

7. Intra and extra – nothing but net

Score big not only on quality, efficiency, and productivity but also on collaboration with access to both intranet and extranet for colleagues and external users like suppliers, clients, and even customers. Get their input and give them access to projects and tasks so they can do their bit and contribute.

Create extranet workgroups to segment teams based on the projects assigned to them, provide limited access to external users, and collaborate with other Bitrix24 accounts. This way, projects are more comprehensive and you’ll also get to network with other users.

8. Comprehensive customer relationship management

Welcome to one of the business world’s most recognized and highly esteemed CRM from Bitrix24 which is not only free, it also allows you to create, segment, and maintain an unlimited customer database. This free CRM software also allows you to generate leads through the use of web forms and other online collaboration tools.

Drive sales using CRM analytics reports to help you create foolproof sales campaigns. You can then automate your sales funnels to send out emails, notifications, and even SMS. Broaden your sales reach by plugging into social media messengers, email marketing, telephony, and text messaging so you can reach more customers in one go. Apart from sales, you can also take care of customers’ questions, concerns, and even aftersales needs.

9. Get social but do it remotely

Social media has proven to be incredibly helpful in increasing sales and a company’s marketability and visibility to the general public. Connect your business’ Instagram profile to your Bitrix24 profile through Contact Center and watch your sales and engagement blow up. Enable live chat where you can route conversations to other teammates based on your customer’s concerns and create canned replies.

These days, you’re no longer confined to connecting with customers through the landline or emails. With Bitrix24’s telephony, you can rent local numbers and then make and create calls without the need for additional software or hardware.

10. Design and build success

Whether you’re a newbie or guaranteed veteran to building and running your own business, Bitrix24’s website and online store builder is the place to do it all. Clueless about coding? You don’t need any of that. You have free rein to use any of our over 100 templates so you can build your website without the fuss, then secure your domain and connect it to your website. Bitrix24 will also help you build your landing pages!

The best online collaboration tools allow teams to perform complete multiple activities at the same time. Apart from helping you with your website and store, we’ll also help you with sales and marketing and everyone in your team can use all the tools wherever they are.

11. Integrate to make business great

It’s not enough to just acquire Bitrix24’s suite of online collaboration tools for your remote team. Connect and work with all and sundry by integrating your Bitrix24 account with more than 300 other apps using our Rest API (Application Programming Interface). Explore and enjoy more functions and features to your account with integrations. To get started, browse our extensive app catalog.

Make your world even bigger, your team more formidable and your business even more successful by acquiring and integrating with apps.

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