Top-6 task and project management software and how to find the right one

Top-6 task and project management software and how to find the right one
Ivan Pavlov
January 29, 2020
Last updated: February 18, 2020

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Task management software. Best free and paid options

How to find task management software

Successful projects always have a plan. That means each step is pre-determined and both easy for workers to understand as well as for managers to control. Scheduling deadlines correctly as well as general task positioning is very important in projects. If you won’t get the full picture, you won’t be able to avoid issues. Predicting the problems also makes it simpler to solve them timely and avoid overworking and additional costs.

So, if you are in need of task management software, there are definitely many things on the market which you should consider. If you are too overwhelmed with the variety, we suggest you to look through our list of best task management software and choose the one for you.

Software for task management: best options

We selected six of the most simple task management software.


Bitrix24 task management free software

Bitrix24 is actually much more than a simple team task management software, but it can be used for this purpose only as well. It can be free and paid depending on the size of the team you have as well as general features you need in work. The price also varies so you can choose the most budget-friendly option.

It is very simple to create a task here and assign it to a certain worker. Your team members will get reminders about those tasks so that they could complete them within a deadline. Notifications are sent as well with the aim to inform an assignee about a new task. You can also separate a bigger task into a check-list with smaller tasks. Each of those can be assigned to different people which encourages teamwork and overall allows to complete the task much faster. Some check-list points can also be prioritized in case you need them to be completed sooner or if they perform as an initial step in the project.

You can use different modes to present tasks:

  • My plan. This is where you do everything manually and fully personalize the task desk. You can divide them into priority groups or stages, add extra columns, drag-and-drop tasks and do many more;
  • Deadlines. You can choose to lead the tasks which have to be done sooner to the top of the list which means they attract enough attention to be completed;
  • Calendar. This is the overview of a whole month with daily tasks represented;
  • List. The most basic option, where tasks are presented one by one.

With Bitrix24 group task management software it is also possible to track time and other features of task completion. Such reports are offered with the aim to perfect the work process and deliver working products faster. Daily efficiency of workers is also calculated.

For more advanced task management you can use other tools as well. Those include task templates as well as custom task fields. This generally makes it easier to work with repeated tasks but also customize them according to your needs if necessary. Task dependencies can be set as well which is useful if you want to show workers how the work of one person influences the others. But it also increases transparency and makes the whole project understandable at all levels of performance.


Clickup task management software

Another great task management software is ClickUp. It is based on simple drag-and-drop system which is easy to use even for project management beginners and workers who have never used such tools before. It can be used for general project management as well, but task management section is perfectly created and organized in this software for sure.

For project managers it is especially convenient since ClickUp allows various features for task creation and organization. First of all, it is possible to create templates for the tasks and projects you know are going to repeat. With that you won’t have to spend extra time filling the same fields each time a task occurs. In case you are a multitasking person and often forget to complete things, there are drafts as well. Don’t worry about starting to write a task and then getting distracted with other chores - a draft will be saved and you can get back to it and complete your thoughts anytime. Recurring tasks can be easily managed as well with simply setting the time for them to be repeated.

Task structure is also allowed to be varied. You can start with a basic check-list and just enumerate all of the assignments which need to be completed. Then your team members will be able to check them after they are done. It is also possible to create subtasks and leave task comments if you want to specify something.

In case you or your workers need to look for a specific tasks, they can sort the list according to various features. There is a broad variety of settings which allow to find the necessary information quickly. It is also possible to filter tasks which means those which don’t fall into your chosen category won’t even be shown. But the simplest way of all is definitely to use a search tool and simply type what the title of the task you are looking for.

Four different types of views are offered by ClickUp:

  • List. The simplest of them all, a list is exactly what it says it is. Tasks are put one by one, and those which need to be completed faster are dragged to the top;
  • Board. This is the type of view which is most common among agile projects. Similar to any Kanban style board, this ClickUp view visually represents the project as a whole;
  • Box. It can be organized similarly to board view but at the same time it gives much more detail and analytics about each task;
  • Calendar. The overview of a current or upcoming month with all of the deadlines included.



If you are looking for both personal and group task management software Todoist is the right choice for you. It was created specifically for task management and therefore has all necessary tools for it. It is so easy to add tasks and later on view them getting all details you might need for successful completion.

Todoist generally offers the overview of a typical check-list but at the same time you can organize it the way you need to make sure the workflow is efficient. There are various markers which can be used in the list. You can specifically label your tasks as important or save them so that you remember what you personally need to do. You can also use different colours to mark priority and choose the tasks for the day.

If you have a big task but want to specify its details and generally break it down, there are tools for it as well. Just add as many of the subtasks as you need. The same system of visual markers and tools can be used in subtasks as well.

For recurring tasks you can just set a regular reminder which will bring them up regularly. It is particularly convenient for assignments which are repeated in cycles.

As for Todoist being team task management software, there are certain features which make it possible. First of all you can choose vendors for every project stage as well as for big and small tasks in particular. But as team work also includes communication, Todoist allows all team members to leave comments for tasks which raises awareness and collaboration. Files and data can also be shared among team members if necessary.

Project managers can use Todoist as a tool to track team productivity. It is possible to get a general overview of the project with brief information about each task and worker. At the same time you can specifically click on team members and see how productive they were recently as well as their current and upcoming tasks. As for the other features, schemes, graphics and diagrams allow to learn more about how the project goes on without digging into the information as everything is already presented visually. Each member of the team also has Todoist Karma which represents personal efficiency.

Integration into other platforms is also available at Todoist which means the information you and your co-workers get is always up-to-date. The communication is easy to organize regardless of your place and access to computers as mobile apps are also available for downloading.


Wrike task management tool

Transparent and visible task management software which is convenient in use is definitely Wrike. It is applicable for teams of various number of members, starting from small business and up to cross-functional teams within a corporation. Wrike doesn’t only manage tasks it also allows to manage resources and distribute work evenly which provides with the most successful performance as well as gives a chance to deliver working products regularly.

Gantt chart is a base for Wrike information presentation which introduces critical path analysis approach into project planning. For workers it means that they get a visual overview of a project with preferred deadlines and timelines specified. What is very useful as well, is a possibility to track dependencies and mark them on a chart as well.

The system implies drag-and-drop interface which means simple ways to alternate already existing project scheme. You can balance team workload quickly, distribute and reassign tasks if needed. At the same time it allows to see the exact tasks your team is currently working on and schedule new assignments timely so that every worker is included into the process.

What also allows to increase productivity is monitoring the progress. You can track performance of a project as a whole or select several workers you want to keep an eye on. If certain issues are denoted, this way it is much easier to find solutions and reschedule the work so that the results are achieved timely.

It might be even easier to organize work with customized automated workflows. You can create your own templates for the processes you know are going to be repeated. That eliminates repeating actions which definitely consume time but are not beneficial for the project, especially since you can do it once and reuse later.

Other features offered by Wrike include:

  • Project managers can download reports with work reviews and customize them depending on their needs;
  • It is possible to include dependencies between tasks and their segments if that is important for efficient workflow;
  • You can integrate Wrike with other tools you use for comprehensive work environment. Such tools might include data storages, communication tools and many other apps you might use in your regular work process. That means your system will be well coordinated and you won’t have to lose previous achievements if you decide to transfer to using Wrike.


niftypm task management software

Nifty is another task management software which is extremely popular among project managers. It is great for being implemented in an agile work environment as it uses Kanban board as one of its tools. That means Nifty provides visuality and transparency and its simple interface doesn’t require clarification even for users who have no background of working with project management tools.

Nifty is one of the customizable tools for task management. You can choose the fields you want to be shown in the section describing the task as well as manage your priorities. You don’t have to leave a big task as it is, using subtasks which imply smaller assignments instead. This provides faster work completion and more clarity and simplicity for workers.

If you want a certain worker to be responsible for a certain task with all of the subtasks you can assign him or her to a whole task list. Instead, if you think that spreading the tasks among co-workers will be more suitable in this particular case, you can spend some time choosing an assignee for every task. Either way, workers will get notification which tell them they got another task to complete.

Depending on what you need from a project overview, you can use different tools to sort tasks. They can be streamlined according to deadlines, but you can also set filters to show you the tasks which are assigned to particular developers. This way you can schedule and re-schedule your work as well as check the workload and adjust it is necessary.

Nifty also allows to track time spent on certain tasks. You might find out that some workers do certain things longer than the others and that might be a signal to approach task distribution again and spread them more efficiently.

There are three views which can be chosen in Nifty:

  • Kanban view. Is basically the same as any Kanban style board. With it you can have a general overview of the current project situation with task cards instead of sticky notes. But if you want to specify task status or priority you can use notions of different colours as well;
  • Detail view. This is how you learn more about particular tasks and their milestones. This type of view is generally more detailed than Kanban;
  • List view. The information here will be the same as in Kanban view, but presentation implies checklists and just more of a one-by-one structure.

Monday task management software is a simple yet efficient team task management software. It is very visual and has a simplistic design which doesn’t distract workers from the main goal. offers various templates which can be used to begin the work with. Those are suggested for different kinds of projects and tasks, and you can use as many templates as you need. If you are not fully satisfied with the template you can easily change settings and adapt is according to your own needs. That means you can add or delete columns, visualize the information the way you prefer it and track various statistics important for project optimization.

It is also possible to use to test and evaluate the work progress and further on adjust it depending on what you find out. Various scales and graphics are suggested which represent timelines and efficiency.

The platform can also become your team communication space. Except for messaging, you can use to exchange important workfiles and checklists without any fear of losing the information. If you will need something you mentioned in your text earlier you can just go back to the dialogue and find the attached file.

Conclusion: How to find your perfect task management software? 

If you are overwhelmed by choice of various employee task management software, here is some advice for you on choosing the perfect one:

  • Find reviews. Other project managers have definitely already worked with such software and they might give great insights of its drawbacks and benefits;
  • Use free versions. Don’t immediately buy a suggested product and test it for free at first. If you find a free version appealing, chances are the paid one will only be better. And you will already know what you are paying for.
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